In the rapidly evolving landscape of enterprise software, the need for personalized and user-friendly applications has never been more critical.

Enter Infor User Adoption Platform (UAP), a robust solution designed to streamline the user experience and drive efficient adoption of Infor’s software products. Infor UAP offers comprehensive tools for creating and delivering in-application guidance, training, and support, ensuring users can quickly master new systems and maximize productivity.

This article discusses the key features and benefits of Infor UAP, exploring how it enhances user engagement, accelerates learning curves, and ultimately contributes to the successful implementation of enterprise software solutions.

Key Takeaways

  • Infor User Adoption Platform (UAP) enhances digital transformation by enabling the creation of tailored training content, improving software user adoption, and maximizing ROI.
  • The UAP offers capabilities like integrating with Infor and other external solutions for role-specific learning, converting test scripts into training materials, and supporting rapid content creation and adaptation.
  • Infor UAP provides a comprehensive suite of support and resources, including multilingual content, context-sensitive help, and alignment with business processes, ensuring personalized and efficient user education.

Exploring Infor User Adoption Platform (UAP)

The Infor User Adoption Platform is the heartbeat of digital transformation, serving as a navigational beacon for corporate digital user adoption, steering organizations through the sometimes stormy seas of software application training.

It provides tools that help organizations:

  • Streamline the creation of training content
  • Manage training content with finesse
  • Help both current and future employees navigate complex software with ease
  • Maximize ROI on technology investments
  • Create custom content that aligns effortlessly with an organization’s business processes
  • Integrate task-specific support materials
  • Generate multiple deliverables from a single recording session

Key Features of Infor UAP

Illustration of a digital platform

With the functionality to empower users to create personalized content by recording business process flows directly within applications, the platform is a catalyst for tailored learning experiences. From crafting diverse materials such as procedural documents to immersive simulations and eLearning courses, Infor UAP is the cornerstone for educational innovation tailored to organizational needs.

Infor UAP excels at integration, an essential aspect of the comprehensive Infor landscape. Seamlessly blending with Infor solutions, the platform delivers role-specific, context-sensitive assistance that transforms application workflows into learning journeys. Customizing pre-built material within Infor UAP Content Libraries allows organizations to enhance their standard software processes, making the platform a versatile ally in the quest for knowledge sustainability.

Real-World Applications

Infor UAP’s innovative training software solutions have been the cornerstone for higher education publishers, structuring and distributing educational materials that resonate with today’s rhythm of learning. Enterprise-level publishers have also harnessed the power of Infor UAP, delivering complex procedural information in a streamlined and understandable format, a true game-changer for industries grappling with intricate business processes.

The secret ingredient in Infor UAP’s success lies in the supporting technologies it incorporates. These enhance the interaction between content and the end-user, ensuring not just comprehension but a profound understanding of the published materials, elevating the learning solutions provided to unprecedented heights.

Custom Content Creation Made Simple

Creative content creation process

Creating custom content can be complex, yet Infor UAP simplifies it with ease. It facilitates the rapid development of custom learning content, allowing subject matter experts to instantly create custom content by recording business process flows directly in applications and transforming them into various training materials. Whether the need is for eLearning courses, simulations, or procedural documents, Infor UAP tailors each to an organization’s unique pulse and rhythm.

Learning content must evolve in tandem with the changing business landscape. Infor UAP embraces this change, providing organizations with the tools to rapidly create and adapt their training materials, ensuring they remain current and effective. This proactive enablement content is the key to staying ahead in a world where adaptability is not just valued but vital for success.

Designing Engaging eLearning Courses

In the current eLearning landscape, where engagement is critical, Infor UAP offers abundant resources that facilitate the swift development and deployment of eLearning courses and captivate learners through interactive media, quizzes, and simulations. These courses can be integrated with other Learning Management Systems (LMS), ensuring the content is managed and tracked efficiently and facilitating increased user adoption.

Accessibility is a pillar of Infor UAP, with learning content readily available within employees’ applications. This strategic placement aids in reinforcing learning and enhancing knowledge retention over time, ensuring organizations are not just training employees but empowering them with sustainable knowledge.

From Test Scripts to Training Materials

Infor UAP specializes in transforming test scripts into valuable training resources. Subject matter experts can swiftly transform recorded test scripts into detailed training and procedural documentation, providing a consistent and comprehensive portrayal of business processes. The result is a variety of content types, from procedural documents to simulations and eLearning courses, all from a single touchpoint of creation.

This transformative capability ensures employees receive contextualized, role-specific guidance, enhancing their understanding and proficiency with the software programs they use daily. This innovative training software solution positions Infor UAP as a leader in learning solutions.

