In an era where technological advancement dictates the pace of innovation, the aerospace and defense industry stands at the forefront, requiring intelligent solutions to meet its complex and dynamic needs.

From managing intricate supply chains and ensuring stringent compliance to fostering seamless collaboration and leveraging real-time data analytics, SAP Aerospace & Defense (SAP A&D) technology provides the tools necessary to navigate this highly regulated and competitive landscape.

This article discusses the transformative impact of SAP’s industry-specific solutions, exploring how they address the unique challenges of the aerospace and defense sector and empower organizations to maintain a competitive edge.

Understanding Aerospace and Defense Technology

SAP Aerospace & Defense technology enables suppliers, manufacturers, and space start-ups to combat challenges associated with evolving demand, navigate disruptions, and achieve critical sustainability targets. With SAP’s Aerospace and Defense solutions, companies can do the following:

  • Initiate core sustainability objectives to achieve net zero emissions
  • Maintain communication and collaboration across the end-to-end product lifecycle
  • Leverage innovative business models to create new revenue streams
  • Automate production engineering processes to improve efficiency
  • Connect supply partners and key stakeholders across a single business network
  • Manage critical assets on a single platform to reduce costs and improve the customer experience

Key Features of SAP for Aerospace and Defense

Here’s a closer look at the key components of SAP’s solutions for the aerospace and defense industry:

Supply network

With cloud-based demand planning and machine learning capabilities, companies can quickly respond to changing demand, streamline manufacturing execution, and improve overall supply chain visibility.

  • Real-time data: Achieve real-time supply network management by enhancing collaboration with global partners for supply and demand, inventory, ordering, forecasting, and more.
  • Service parts: Leverage service parts planning tools to ensure the right parts are in the right place at the right time across the supply network.
  • Integrated tools: Drive integrations between planning and scheduling and ERP and manufacturing execution for improved efficiency.

Future workforce

SAP offers intuitive workforce planning, talent management, and analytics capabilities to attract, develop, and retain top-tier talent.

  • Personalized learning: Create personalized, AI-driven learning experiences for every employee to improve skills development, drive productivity, and ensure compliance with critical requirements.
  • Automation: Align employee training program delivery with business objectives to optimize workforce planning and streamline supply chain operations.

Digital continuity

SAP for Aerospace and Defense enables organizations to meet critical production requirements by connecting engineering and manufacturing processes and leveraging core innovations to stay ahead of the curve.

  • Product lifecycle management: Create a robust digital thread that connects key logistics processes to improve transparency, visibility, and efficiency across the supply chain.
  • Product development: Leverage a shared workspace, inbox, and 3D viewer to gain insights and facilitate requirement-driven product development operations.
  • Product engineering: Consolidate electrical, mechanical, and electronic engineering in a single platform to improve access to key product development data.

Data centricity

SAP’s aerospace and defense technology empowers organizations to derive meaningful insights from product manufacturing data and improve response times to critical process and requirements changes.

  • AI development: Leverage customizable AI functionality to streamline data management and support generative AI foundation models.
  • Automation: Access low-code development tools and drag-and-drop functionality to automate key processes, create business sites, and create new applications.
  • Process extensions: Support innovation and extend existing business processes through prebuilt integrations, APIs, connectors, and more.

Cloud ERP

By migrating to the Cloud ERP landscape, customers can reap the benefits of a cloud-based landscape while retaining any existing configurations and maintaining compliance with critical requirements.

  • Cloud functionality: Leverage preconfigured processes and best practices to improve transparency, drive growth, and build new innovations.
  • Regulated environment: Maintain data management and security compliance through an enhanced deployment model and configurable security capabilities.
  • Risk and compliance management: Access automated and integrated solutions to improve risk management and gain early insight into problem areas.

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