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Infor Lawson Consulting Services

Infor Lawson Consulting Services

Infor Lawson – ERP &HCM upgrades, integrations, & implementations.

Lawson consulting services for healthcare and retail industries and more. From Talent Management to Security, our Lawson consultants help improve the performance of your Lawson ERP or HCM system. We’ve worked with a wide range of clients to fully optimize their Lawson technology and can provide you with consulting services to meet all of your business needs.

Infor Lawson Consulting Services | Surety Systems

Lawson Partnership: Expert Lawson ERP & HCM Consultants

Surety’s got you covered.

Quickly bridge skill and expertise gaps in your internal Lawson team—whether you need extra muscle to power through a project or a knowledgeable expert, we have experienced Lawson software consultants on tap who have been there, done that.

We proudly sport our Infor Delivery Partner badge. This partnership represents a level of leadership in the Infor market for which we are elated to achieve. We do not sell additional licenses and our views, advice, and consultants are independent.

Sometimes you just need a +1.

Surety’s got you covered.

Quickly bridge skill and expertise gaps in your internal Lawson team — whether you need extra muscle to power through a project or a knowledgeable expert… we know a consultant who’s been there, done that.

We proudly sport our Infor Alliance Partner badge. This partnership represents a level of leadership in the Infor market for which we are elared to achieve. We do not sell additional licenses and our views, advice and consultants are independent.

Not sure what kind of Lawson consulting or service you need?

Start here.

What are you struggling with the most right now?

I have a high-priority project.

Doing an upgrade, implementation or other serious Lawson project in-house? Bring in a dedicated sharpshooter (or a few!) who know what they are doing to get the job done right the first time.

My team could really use a boost.

Help that’s there when you need it… no extra overhead when you don’t. Blend our external expertise with your internal team to accelerate project delivery, from new IPA processes to interface modifications… your Lawson SME is right here waiting.

I’m a man down and I need some support.

Life happens. Sometimes one of your key players is down for the count…regardless of the reason, you need to bridge the gap. Get an experienced Lawson pro from our A-Team to sub in.

I’m ready for a break-up.

Current consulting firm letting you down? If you’re tired of your Lawson partner trying to push you to the cloud or upselling you additional licenses, get an unbiased consultant with the experience to leverage your existing system.

We’re behind schedule.

When you’re up against a deadline, reasons don’t matter. Whether you’re trying to implement Lawson security so you can upgrade to v10 or are hung up with ESS problems prior to open enrollment, you just need to get it done.

I need a second opinion.

Improve forecasting, streamline processes, or merge system post-acquisition with an unbiased system assessment. We have no skin in the game which means no upsells, add-ons, or breadcrumbs to justify future work. Just honest advice and quality work.

What you see is what you get.

We don’t carry a “traditional” bench, meaning that your Surety Systems Lawson consultant will be aligned with your project based on their specialized expertise, not our bottom line.

Blended Workforce

Supercharge your internal team.
By mixing your internal knowledge with our external expertise you get the best of both worlds: a rock-steady foundation with hyper-specialized expertise when you need it, and no extra overhead when you don’t.

Expert Advice

We’ve been there, done that.
Our extensive network of senior-level Lawson consultants means that we have the exact skillset and experience you need to crush your next project.

Unbiased Lawson Consulting

No bull, no bias, no breadcrumbs.
Skip the license pitch, the upsells, and the push to upgrade or migrate. That’s not what we’re here for. Team up with an unbiased Lawson expert who can help you leverage the system you already own.

What Our Customers Say:

See what our customers say:

Surety Systems has been a time-tested winning resource for us. We have used them for engagements that have ranged from multiple months to as short as one week. They keep in touch with us and have a solid understanding of who we are, what our environment is and how we do business. When future needs dictate that we look outside our own company for Lawson expertise, we will once again look to Surety to help us source the need. 

Lawson Client

Director of Marketing Systems and Corporate Systems // Specialty / Import Retail Store

In a panic for a project need 30 minutes after finding out a prior consultant couldn’t do it anymore, I contacted Surety Systems. The requirements were pretty detailed and specific for a sys admin mentor. Within 24 hours, Surety provided the perfect consultant for the project. 

Lawson Client

Manager of Enterprise Systems // Not-for-Profit Healthcare Organization

Lawson System Insights From Surety Systems

Learn more about the latest industry trends and Lawson product announcements. Our insights can inform you of impending changes and other updates that can help you optimize your Lawson software, including customer success stories.

If we can toot our own horn for a minute…

Our team is pretty awesome and has worked with a wide range of clients in different industries to give them what they need through our Lawson consulting. Here’s what we’ve accomplished in just the past year:

Total Project Wins

Consultants on Project

States We've Worked In


2018 Lawson Survey Results

Surety Systems has conducted a survey of the Lawson community since 2002. Use the results to get budgets approved, see how you stack up against the competition, and shape your Lawson strategy for the year ahead.

Get a peek at:

  Upgrade tendencies  Vendor satisfaction
  Cloud pros and cons  Popular third-party tools
  Landmark utilization  Future plans and projections

Work with a Reliable Lawson Consulting Firm Who Can Give You the Results You Want


With the help of our experienced and knowledgeable Infor Lawson consultants, your business will thrive. Client satisfaction is our number one priority, and we’ll provide everything your business needs to optimize your Lawson software. We also provide support for JD Edwards, Kronos, Workday, SAP, and Salesforce.

Ready to get started with Lawson consulting? Contact Surety Systems today for access to senior-level Lawson consultants. We’re ready to provide you with the best results, covering all of your Lawson system needs with a complete solution tailored specifically for your business.

Ready to talk?


  • Ramp Up

    Could your internal team use a boost? Utilize a blended workforce to gain a strategic advantage. By mixing internal and external expertise, you can quickly bridge the skill and experience gaps in your team. Secure hyper-specialized assistance, while avoiding the costs of traditional headcount.

  • Resume Productivity

    Life happens—and it rarely stops to check the project schedule first. When a member of your team is down for the count unexpectedly or gets pulled onto another project, Surety can help. Whether you’re in the middle of a project and need a pro to hop in the trenches with you, or you’re in need of someone to “hold down the fort” with daily operations while you tackle the project—we’ve got you covered.

  • Get Results Now

    If you agreed on the terms, but now you’re experiencing scope creep, consultants that clearly didn’t “make varsity,” expensive additions to the project, and more layers of consultants than you can count, Surety can help. You know what you want. We deliver top-tier consultants that can ramp up quickly and integrate seamlessly with your team. You control the timing, phases, and approach. Plus, you’ll gain the benefit of knowledge transfer that stays with your organization long after we’re gone.

  • Get Back On Track

    Get back on track with one of our top-tier consultants who can jump in the foxhole with you, or handle all your day-to-day operations while your internal team tackles the project. Because of our close relationship with each of our consultants, we have a tight grip on their availability and exact skill set.

  • Cut The Bull

    Surety Systems’ only purpose is to help you get the most functionality out of the system you already own. We have no other agenda than your success. Have our consultants take a look at your environment and make suggestions on improvements and strategy (without any up-sell).

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