Employees make up the heart of any organization or company. So, providing an engaging and supportive workforce environment for those employees is essential to your success.

Read on to learn how Kronos software can help improve, optimize, and enhance your workforce management processes and provide a better experience for your employees.

What is Kronos Used For?

Kronos (now, more commonly known as UKG) offers cloud-based human capital management solutions that help workforce management teams simplify HR functions, like time and attendance management, payroll processing, and benefits administration, to improve productivity and efficiency across the entire enterprise. Kronos solutions exist to simplify workforce management processes, reduce labor costs, minimize compliance risk, and enhance the full user experience.

Key Components of Kronos Software

Let’s take a look at the main human resource (HR) management products offered by Kronos…

  • Workforce Ready: UKG Ready is the suite offered for small to mid-size businesses in need of cohesive workforce management solutions.
  • Workforce Central: The Kronos Workforce Central suite is the solution used for HR and workforce management in larger enterprise organizations.
  • Workforce Dimensions: UKG Dimensions is the newest workforce management software, offering advanced capabilities for any organization or complex industry need. This simplified solution can be easily used with UKG Ready or Workforce Central.

What Does Kronos Do?

Workforces of all sizes, locations, and industries use Kronos to track, manage, and optimize their core HR processes and improve productivity throughout the organization.

Here are a few of the key reasons organizations use the Kronos workforce management software:

  • Scalability: Kronos HR software allows organizational servers to scale business processes horizontally or vertically across the organization, allowing employees, departments, and the organization as a whole to keep up with system updates more efficiently.
  • Data management: Kronos provides the right solutions and tools needed to keep track of important data, regardless of if it’s employee-specific or concerns the entire workforce. Better data means more informed decisions for your employees and your organization.
  • Unified platform: UKG provides high-quality access to a variety of workforce management solutions and tools within a single platform. Kronos makes it easy to keep track of important data and tasks within your organization by keeping it in one place.
  • Variety of solutions: Whether your organization needs help managing payroll services, tracking absence management, improving employee engagement, or anything else in between, Kronos HR solutions can help. UKG provides a variety of solutions to ensure your workforce needs are met.
  • Balanced workforce: Kronos workforce software gives employees their jobs back. Meaning that instead of having to focus so much time and attention on completing manual processes within the system, Kronos automates these tasks and gives employees more time to do their jobs.

Key Kronos Workforce Solutions

Usability and adaptability are essential to the success of any workforce management system. Here are a few of the main Kronos features that simplify human capital management processes for teams like yours:

Payroll Management

This feature helps HR teams manage critical payroll processes, ensuring that employee payroll information is accurate and up-to-date throughout the Kronos software. Kronos payroll software allows users to maintain data and process transparency, reduce the risk for pay errors, and improve the employee experience.

Reporting & Analytics

Kronos offers advanced reporting capabilities that allow users to run reports, gather important data, and use insights and trends to improve the decision-making process.

Employee Management

Kronos gives users the power to control their own workforce by using self-service options, employee scheduling tools, and activity and task management features. This way, managers can ensure that their employees are scheduled properly, and employees are given more opportunities to improve their productivity and overall workforce experience.

Time & Attendance Tracking

This feature allows users to use Kronos time clocks and other Kronos attendance software to clock in and out for shifts, manage employee hours, track attendance, calculate overtime, and ensure compliance with local, state, and federal labor regulations.

Talent Management

Kronos offers a Talent Management suite that includes recruiting, hiring, and onboarding processes. This way, companies can rest assured knowing that they are not only attracting top-tier talent, but they are also taking the necessary steps to keep that talent engaged and supported in the long run.

Main Components of the Kronos System

Having a system with advanced capabilities is one thing, but being able to navigate and operate that system is another story. Here are a few of the easy-to-use components of Kronos software designed to help you:


A workspace in Kronos is a system layout that is designed to meet specific business needs. Users can access more than one workspace, but if a user’s Kronos Navigator has more than one workspace, one of them will be configured and named as the “Home” workspace.

Workspace Tabs

Each time a workspace is displayed in the Kronos program, it will have an associated workspace tab. These tabs outline which workspaces are active and currently being accessed by a user, making it easier for them to open, close, or switch between different workspaces.

Workspace Carousel

Since Kronos allows users to access multiple workspaces at once and store them within the system, the workspace carousel simplifies users’ workspace displays. By default, all workspaces besides a user’s “Home” workspace are included in the carousel, but users are able to customize their system by adding necessary workspaces.


Staying up-to-date with important information, tasks, or changes within the Kronos system is essential for many organizations and users. Kronos allows users to configure alerts to notify them of specific events or occurrences within their system, helping them to keep track of important data and complete tasks on time.

Related Items

This feature provides users a display of their inactive widgets within their Kronos system. Users can easily open and access these inactive items through the related items list.

Benefits for Your Organization

  • Kronos helps simplify data management, making it easier to track, store, and use important employee data.
  • Time and attendance solutions within Kronos offer more efficient ways to track working hours, keep up with absences, and ensure all scheduling roles are filled no matter what.
  • UKG offers various solutions, such as Recruiting, Talent Management, Onboarding, and Employee Tracking to not only attract top talent, but retain it in the long run.
  • From payroll solutions to employee scheduling, the solutions and mobile capabilities of Kronos improve convenience and enhance productivity for employees throughout the organization.
  • Advanced data and analytics give users the ability to gather insights and track data trends to help leaders make better business decisions.
  • Automated business processes and more efficient data transfer with Kronos software helps users save valuable time and resources previously spent on manual tasks.

How Can We Help?

Whether you’re trying to decide if Kronos is the right workforce management software for your needs, you’re in the middle of your implementation process, you’re integrating your UKG solutions with external systems, or anything in between, Surety Systems can help.

Our team of senior-level consultants has the skills and experience you need to get the most out of your Kronos software investment. And, to give you a better idea of what to expect when partnering with us, we’ve included a snapshot of one of our expert Kronos consultants:

Surety Senior Kronos Software Consultant

  • 15 years of Kronos experience
  • Strong experience serving in a support/help desk capacity
  • Interface and custom reports expert through version 8
  • Interfaces: WIM and Connect. He can do interfaces in any module
  • Experience with configuration in any module except Advanced Scheduler (Expert in Timekeeper, Activities and Leave)
  • Trained and certified in Navigator
  • Custom Reports: Visual Studio and Crystal
  • Cloud experience

Contact us today to learn more or get started with one of our expert Kronos consultants.