It’s no secret that Workday projects can be pretty daunting to successfully implement on your own, especially without the right personnel or resources for the job…

Enter Workday Change Management!

Effective Workday Change Management is essential in ensuring a smooth transition and successful adoption of the new system, as it helps organizations proactively address potential resistance, communicate changes, and drive employees to embrace the transformation fully. 

Without proper change management, organizations risk facing challenges related to user acceptance, productivity disruptions, and missed opportunities to leverage the full potential of the Workday platform.

Read on to learn more about Workday Change Management and how our expert Workday consultants can help your organization optimize your new and existing Workday applications.

What is Workday Change Management?

Workday Change Management is an approach that uses Workday’s expert guidance while helping customers understand their unique project needs and assessing customer readiness across the board. Change Management in Workday also helps customers plan for future changes and proactively improve operational efficiencies by suggesting changes to their current Workday plans.

If a customer doesn’t understand their needs or changes that should be made to maximize the value of their Workday operations, they risk unsuccessful implementations and less-than-optimal operations across teams.

Workday Change Management can also improve company culture and increase employee engagement by ensuring timely communication between teams and providing suggestions for potential improvements to their Workday plans.

Why is Change Management Important?

Effective change management strategies are crucial to a successful Workday deployment. And, once your Workday system is live, challenges can arise and you’ll need a team of experts (like our team of expert Workday consultants) that can tackle these problems in the most efficient way possible. 

This way, companies across industries can ensure their Workday programs operate as expected, even when industry standards or business requirements change over time. 

Understanding Workday Change Management Strategy

Workday Change Management strategy refers to the way your team manages the changes being made to your Workday solutions while also reaching your core business goals. While helping organizations create an efficient change management strategy, key stakeholders across the Workday landscape also consider all possibilities that will improve the efficiency of your core HR and financial management tasks.

With the help of an implementation partner, employees on your Workday project teams, and expert Workday consultants, you’ll be able to plan your Workday change management activities with ease and ensure your internal teams are prepared to withstand change when it occurs.

HR directors and managers must plan the order of events that best meets the needs of the organization in accordance with the predefined change management plan. They must also take into account the possibility of environmental and cultural changes inside the firm during the entire Workday change management cycle.

Building a Workday Change Management Plan

A successful change management plan requires careful consideration of current operations and any future changes that will impact the organization or the way the Workday system functions. These considerations require the help of the HR director, internal teams, and any additional consulting resources to outline goals and objectives for each phase and create multiple courses of action.

And, based on testing, research, and analysis, key stakeholders are enabled to decide which course of action is the best fit to help the organization achieve its desired business outcomes. If the action plan that was initially chosen isn’t running smoothly, a backup plan will then be put in place to resolve minor issues before they become major problems.

3 Key Considerations for Successful Workday Change Management

  1. Creating a well-defined path to realize the end goal
  2. Deciding on a strategic vision for all teams
  3. Gauge success by measuring key data and trends

Setting You Up For Success

The Workday Change Management solution exists to set your internal teams up for a successful Workday implementation, integration, or upgrade project.

Here’s how the change process in Workday helps users across teams and industries:

  • Promote Change: The change management plan is created to drive critical change activities and align Workday operations with the broader Workday deployment plan.
  • Evaluate Change: Customers must be aware of who, when, and how the change management plan will be impacted. After addressing proposed changes, the change management team can build a strategy that supports new operations and outlines core business initiatives, like end-user training for new Workday releases and internal communication campaigns.
  • Involve Key Stakeholders: Include internal groups and other external stakeholders that involve key decision-makers and other employees that will be most affected by it, and assess the impact of change management on their Workday experience.
  • Explain Change: Audience-specific messages ensure that the right employees receive the right information at the right time, driving more timely communications and promoting a more positive Workday experience.
  • Upskill Impacted Audiences: This involves providing the tools and resources needed to help end users and key influencers understand and gain the skills, expertise, and knowledge necessary to handle their most important Workday responsibilities.
  • Measure Adoption: By objectively examining the adoption and usage of your new Workday solution, companies can gauge end user satisfaction and system performance during and after their Go-Live period.

What Sets Workday Apart From Others?

Customers have options when preparing for a Workday implementation, but here’s a look at what sets Workday Change Management apart from other options:

  • Insights backed by data to focus change management efforts
  • Suggestions to leverage other Workday integrations for easy in-application use
  • Necessary tools and a proven approach for effective change management efforts
  • A unified team of Workday Change Management experts to offer guidance and provide ongoing support

How We Can Help

Whether you’re looking for a new way to drive engagement across your Workday project team, increase your chances of a successful Workday deployment, drive better Workday adoption across the entire organization, or just start your Workday journey, Surety Systems has your back!

Our senior-level Workday consultants have the skills and experience you need to successfully utilize your change program and improve operational efficiency over time. We’re here to help you understand how to optimize your Workday ecosystem, achieve the full potential of your Workday solutions, and fulfill your organizational goals in the long run.

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