Infor Rhythm for Commerce is a cutting-edge solution designed to elevate e-commerce capabilities for organizations of various sizes and industry sectors by integrating advanced tools for personalized customer interactions, omnichannel retailing, and robust analytics.

This article explores how Infor Rhythm for Commerce empowers organizations to deliver exceptional online shopping experiences, streamline operations, and harness data-driven insights to stay ahead in an increasingly competitive digital marketplace.

What is Infor Rhythm for Commerce?

Infor Rhythm for Commerce is an intuitive product fully integrated with select Infor ERP solutions to provide seamless online shopping experiences for customers, ensure real-time pricing and data availability, and increase customer loyalty.

Infor’s Ecommerce platform offers comprehensive capabilities that facilitate streamlined content management and help companies use existing staff to create scalable and personalized experiences. The Rhythm platform enables organizations to deliver more engaging customer experiences across an omnichannel environment, increase shopping cart conversions to sales, and improve customer loyalty.

Key Features of the E-Commerce Platform

Embedded PIM

Enrich product assortments through a centralized product information management hub. Access a flexible modeling landscape to support business requirements and connect electronic media to associated items like PDFs, videos, and other file formats.

Industry specialization

Leverage a solution built on industry best practices to ensure unique business requirements are met and help organizations maintain a competitive edge.

Product configuration

Utilize intelligent CPQ functionality to view, configure, and analyze items, submit orders with configured items to various ERP systems, and consolidate product data from multiple sources in a single platform.

Mobile experience

Access pre-built, fully integrated drag-and-drop widgets and B2B/B2C design tools to deliver a flexible and scalable mobile experience.

ATP and pricing

Facilitate real-time ‘available to promise’ (ATP) and product data within your comprehensive ERP system landscape.


Leverage existing business logic to drive E-commerce initiatives and facilitate seamless integrations with select Infor solutions. Deliver automatic upgrades without involvement from IT teams for reduced software costs and improved efficiency.

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