When it comes to finding the most efficient way to answer pre-appointment questionnaires on mobile devices, electronically sign documents before arrival, pay co-pay amounts, and print receipts, Epic Systems, a primary provider of healthcare information technology in the industry, provides a one-stop-shop solution that covers it all.

The solution? Epic Welcome Kiosk.

Read on to learn how the Epic Welcome Kiosk can help healthcare organizations optimize digital health solutions, manage patient records more efficiently, and where our senior-level Epic consultants can fit into your health systems.

What is Epic Welcome Kiosk?

The Epic Welcome Kiosk is a software application used across hospitals, clinics, and larger health systems to facilitate patient check-in, documentation, and registration and simplify the process of capturing patient insurance information and other key metrics.

With a functional self-service kiosk that allows patients to enter personal information, medical history, and insurance information and sign necessary consent forms, they can take advantage of simplified check-in procedures and manage medical care more efficiently.

With Epic Welcome Kiosk, physicians and other staff members are enabled to…

  • Streamline patient registration processes to help patients check in quickly and efficiently
  • Provide patients with valuable information about their appointments (i.e., directions to the facility, estimated wait times, etc.)
  • Electronically sign documents to improve efficiencies and streamline approvals
  • Simplify the patient identification process for quicker turnaround times
  • Offer way-finding and navigation capabilities and services to help patients find their exact appointment location within the facility
  • Facilitate better care management processes to improve patient satisfaction and overall experiences for patients and providers
  • Improve the efficiency of your front desk operations, allowing patients to spend less time completing forms and check-in tasks upon arrival

Epic’s patient check-in kiosk is also part of the comprehensive Epic Electronic Health Record (EHR) system, meaning that it comes pre-built with integration capabilities that allow Epic users to connect tasks and activities in the Welcome Kiosk to other areas of the Epic system, including applications like Epic Cadence, Prelude, Resolute, and more.

Key Capabilities of Epic Kiosk Solutions

Here are a few critical functions of the patient check-in kiosk in the Epic system:

1) Self-Service Functionality

The Epic Welcome Kiosk allows patients to check in and register for their appointments and enter personal information, medication history, and other relevant medical information directly into Epic’s interface without the need for assistance from hospital or clinic staff.

The healthcare kiosk solution also allows patients to complete pre-appointment documents and consent forms before they step foot in the office to cut down on time spent by patients in the waiting room and staff members and physicians in the office.

2) Electronic Documentation

The Welcome Kiosk easily displays electronic forms and consent documents for patients to review and sign electronically whenever and wherever needed. This reduces time commitments for patients and providers, streamlines patient registration processes, and reduces the need for paper forms across organizations.

3) Estimated Wait Times

The Epic Welcome Kiosk offers wait time estimates in real-time to help patients prepare for their appointments, plan their time accordingly, and reduce frustrations typically associated with unnecessarily long wait times.

4) Appointment Reminders

The Welcome Kiosk offers configurable notification and reminder capabilities to help patients plan for their appointments and get real-time updates on changes in the time or location of their scheduled appointments.

Patients can choose to receive appointment reminders via email or text to ensure the notification is received and reviewed and reduce the risk of missed appointments across the board.

5) Way Finding

For first-time visitors, finding your way through a hospital, clinic, or other healthcare facility can be complicated and overwhelming, especially when your appointment time is approaching at a (seemingly) faster-than-usual pace…

Because of the difficulty in finding facility, office, or appointment locations, some versions of the Epic Welcome Kiosk include way-finding capabilities that help patients easily and efficiently navigate through a healthcare facility to find their exact appointment location.

Main Advantages of the Healthcare Kiosk

From improving the efficiency of patient check-in procedures to increasing the accuracy of patient information across systems and facility locations, ensuring patients are prepared and aware of upcoming appointments, and enhancing the patient experience, Epic Welcome Kiosk provides quite a few important benefits for clients and customers across the industry.

Let’s take a closer look at a few of the main advantages of Epic Welcome kiosks…

Efficient Check-Ins

With functional appointment management, documentation, and registration capabilities, the Welcome Kiosk allows patients to check in and register for their appointments quickly and efficiently, reducing time spent waiting in line or completing paperwork.

This not only improves patient engagement and satisfaction during their appointment experiences at any healthcare facility, but it also improves the quality of work done by office staff members by reducing overwhelming lines of patients and unbearable stacks of never-ending paperwork crowding the desk.

Improved Accuracy

With the Welcome Kiosk, patients can enter their own personal and medical information directly into the kiosk, improving the accuracy of patient data across systems and improving the quality of care across the continuum of care.

By allowing patients to enter their own information into the fully integrated Epic solution, the risk for errors or inaccuracies within patient data can be reduced, and the administrative burden of manually entering information for each patient can be lifted.

Increased Privacy

In addition to improved data accuracy, the Epic Welcome Kiosk also helps patients increase data privacy by allowing them to enter their own information into the system in a more private and secure setting than a doctor’s office or hospital waiting room.

And, with the ability to enter their own information into the system before arriving at the facility, patients can also avoid answering sensitive or uncomfortable questions in a public setting.

Reduced Workload

With automated check-in and patient registration processes, the Epic Welcome Kiosk can reduce workloads for hospital and clinic staff members, allowing them to focus on more important tasks and improving relationships with patients across the facility.

How Can We Help?

Whether you need help optimizing your Epic Welcome Kiosk to keep up with growth and change in the kiosk industry, an extra hand implementing new Epic applications across your organization, or additional support navigating complicated integrations between Epic and other external systems and tools, Surety Systems is here to help.

Our team of senior-level Epic consultants has the technical skills, functional expertise, and real-world experience needed to optimize your kiosk solutions and lead you to success, regardless of your organizational structure or the nature of your Epic project needs.

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