When it comes to building the right customer audience, automating core marketing workflows, and facilitating better customer engagement throughout the entire customer journey, companies need a solution that not only lets them handle all their most valuable customer data in one place but that also makes it easier to keep track of the entire marketing process over time.

Enter SAP Marketing Cloud — a functional marketing automation solution that offers data management, segmentation, personalization, reporting, and marketing analytics tools and templates to build better customer bases from the start and improve marketing efficiency across the board.

Read on to learn more about Marketing Cloud SAP solutions, the main advantages of an automated marketing strategy, and how our SAP consulting services can help!

What is SAP Marketing Cloud?

SAP Marketing Cloud, formerly SAP Hybris Marketing Cloud, is an intelligent and innovative marketing automation platform designed to help companies streamline, manage, execute, and optimize their marketing campaigns across multiple channels.

With built-in marketing analytics and management functionality, the SAP Marketing Cloud makes it easier than ever for organizations across industries to create effective marketing campaigns, engage customers more effectively, and deliver more relevant experiences throughout the entire customer journey.

This way, companies can ensure their marketing campaigns accurately target their customers, align with their brands, and provide greater insights into audience segments and behaviors over time.

Key Capabilities of the SAP Marketing Cloud

Here’s a quick look at the main features included in the SAP Marketing Cloud platform:

Quick Launch

The Quick Launch feature makes it easier for customers to access and leverage the Analytics and Reports Gallery — an area of the cloud that serves as the central point of access for all analytics apps, data stories, and operational reports available for use by any authorized Marketing team member.

Data Management

Intelligent data management functionality in SAP Marketing Cloud allows companies to manage customer data more efficiently, gain better insights into customer behaviors, and provide an overview of the people interacting with their brand, making it easier to target customers in real time.

Customer Journey Insight

By leveraging the Customer Journey Insight tool, users can view and analyze the sequence of customer interactions, like opened emails and clicked ads, over time and through multiple channels, including web, social media, and mobile phone campaigns.


The SAP Marketing Cloud offers both segmentation modeling and target group functions to help users create and manage customer segmentation models, note specific target groups to be used in different marketing activities, and facilitate better customer targeting across the board.

The segmentation modeling tool allows users to identify audiences for specific marketing campaigns by segmenting high volumes of customer data, analyzing the data against existing business activities, and saving segmentation building blocks for use in future customer segmentation tasks.

By targeting specific customer groups, organizations can also outline a set of prospects, customers, or contacts categorized according to location, interest, or behavior.


With the Recommendations feature, users can create recommendation models that offer relevant marketing recommendations in real time and allow users to evaluate and edit the effectiveness of recommendation scenarios over time.

Users can also leverage the Recommendations features to manage business offers and coupons and keep track of evolving trends in customer behavior as marketing objectives and activities change.

Marketing Planning and Performance

The Marketing Planning and Performance feature makes it easier for users across the marketing team to access marketing budgets, create future marketing plans, and approve marketing workflows, leading to more efficient marketing objectives and better customer engagement in the long run.

Campaign Management

With the Campaign Management feature in the SAP Marketing Cloud, users can build comprehensive marketing calendars ahead of time, manage message and email templates, evaluate marketing programs and events, leverage the Content Studio to create new marketing content, and facilitate better integration with platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, and Google Ads.

Key Considerations for a Marketing Automation Platform

Any successful marketing campaign is dependent on your company’s ability to attract, manage, convert, and retain the right customers throughout their entire customer lifecycle. The best-fit marketing platform should also be flexible and scalable to meet the demands of an ever-evolving market over time.

The right marketing platform enables organizations to:

  • Quickly and accurately identify market segments and target audiences
  • Deliver better customer engagement across all marketing channels
  • Accelerate time-to-value for critical marketing campaigns
  • Simplify IT and Marketing landscapes
  • Offer both one-to-one and cross-channel marketing experiences
  • Produce measurable results and KPIs for existing campaigns
  • Increase brand loyalty and customer lifetime value

How Can We Help?

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