With outdated, less-than-optimal technology, trying to assess, identify and keep track of the skills across your enterprise can be a manual and tedious task.

Well, not anymore with Workday Skills Cloud!

Workday’s Skills Cloud solution makes it easier to gather employee skills data, encourages skills development, and improves the understanding of skills and capabilities across your entire workforce.

This skills management tool is equipped with machine learning and can be used in many different ways, including hiring new talent, improving the skills of existing employees, nurturing career growth, monitoring internal mobility of employees, and even refreshing skills they already have.

Let’s take a look at how you can use Workday Skills Cloud to manage your company’s talent strategies!

What is Workday Skills Cloud?

Workday Skills Cloud is a skills ontology (a way of understanding unique skill sets and the relationships to other skills) that works to help companies understand and correlate job skills data more efficiently.

So long manual data management!

This data cloud is built to improve your skills insights by offering the tools needed to handle the magnitude, complexity, and scale required to manage skills, resumes, labor market data, and performance reviews across the enterprise.

Along with all of this, the skills cloud solution is a component of Workday Human Capital Management (HCM), implements graph technology and machine learning like Workday Talent Marketplace to maintain skills data and to map how closely related they are to one another.

Think of it as a type of career hub for an employee’s skill set.

3 Main Components

  1. Skills Inference:
    This is the talent management aspect of the program that evaluates employee skills. This part of the system is capable of reading job descriptions, feedback, and data from other sources.
  2. Skills Verification:
    Think of this as the skills assessments aspect of the program that allows users to verify the skills that show on their profile. Employee skills can be verified through experiences and feedback in the system.
  3. Skills Strength:
    The proof in the pudding. This component determines the value of your skills by having the owner of the profile demonstrate the use of that certain skill.

Key Capabilities

Here are some key capabilities of Workday Skills Cloud:

  • Machine learning embedded within the skills software
  • Skills ontology to manage skills insights
  • Real time analytics for more accurate skills  tracking
  • Skills interoperability across users and teams
  • Seamless integration with Workday Human Capital Management

How Workday Skills Cloud Can Improve Your Business

Skills are a defining characteristic for employees in any company. By identifying and assessing critical skills, companies are able to:

  • Make smarter hiring decisions
  • Better identify skills gaps
  • Provide more opportunities to develop skills
  • Drive business success by strategically sourcing talent
  • Improve employee journey and allow career growth opportunities
  • Create a skills based people strategy

Why Machine Learning is Crucial to Workday Skills Cloud?

Relationships to skills are always changing, here’s an example.

You may assume that someone with Microsoft Excel skills will most likely also have skills in Google Sheets. But, this isn’t always the case…

In this example, it would be important to know that someone who is highly skilled in Excel will likely have skills in data analysis, reporting, and other tasks Excel is used for. And, with a typical, run-of-the-mill skills database, you wouldn’t know this.

This is important because if the technology you’re using understands how skills relate to each other and change over time, then you won’t have to solely rely on keyword mapping to find or recommend candidates for a job.

Machine learning can accurately represent these changes, and Workday can help!

How Many Skills are in the Workday Skills Cloud?

When you “opt-in” to this Skills Cloud solution, it gives you access to a database of over 50,000 skills that Workday is constantly updating because they know that skills data is ever changing.

The database covers skills that are considered to be universal and relevant to Workday clients.

How it Ties In With Workday HCM

Workday Skills Cloud is always getting better as it works hand-in-hand with other Workday platforms like Workday Learning and Workday Recruiting, enabling a more comprehensive and connected experience for users across the board.

If a worker were to gain a new skill, the system would update its recommendations to help them develop this new skill or suggest another skill to work on in the future. This way, employees can leverage advanced skills development practices to improve their skills and promote growth across the entire organization.

How We Can Help

Whether you’re just beginning your journey with Workday or want to learn how to use the Skills Cloud to hire new talent, manage (and retain) existing talent, or gather employee data, we can help you with that!

At Surety, we want to give you quality expertise.

That’s why our senior-level Workday consultants can help you get started with Workday Skills Cloud to build a skilled workforce, create skills based people strategies, and help you to meet your organizations needs.

Getting Started With Us

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