In today’s fast-paced business environment, there’s an increased demand for a seamless integration between HCM and ERP technology solutions to improve efficiencies, streamline the experience for new hires, enhance employee engagement, and drive better business outcomes.

This is where UKG Integrations come in to help!

Integrations between UKG and other HCM and ERP technology solutions offer organizations a powerful amalgamation of capabilities, empowering them to efficiently manage their workforce and drive strategic decision-making across the board.

This article will offer an in-depth view of eight of the most common UKG integrations used to connect operations in your core business system, manage employee data more efficiently, strengthen enterprise security across teams, and where our UKG consultants can help.

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What is UKG Integration?

When it comes to optimizing your business operations, improving employee connectivity and engagement, and making the most of your UKG investment, understanding what UKG integrations are, what they can do, and how they can help is critical to your success…

By integrating a Human Resources Management System, like UKG, with other enterprise software, like Workday or Microsoft, companies can link their vital business data and business processes together in one platform, leading to improved consistency, collaboration, and connection across teams and systems.

This way, companies can reap the benefits of seamless workforce automation by combining operational systems with internal communication channels, migrating and storing sensitive corporate data with enhanced security, and connecting team members through an intuitive employee portal and better system connections.

Understanding Key Integrations with UKG Software

While there are quite a few different enterprise resource planning (ERP) and human capital management (HCM) solutions that can be seamlessly integrated with the UKG Pro and Ready suites, a few key integrations stand out among the rest.

Let’s take a closer look at eight of the most common UKG integrations…

1) UKG Active Directory Integration

The Microsoft Azure Active Directory (AD) enterprise identity service offers both single sign-on and multi-factor authentication to help keep users (and their most important data) safe. And, through a strategic Microsoft Teams partner, companies can scale connections and improve opportunities for employees through better collaboration between systems, advanced employee engagement surveys, and a proven track record for success.

With integrations between UKG Pro and the Active Directory, companies are enabled to connect their workforce to keep employees productive no matter where they work, provide a seamless user experience across different solutions and areas of their system, and ensure compliance as the company grows and changes.

And, through a bi-directional integration, UKG Pro users are synced to Azure AD, making it easier for managers and company executives to create, update, and terminate users and update, perform user access reviews by role or attribute, and import existing data for each user within the integrated system.

2) UKG NetSuite Integration

With the combination of UKG’s industry-leading technology platform for payroll, HR, and talent management and NetSuite’s advanced cloud solution for financials, ERP, and omnichannel commerce operations, customers can manage their entire business lifecycle in the same place.

By connecting two of the leading software providers in the enterprise technology environment, companies that leverage UKG NetSuite integrations are enabled to improve and optimize their core business processes more efficiently, simplify their business ecosystems, and reduce time and IT costs associated with completing tasks in each system.

UKG NetSuite integrations make it easier for companies to…

  • Move new-hire data from their HCM/Payroll solution (UKG Pro) to their ERP system (NetSuite) for enhanced visibility and immediate access to important information
  • Save time and reduce IT costs typically associated with ERP integrations
  • Provide single sign-on capabilities to improve the availability and accessibility of data for users in any area of the organization
  • Access data from the full suite of applications for better insights, reports, and analysis

3) UKG DocuSign Integration

With the ability to integrate UKG Pro Document Manager with DocuSign, HR teams can leverage a fully embedded electronic signature experience to improve the speed and efficiency of signing and documentation processes and enhance the overall user experience.

UKG Pro DocuSign integrations provide the tools needed for companies to streamline the e-signature process, from the initiation of the signature to the storage of the signed document, making it easier for companies to maintain compliance with documents requiring DocuSign e-signatures and centralize all signed documents in the same place.

This integration also allows users to search for and report on documents that have been completed with DocuSign whenever and wherever they’re needed.

4) UKG LinkedIn Integration

LinkedIn ATS integrations allow companies in any industry to connect their core applicant tracking system, like the one in UKG Pro and Ready solutions, to their LinkedIn channels to streamline the hiring process and keep all recruiting and hiring data connected.

With UKG LinkedIn integration capabilities, users can access, manage, and capture candidate data without switching platforms, attract and qualify the most qualified candidates for the job, and strengthen their internal hiring strategy through better insights and more informed candidate reports.

