When it comes to navigating complex issues within your UKG system, optimizing core business processes, and making the most of your technological investment, the UKG community wants the best support possible, right?

Read on to learn about UKG Customer Support services and how our senior-level UKG consultants can help resolve issues quickly and efficiently.

UKG Support Services to Meet Your Needs

Whether members of the UKG community need additional support managing their UKG Pro applications, upgrading to UKG Dimensions, needing a UKG community to help navigate training documents and plans, suggesting product enhancements, or anything in between, UKG, a top provider of Workforce Management solutions (WFM) and Human Capital Management solutions (HCM), offers the right level of support to meet your needs.

Gold Plan

The UKG Gold Support Plan is designed to help customers in the UKG community stay up-to-date with new products, trends in the industry, software updates, and legislative changes.

Gold Plan members receive software assurance for new features and upgrades, support coverage during regular business hours (i.e., 8:00 am-8:00 pm, Mon-Fri), unlimited incident management, and online access to the UKG Support Community for employees to access customer groups, case documentation, and more.

Platinum Plan

The UKG Platinum Support Plan offers all the core functionalities and benefits of the Gold Plan, but it includes a few added advantages for your workforce. With the Platinum Plan, UKG system users are given access to support services 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Platinum Plan members also benefit from quicker response times for their high-priority cases, making it easier to resolve issues quickly and efficiently, optimize process efficiency, and make the most of their UKG investment.

Plus TAM Plan

The Plus TAM Support Plan is purchased with either the Gold or Platinum plan, and it offers additional support from a dedicated Technical Account Manager (TAM) to help navigate complex technical issues and serve as your internal system advocate.

Plus TAM Plan members can leverage the skills and expertise of their TAM to facilitate efficient case management and resolution, review issue lists through periodic status calls, manage and maintain your UKG environment for maximum efficiency, and more.

How is Surety Systems Different?

While the UKG Help Desk does assist users having trouble logging into their UKG system or needing help resolving basic issues, Surety Systems provides personalized, on-demand support to help users control and enhance their system operations more efficiently.

With our consultants, clients never have to worry about falling down on the list of priorities for traditional service providers like UKG Help. Here are a few of the main ways our UKG consulting services can more efficient solutions and a better experience for customers…

1) Hand-picked consultants

Our UKG support model provides an individual consultant or team of consultants that are not only hand-picked for your project but also uphold a standard of work that allows them to quickly familiarize themselves with your system and take the proper steps to resolve issues.

This way, your internal support team doesn’t have to go through every detail of your current systems, applications, integrations, or configurations like you do when you reach out directly to the UKG community to discuss support options and connect with their support team.

2) Support when you need it most

Unlike UKG’s support services which often take hours to generate a response or support ticket, our consultants can be at your disposal 24/7, ready to troubleshoot at a moment’s notice and resolve issues as soon as they arise. With immediate, on-demand support, our consultants can help resolve issues more efficiently and keep your company operating like a well-oiled machine, no matter what kind of issues come up.

3) US-based consultants

At Surety Systems, all of our consultants are U.S. citizens, and their work is based in the U.S. This not only makes it easier for our clients and consultants to remain in contact with each other regularly, align their schedules to meet each of their needs and solve problems without waiting for outsourced UKG support teams to respond.

4) Hours to meet your needs

Whether you need someone working 40 hours per week on a complex configuration project or ad-hoc support here and there to help optimize your UKG applications, we have the right consultants to fit the bill. Instead of providing streamlined support services like UKG, Surety Systems offers personalized consulting services and support packages designed to best suit your project needs.

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