A comprehensive shared service platform that facilitates collaboration and communication between users, offers a variety of advanced features to enhance Workday functionality, and allows users to brainstorm and share ideas for product enhancements…

Sounds a little too good to be true, right?

Well, with Workday Community, employees, customers, and partners have access to all these features (and more). Read on to learn more!

What is Workday Community?

Workday Community is an interactive space for Workday customers to learn more about the full capabilities of their Workday system, exchange ideas with other Workday users to improve process efficiency within their Workday software, and network with members in the Workday space to develop relationships and learn how to leverage Workday solutions in the most efficient way possible.

WD Community gives customers, partners, and other Workday employees the ability to learn, collaborate, and share ideas on the best ways to implement, integrate, or upgrade their Workday systems and applications.

Who Uses Workday Community?

WD Community offers advanced collaboration features for…

  • Workday Implementation Partners
  • Workday Customers
  • Workday Employees

The Workday collaboration tool is widely adopted in user groups across multiple different industries throughout the world to share insights. There are more than 94,000 active WD Community members in more than 170 definitive user groups worldwide. WD Community generates more than 600,000 site visits and 1,500 answered questions each month, improving engagement, interactivity, and interoperability for Workday users throughout the world. Users will first use their password and email to log in and access content.

Key Features of the Solution

WD Community provides an innovative, collaborative, and intuitive platform that helps support, empower, and educate users and connect them with other peers and partners within the Workday space.

From sharing new ideas to proposing product enhancements, sharing best practices for core collaboration tools, asking questions in comprehensive user forums, and more, the WD Community solution has everything employees, users, and partners need to improve their Workday experience.

The community provides a centralized location for users to access advanced features and capabilities, including…

  • Customer Forums: An open Q&A portal to help Workday experts and other users communicate with other, ask and get answers to critical software questions, and gain more actionable insights about their Workday solution.
  • User Groups: A sub-community collaborative space that allows users working on a similar type of project or within a specific industry to communicate more effectively, complete tasks more efficiently, and manage software and project guidelines in one place.
  • Brainstorms: A virtual community that allows Workday users to submit, discuss, and vote on system enhancement requests or “Brainstorm Ideas” to improve the overall effectiveness of their Workday software. Voting throughout the Community platform determines which ideas move from “Idea” to “Reality” within the Workday environment.
  • Additional Resources: An extensive Workday Administration guide for supervisors and managers, Workday tutorial videos for users, 24/7 support from Workday experts within the Workday Customer Center, subscription-based Workday Success Plans, and contribution sharing among peers in the Workday space to improve accessibility to exclusive Workday content and improve overall productivity.

Benefits for Workday Users

1) Improved application functionality across all areas of your organization, including Financials, Human Capital Management (HCM), Talent Acquisition and Performance Management, and more.

2) Advanced WD Community capabilities tailored to meet your organization’s needs with a single solution and enhance customer and employee engagement, productivity, and satisfaction across the board.

3) Enhanced communication and idea-sharing functionality to allow peers and experts to openly share ideas, comment on forums, and ask questions to better understand their Workday modules and applications.

4) Community-driven innovations to help users optimize task management processes and improve the Workday experience for all users in the Community.

5) Mobile-enabled services that allow users to access core Community collaboration tools on any device, including your desktop computer, laptop, tablet, or mobile phone.

Partnering with the Best

Whether you need help joining the WD Community, navigating issues with employee log-ins or user settings, integrating your key Workday modules with other external systems or applications, or anything else Workday-related, Surety Systems is here to help.

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