In today’s rapidly evolving healthcare landscape, the demand for innovative and comprehensive technology solutions has never been greater, especially as healthcare organizations are constantly seeking robust platforms that can seamlessly integrate clinical, financial, and administrative operations.

This is where Infor Healthcare comes in to help.

From clinical integration and electronic health records (EHR) to revenue cycle management and patient engagement, Infor CloudSuite Healthcare offers a comprehensive enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution tailored to the unique needs of healthcare providers.

In this article, we discuss the key capabilities and features of the Infor Lawson Healthcare solution, how its innovations improve access to critical patient data, and where our team of Infor consultants can come in to help maximize your invesment.

Understanding Healthcare-Specific ERP Software

When it comes to creating efficient hospital room schedules, ensuring key decision-makers have the real-time data they need to increase efficiency, and finding new ways to improve quality of care for patients, hospitals and health systems need more than traditional ERP functionality.

Healthcare-specific ERP solutions allow organizations to connect their mission with their most critical business goals, providing actionable insights into patient care interactions and improving operational efficiency through accurate clinical data management.

Key Features of Healthcare ERP Technology

Standardized data management

Healthcare ERP solutions provide built-in integrations between ERP and EHR technology, making it easier for organizations to standardize data management and reporting and improve the overall quality of patient care across the entire organization.

Healthcare ERP technology allows healthcare providers to:

  • Eliminate stockouts and maximize the allocation of stock on hand
  • Improve operating room schedules and the efficiency of turning rooms
  • Reduce costs and downtime for critical medical equipment
  • Resolve complex healthcare interoperability challenges between systems and locations

Efficient supply management

With healthcare ERP technology like Infor CloudSuite Healthcare, organizations can utilize fully integrated clinical supply chain software and additional capabilities for accurate costing to ensure clinicians have the supplies they need, when they need them.

Healthcare ERP solutions make it easier for providers to:

  • Embed healthcare accounting and costing functionality into existing capacity planning tools
  • Leverage built-in automation tools to streamline clinical workflows
  • Maintain open communication between clinical teams and supply chain teams
  • Consolidate clinical and non-clinical analytics data in the same place

Better patient and clinician experiences

By leveraging self-service scheduling tools and intelligent patient assignment functionality based on clinical and operational data, organizations can improve overall experiences for patients and providers.

Healthcare ERP technology enables organizations to:

  • Reduce administrative time spent on less productive tasks
  • Retrain, reskill, and reassign employees to best-fit roles
  • Improve staff engagement to reduce costly turnover
  • Leverage mobile-enabled tools to improve accessibility and productivity

Infor Healthcare Workforce Management Suite

The Infor Healthcare Workforce Management Suite provides a comprehensive solution that helps companies facilitate better data collection, automate core clinical processes, and improve patient care across the board.

By allowing clinical teams to focus on delivering quality patient care, Infor’s Healthcare Workforce Management Suite makes it easier to reduce staffing and scheduling complexities, facilitating better decision-making, identifying critical areas of improvement, and controlling labor costs more effectively.

Infor Healthcare Revenue Cycle Management Suite

Infor’s Healthcare Revenue Cycle Management Suite offers a scalable and flexible solution that allows organizations to improve human capital and asset management, facilitate more efficient revenue cycles, and improve the accuracy of patient billing.

This intelligent solution enables healthcare organizations to:

  • Streamline patient billing processes
  • Enhance cash flow across the entire organization
  • Reduce gross days receivables outstanding (GDRO)
  • Automate care processes and optimize collections

Best Practices for Maximizing CloudSuite Healthcare Investments

  1. Embrace the new ERP paradigm
  2. Apply platformed business solutions
  3. Prepare internal teams for the future
  4. Focus on patient and clinician engagement

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