One of the biggest challenges modern organizations have is trying to connect all the disparate systems and software they’ve adopted over the years. While they accumulated this technology with the intention of saving money and improving operations, the digital clutter has had the opposite effect instead. Siloing information in a variety of disconnected systems and softwares is a surefire way to tank productivity, not to mention cost your business unnecessary time and money.

But there is a solution. 

Infor’s Intelligent Open Network (ION) technology integrates both Infor and non-Infor systems with a single platform and adaptable framework. It was inspired by the architecture of the internet, which means one application can be replaced, upgraded, or fail without taking down your entire network. 

You can learn more about the foundation of Infor ION in our introductory article on the subject. In this article, we’ll highlight four benefits of Infor ION and how it can maximize the value of your enterprise applications (with less complexity and costs).  

Connect Disparate Systems More Quickly

Thanks to the way Infor ION is designed—each application uses a single connection point—you can reduce the time it takes to create and manage application integrations and upgrades. Because real-time data gets exchanged between each application without using point-to-point modeling, this loose coupling allows applications to continue to work even if one application fails. Another bonus of this arrangement is that your integrations and reports won’t break when you upgrade or change an application in your stack. 

Reduce IT Team Workload 

With Infor ION, your IT team doesn’t have to serve as the guard for business process changes. Even basic users can easily develop ION workflows because they don’t involve complex coding. A browser-based interface, ION Desk allows users to create workflows with drag-and-drop components. Many workflows can be used right out of the box, and you can even duplicate or modify existing workflows to create new business processes with ease. By allowing end users to create their own workflows (without the need for a programming expert at hand), your business saves time and money by redirecting your valuable IT resources to projects where their expertise is required.

Save Your Organization Money

With Infor ION, your organization can reduce costs by streamlining integration projects and reusing application connections when available. (If you’re implementing Infor software, for example, the integration is done for you, requiring no extra time or resources for your staff.) Additionally, ION’s workflow and event management system capabilities automatically push important information to your employees, helping them to make smarter business decisions. 

Future-proof Your Organization

With ION, you can build a foundation of different applications and best-of-breed technology. Need additional functionality? Add it whenever you need without causing time-consuming upgrade cycles. Want to deploy new software applications? Not a problem. Infor ION makes it quick and easy to deploy software applications (Infor or otherwise). Frustrated by length implementation times? Speed things up by testing new applications with live data flowing into your test system before deployment. Who says the addition of a new application has to interrupt data across your business?

ION also provides a platform for mobile and cloud technologies, allowing you to add new technologies on your timeframe, knowing that the information between those new applications will flow seamlessly. You can also use Infor ION with Infor Ming.le to improve business processes and provide enterprise reporting and analytics capabilities. 

Get Started with Infor ION

At the end of the day, there’s no question that data is the lifeblood of any business. Infor ION can help you make the most out of your data across all your various systems and softwares so you can develop meaningful and actionable insights that move your business forward. 

Our senior-level Infor Lawson consulting team has the expertise to help you develop and implement an integration strategy. To learn how we can help you with Infor ION or any other Infor Lawson project, contact us today.