The Digital Adoption Platform for Today’s Enterprises

Maximizing technology investments

In the ever-evolving enterprise technology landscape, Infor UAP distinguishes itself as a leading digital adoption platform. As an integral part of the corporate digital user adoption strategy, it equips employees with the essential knowledge to fully utilize applications and maximize ROI from technology investments. Infor UAP is not just a platform; it’s a strategic partner offering tactics that dramatically enhance the user experience with minimal time investment and development resources.

The platform’s training content management is a masterclass in efficiency, streamlined through features such as editorial reviews, version control, and reporting analytics. These tools simplify the training process, making it easier for organizations to manage systems and support technologies, leading to successful digital adoption.

Achieving Rapid Adoption and Retention

With Infor UAP setting the pace, the pursuit of rapid adoption and retention is more of a swift race than a drawn-out marathon. By providing pre-built content libraries that leverage everyday actions and industry best practices, Infor UAP accelerates the development of training material, ensuring current and future employees gain the sustainable knowledge needed to thrive.

Infor UAP’s intuitive content creation tools enable experts to:

  • Quickly document the organization’s business processes in various languages and formats
  • Disseminate crucial information across the organization
  • Ensure every role within the organization has access to centralized, on-demand resources
  • Foster proficient use and satisfaction with software systems

Support and Resources

Infor UAP’s In Application Help transcends traditional phone support, offering users direct access to training and support materials within their software. Integrating AI Copilot functionalities allows users to seek assistance in their own words for quick and precise support, epitomizing the platform’s user-first mentality and commitment to efficient customer support.

This innovative approach to support ensures that users are never left stranded, with context-sensitive help available at the moment of need. This level of thoughtful design solidifies Infor UAP’s position as a leader in the landscape of digital adoption platforms.

Tailoring Infor UAP to Your Business Needs

Customization for unique business processes

Built on a foundation of adaptability, the Infor User Adoption Platform offers the following benefits:

  • Ensures alignment of each generated content with an organization’s distinct business processes and software configuration
  • Provides personalized context-sensitive help for users’ distinct roles and actions within the Infor ecosystem
  • Offers an intuitive content creation solution to improve employee development

Infor UAP’s flexibility extends to content localization, supporting the creation and publishing of training and support materials in multiple languages and formats. This caters to the need for diverse materials such as simulations, business process procedures, and test scripts that resonate with a global workforce and embody the essence of tailored learning solutions for customers.

Multilingual Support for Global Reach

Multilingual support for global workforce

Infor UAP’s support for 31 languages ensures training accessibility for every employee in their preferred language, regardless of their geographic location. This feature is critical for organizations with a diverse and widespread workforce, breaking down language barriers and fostering a culture of inclusivity.

The single source file feature of Infor UAP is a marvel of efficiency. It allows authors to efficiently develop training materials and publish them in all desired languages from one file. This simultaneous publishing in multiple languages and formats is a testament to Infor UAP’s commitment to facilitating global reach with ease.

Context-Sensitive Help Where It Counts

Infor UAP’s advanced context-sensitive help features, such as Ming.le Smart Help, nudges, and tooltips give users the guidance they need directly embedded in their existing Infor landscape. This seamless integration with critical business applications offers in-workflow help options, bolstering user competence and efficiency.

Additionally, Infor UAP’s key capabilities include:

  • Embedding role-specific user assistance
  • Providing timely and highly relevant support
  • Offering a granular level of support
  • Ensuring users receive help precisely when and where it’s needed
  • Facilitating an enhanced experience with critical software systems

Leveraging Infor UAP for Future Success

Future-proofing with Infor UAP

The Infor User Adoption Platform is more than a training tool; it serves as a vehicle transporting organizations toward a future filled with success. By equipping future workers with proper training, Infor UAP ensures they are prepared for the challenges ahead, maintaining a highly skilled workforce that is the backbone of any forward-thinking business.

The platform’s flexibility in content creation and course design allows for the development of adaptive learning paths that cater to the ever-changing needs of the business and its workforce. With Infor UAP, organizations can:

  • Administer effective training that is tailored to specific job roles and processes
  • Enhance their market competitiveness
  • Set themselves on a trajectory of continued success.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does Infor UAP help in maximizing ROI on technology investments?

Infor UAP helps maximize ROI on technology investments by equipping employees with the knowledge to fully utilize applications, improving efficiency, maximizing productivity, and increasing returns on technology investments.

How does Infor UAP tailor its content to an organization's unique business processes?

Infor UAP tailors its content to an organization’s unique business processes by providing personalized, context-sensitive help aligned with its software setup and user roles. This ensures that the content is suitable for individual users’ distinct needs within the Infor ecosystem.

What features does Infor UAP offer for context-sensitive help within applications?

Infor UAP offers advanced context-sensitive help features like Ming.le Smart Help, nudges, and tooltips provide users with in-workflow support options, which can enhance the user experience and productivity.