In the dynamic realm of modern manufacturing, staying ahead demands more than just focusing on process efficiency — it requires a comprehensive solution that enables the seamless integration, management, and optimization of all critical business processes.

Enter Infor SyteLine, a leading enterprise resource planning (ERP) system designed to empower manufacturing organizations with unparalleled control over their processes, offering real-time visibility, supply chain management, and industry-specific solutions.

This article discusses the key components and capabilities of Infor SyteLine, how it enables better material and inventory management, and where our team of expert Infor consultants can come in to help.

What is Infor SyteLine?

Infor SyteLine is a modern ERP software solution designed specifically for discrete and process manufacturers in the global manufacturing industry, offering capabilities from advanced planning to materials management, quality management, and more to improve overall manufacturing productivity.

With a flexible user interface and customizable deployment options, organizations can make their system their own, ensuring their most critical business needs are met and optimizing end-to-end operations from the back office to the shop floor.

Key Features of Infor SyteLine ERP Manufacturing Software

Here are a few critical features of the Infor SyteLine ERP solution:

Tailored to unique organizational needs

With Infor SyteLine, users can trade in outdated, unreliable processes to track demand, monitor resources, and schedule product delivery dates for advanced tools that enable them to see all the data they need whenever they need it.

Regardless of your company’s size, scale, or scope, Infor SyteLine can be configured to meet a broad range of organizational needs and improve overall manufacturing performance over time.

Industry-specific functionality

The Infor CloudSuite Industrial SyteLine ERP platform offers industry-specific functionality, ensuring users have all the tools needed to complete tasks and stay agile in an ever-evolving industrial manufacturing industry.

Here are a few critical industry-specific capabilities included in the solution:

  • Advanced planning and scheduling (APS): Continually monitor demand and determine if you have the right materials, people, and industrial equipment to manufacture specific products.
  • Materials and inventory management: Buy the materials you need when you need them to reduce total inventory, shorten order entry time, and avoid shortages.
  • Microsoft-based system: Save valuable time on implementation and integration processes by leveraging standard tools and navigation functionality from Microsoft systems.
  • Complex product configuration: Ensure production staff can handle configured orders and get the right products to customers on time.
  • Application event system: Customize your system without touching existing source code, upgrade customizations as needed, and improve overall workflow efficiency.

Secure deployment in the cloud

With Infor SyteLine, there’s no need to buy hardware, as all accounts are hosted on data centers maintained and optimized by Infor experts.

Users can deploy their SyteLine ERP solution on-premise or in the cloud and expand existing Infor CloudSuite Industrial functionality to any location without involving IT teams.

Improved employee and system productivity

Infor SyteLine enables users to respond quicker to industry and organizational change, reduce inventory overages, and deliver the right products to the right customers at the right time, regardless of the complexity of their supply chain.

Capabilities Included in the New Product Release

Updates to the Infor CloudSuite Industrial SyteLine platform offer flexible deployment options and advanced functionality to enhance productivity, value, and agility for companies in the industrial manufacturing industry.

Here are a few of the main capabilities included in the new product release:

Persona-driven workspaces

The new Infor CloudSuite Industrial product release includes advanced KPI widgets and automated alerts tailored to unique organizational needs. It offers persona-driven workspaces for up to 13 different roles, including Project Manager, Salesperson, and more.

Better quality control

With Infor CloudSuite Industrial SyteLine updates, mid-sized manufacturing companies and larger enterprises can easily track vendor certifications to ensure compliance and stay up-to-date with expirations over time. The update also offers automated workflow and email capabilities to proactively inform employees of expiring certificates and improve gaps in their supply chain.

Enhanced API strategies

By emphasizing RESTful APIs, the new Infor CloudSuite Industrial SyteLine release, organizations can support a more comprehensive, composable, and connected enterprise and connect their CloudSuite system to other web-based services or trading networks.

Top 5 Advantages of Infor Cloudsuite Industrial SyteLine

Here’s a closer look at the main advantages of SyteLine technology for manufacturing companies:

Comprehensive Manufacturing Management

Infor SyteLine offers robust tools for managing the entire manufacturing process, from planning and scheduling to production, quality control, and everything in between. This comprehensive approach helps manufacturing organizations optimize critical operations, minimize downtime, and enhance efficiency across their entire organization.

Flexible and Industry-Specific Solutions

The Infor SyteLine ERP software is known for its flexibility and adaptability to different manufacturing environments, offering industry-specific solutions tailored to the unique needs of various manufacturing sectors. This way, organizations can implement a system that aligns with their specific processes and requirements and update functionality as industry requirements or market trends change over time.

Real-Time Supply Chain Visibility

Infor SyteLine software provides real-time visibility into the entire supply chain, enabling manufacturers to monitor inventory levels, track orders, and collaborate with suppliers. This visibility is crucial for making informed decisions, avoiding stockouts, and ensuring the timely delivery of products.

Seamless Integration

The Infor SyteLine ERP platform typically integrates enterprise resource planning functionalities with business intelligence tools, enabling manufacturers to access and analyze data for strategic decision-making. This integration facilitates a holistic business view, helping organizations identify trends, optimize processes, and drive continuous improvement in the long run.

Support for Scalability and Growth

Infor SyteLine is designed to scale with the growth of manufacturing organizations, from expanding current operations, adding new product lines, or entering new markets. It also offers scalable features to accommodate changing business needs and provide long-term support for organizational growth.

How Can We Help?

Whether you need help implementing SyteLine Infor functionality to improve material, inventory, and customer relationship management, additional support simplifying complex manufacturing processes across your supply chain, or just an extra hand getting started on your Infor journey, Surety Systems can help.

Our experienced support team of Infor consultants has the skills and experience to handle all your most critical project needs and ensure your business operations stay up-to-date with modern ERP trends in the long run.

Partnering with the Best

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