Infor U provides a comprehensive learning management system designed to meet the growing need for continuous development through a robust suite of educational resources and tools tailored to enhance employee knowledge and performance.

Through interactive courses, self-directed learning opportunities, on-demand training modules, and certification programs, Infor U empowers businesses to upskill their workforce, ensure compliance, and foster a culture of continuous improvement.

This article explores the features and benefits of Infor U, highlighting how it supports organizations in cultivating a highly skilled and knowledgeable workforce, driving both individual and organizational value and improving employee performance.

What is Infor U?

Infor U offers enriched learning content and career development opportunities tailored to an individual’s specific industry, role, or access level, supporting personalized learning paths and driving better employee development over time.

The Infor U Campus platform enables customers to access structured content sorted by industry or learning path, simplify navigation and user experiences, and access learning content on the go for continuous education and engagement, no matter what.

Key Capabilities of Infor U for Campus Users

  • Simplified navigation and search features
  • Personalized and engaging user experiences
  • Intuitive UX design for flexible learning
  • Mobile access and responsiveness for on-the-go learning
  • Quick and easy reporting for any technical issues
  • Learning content structured by industry and learning paths

Unique Training Opportunities

Infor U provides tailored training opportunities to ensure both project teams and end users have the necessary knowledge and skills to complete tasks and operate their Infor products effectively.

Project teams

Project team training equips organizations with post-go-live knowledge and progress development training to accelerate go-live readiness, ensure successful project participation, and improve decision-making throughout the development process.

End users

With customizable training and flexible learner paths in Infor U, end users can assess training courses based on their specific roles and responsibilities, access custom learning simulations, and create comprehensive training guides for new and existing employees.

Benefits for Learners and Administrators

Skill development

From ensuring new users have proper login credentials and access permissions to driving efficient user onboarding, upskilling for larger implementation and integration projects, and facilitating stronger collaboration across teams, Infor Campus U ensures your team has the right tools to succeed.

Quicker adoption

By helping your organization maximize product adoption, unlocking learner potential through tailored learning paths, and driving effective knowledge transfer, Infor U makes it easier to unlock the full potential of your investments.

Improved productivity

Infor U provides the knowledge, skills, and training opportunities to understand Infor Cloud systems and effectively navigate CloudSuite systems and tools.

Getting Started with the Experts

Our senior-level Infor consultants have the skills and experience to understand your critical project needs, create effective action plans to stay ahead of the curve, and prepare your internal teams for continuous improvement over time.

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