The Ultimate Kronos Group (UKG) understands that the key to maintaining the continuum of care in the healthcare industry is an engaged workforce that feels connected, supported, and empowered in their employee experience.

That’s why they created UKG for Healthcare – A workforce management solution that provides the tools needed to empower employees, improve productivity, efficiently manage patient care operations, and maximize the quality of care.

Read on to learn more about Kronos Healthcare and the ways it can transform your organization.

UKG for Healthcare

Here’s a closer look at a few key details of Kronos Health Care solutions for hospitals, health systems, and other healthcare organizations:

How Many Companies Use Kronos?

The Kronos Workforce Dimensions solution is used by more than 1 million critical healthcare workers, including those in more than 3,500 hospitals and 10,000 post-acute care organizations. With the Dimensions platform, these healthcare organizations can manage human resources (HR), scheduling, payroll, and timekeeping processes in a single solution, making it easier for their employees to focus on what matters most — the patients.

Solutions for the Entire Care Continuum

Workforce Dimensions provides a flexible suite of workforce management solutions that help staff members stay connected to their patients, regardless of where they fall in the continuum of care. Here are the main types of healthcare organizations that leverage UKG functionality for optimized quality of care:

  • Large health systems: These organizations use UKG Workforce Dimensions to create a more engaged workforce and leverage better data insights to keep up with the standard of value-based care throughout the healthcare industry.
  • Acute care hospitals: Community hospitals leverage UKG to automate manual processes and access real-time data and analytics to maintain employee productivity and organizational efficiency.
  • Post-acute care facilities: UKG helps combat employee retention and tough regulations by providing improved visibility into overall labor trends, costs, and productivity. This ensures that outpatient and senior living facilities are properly staffed, and quality of care is maintained.

For more information about the ways Kronos Dimensions can benefit healthcare organizations, click here.

Main Advantages of UKG Healthcare Solutions

Now that you’ve learned a little more about the Kronos Healthcare solutions, let’s take a closer look at a few of the key advantages of UKG for Healthcare:

Controlled Costs

UKG provides a comprehensive solution that allows hospitals and outpatient facilities to automate business processes, improve payroll accuracy, and reduce the risk of error through the configuration of complex pay and work rules. By improving overall system visibility, organizations can catch issues earlier, find a solution, and control wages and benefits before extraneous costs add up.

Improved Employee Experience

UKG for Healthcare offers a suite of tools that give employees the power to control their own experience. With this solution, doctors, nurses, and other care providers can manage their own schedules, including swapping shifts and requesting time off. Even better, Kronos also offers mobile app capabilities that allow users to track and manage their schedules whenever and wherever they need to. This not only creates a more productive workforce, but it also helps maintain employee engagement and satisfaction in the long run.

Higher-Quality Care

Traditional workforce management systems require time-consuming manual tasks that usually end up being more trouble than they’re worth. UKG Dimensions automates these processes and helps eliminate wasted time by providing schedules that best fit the needs of both caregivers and patients at the same time.

Reduced Compliance Risk

From FLSA to ACA, FMLA, labor regulations, pay rules, and more, UKG for Healthcare provides a one-stop-shop for compliance. The solution gives supervisors a more cohesive view of rules and regulations and helps them simplify pay rule configurations, streamline compliance processes, and save valuable time spent monitoring rules and regulations.

Support for Key Workforce Management Integrations

While the Kronos Healthcare solutions do make work easier for employees and quality of care better for patients, there can sometimes be gaps between the system’s functionality and the needs of the entire health system or organization. This is where leveraging another enterprise resource planning (ERP) system can come in handy.

And, luckily for you, Surety Systems has a team of senior-level consultants that span the most widely ERP solutions, including Infor Lawson and Workday. Our consultants have extensive experience in multiple ERPs and are here to help your workforce management integrations run as smoothly as possible.

Our team can not only help you optimize your day-to-day practices, but our consultants can also help you find the best ways to combine ERP system functionality to maximize your technology investment and offer the best possible care for patients.

Getting Started with Us

Whether you need an extra hand implementing UKG solutions within your health system, additional support building integrations between your ERP and information systems, help navigating the Kronos Community portal, building out Kronos extensions, or anything in between, our Kronos consultants have you covered.

And, to give you a better idea of what to expect when employing our Kronos consulting services, we’ve included a snapshot of one of our top-notch consultants:

Surety Senior Kronos Healthcare Consultant

  • 13+ years of Kronos/UKG experience
  • Specializes in healthcare and scheduling products
  • UKG Dimensions & Dimensions Integration Consultant Certified
  • SME in timekeeper, advanced scheduler, accruals, attendance and leave modules
  • Vastly experienced with end-to-end implementation projects
  • Experience with testing, reviewing requirements, configurations, creating specs/training documentation/materials, development, upgrades and optimization
  • Heavy healthcare, retail and manufacturing industry experience

Contact us today to learn more or get started with one of our expert Kronos consultants.