This way, hiring managers and HR professionals can spend less time navigating each phase of the hiring process on their own and more time building relationships with candidates and new hires.

5) UKG iCIMS Talent Cloud Integration

UKG iCIMS Talent Cloud platform integration supports the entire talent lifecycle by combining UKG Pro Onboarding capabilities with the iCIMS Talent Cloud, making it easier for companies to attract, hire, and retain top-tier talent.

With seamless integration between UKG Pro and iCIMS, users are enabled to…

  • Improve visibility into the candidate experience through real-time analytics and advanced reporting capabilities
  • Enhance connection with hard-to-reach candidates across the entire recruiting, hiring, and onboarding process
  • Increase productivity and efficiency across the hiring process through frictionless data transfers and optimized workflows

6) UKG Salesforce Integration

With the Salesforce Connector for UKG, companies can connect their Salesforce database to their UKG solutions for performance-based compensation, ensuring seamless data transfer between systems without the need for complex spreadsheets or copy/paste functions.

This UKG Salesforce integration makes it easier for companies to automate payroll calculations and streamline global payroll processes across the entire organization to improve efficiency and accuracy in their core payroll and compensation data.

7) UKG Grayscale Integration

UKG integration with Grayscale, a texting and automation platform designed for modern hiring teams, can help customers trigger automated alerts, nudges, and interview reminders to keep them up to date with the over a million candidates who are referred to and apply to jobs in many different industries across the world.

With UKG Grayscale integrations, users are enabled to…

  • Attract higher-quality candidates through SMS campaigns and text-to-apply functionality
  • Improve engagement by texting candidates and automating the recruiting journey
  • Leverage self-service tools to schedule interviews, eliminate candidate ghosting, and improve employee referral services across the candidate lifecycle

8) UKG Achievers Integration

The Achievers Employee Engagement Platform offers a more robust foundation for companies looking to improve employee engagement initiatives through social and rewards-based recognition functionality.

This enables companies to provide access to essential employee data anytime, anywhere, offer real-time updates for users across the employee lifecycle, and improve performance visibility and adoption throughout the entire enterprise.

How Can the UKG Ready Integration Hub Help?

The UKG Ready Integration Hub simplifies integrations that bring your critical enterprise systems together in the same place, making it easier to load employee data, realize value from your HR solutions, and reduce the time and money needed to achieve successful integrations.

Here are a few of the main advantages of leveraging the UKG Ready Integration Hub…

Data Consistency

Whether your systems operate on-premise or within your own HR data cloud, the Integration Hub enables your organization to manage multiple different employee data sources, like new hire data, and processes in one place and ensure consistency across other record systems and applications.

The UKG Ready Integration Hub makes connecting, sharing, and managing real-time data from different sources in the same business environment easier. It improves consistency and accuracy for your most important data, enhancing user productivity and engagement.

Better Collaboration

When it comes to managing company data, including global payroll data, labor transfer data, and personal data for each employee, UKG’s intuitive Integration Hub can help any business owner optimize their core operations and improve employee collaboration across teams.

And, by consolidating your most critical business operations in one platform, your company can eliminate the hassle of trying to manage multiple management organizations and disparate systems, improve data integrity, and reduce the need for manual system administration, saving time and money in the process.

Quicker Time-to-Value

With the UKG Ready Integration Hub, companies can assess their own system requirements more accurately to determine the right course of action for successful software integrations.

From determining and prioritizing organizational needs to delivering rapid integration deployment strategies, the Integration Hub helps get your integrations up and running in less time. It offers faster, more reliable results for a successful integration project.

Where Does Surety Systems Come in to Help?

Whether you need help outlining a plan for an upcoming UKG integration project, real-time updates, consistent new hire data, additional support creating a complete picture of asset and license distribution across your enterprise, or just an extra hand navigating and streamlining existing integrations in almost any business environment, Surety Systems is here to help.

Our team of senior-level UKG consultants has the knowledge, skills, and experience needed to lead you to success, regardless of where your project needs lie or how complex your organizational structure is.

Getting Started with Our Team

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