When it comes to controlling and preventing the spread of infection in healthcare settings and enhancing health-level outcomes for populations outside of hospital walls, a solution that not only reduces risk for infection, but also facilitates data aggregation and reporting and improves surveillance is essential.

The solution? Epic Bugsy.

Read on to learn more about the Epic Bugsy module, its core capabilities, benefits, and integrations, as well as how our team of senior-level Epic consultants can help.

What is Infection Prevention and Control?

Infection prevention and control (IPC) is an evidence-based approach designed to help prevent and stop the spread of infection across patient populations in various healthcare settings. IPC includes understanding how infections spread, ways to prevent the spread of infection, and well-defined guidelines and recommendations for specific specialties and healthcare settings.

Efficient infection control and prevention tactics require constant action at every healthcare interaction, collaboration from all areas of the organization, and outlined policies for hand hygiene, injection safety, antimicrobial resistance, and more.

What is Epic Bugsy?

Epic Bugsy, formerly known as Epic Infection Control, is an infection control module within the Epic suite of applications designed to monitor patients at risk for infection and identify patients in need of isolation.

The Bugsy application provides a suite of functional tools to improve process efficiency and productivity for your internal IPC staff, including…

  • Collaborative prevention plans
  • Advanced reporting and analytics capabilities
  • Functional abstraction tools
  • Custom dashboards for individual Epic users
  • Infection activity tracking
  • Pharmaceutical tools for antimicrobial stewardship

Main Advantages for Your Organization

Here are a few of the main benefits of the Bugsy Epic solution for organizations like yours…

1) Automated IPC Workflows

The Bugsy application helps organizations automate infection protocols for patients with abnormal test results, and it provides the documentation and data management capabilities needed to determine if specific patients require isolation.

2) Functional Dashboards

Bugsy provides a heads-up infection control dashboard that gives clinicians and other hospital staff members the functionality needed to track the number of patients identified with certain infections or exposure to harmful organisms. These dashboards are typically updated with daily counts for affected patients.

3) Enhanced Evaluation of Data

With Bugsy, clinicians can manage microbiology data more efficiently across patient populations. The application also provides advanced capabilities that make it easier for organizations to evaluate data against other documentation lines, including surgical site infection (SSI) tracking and reporting that documents infections caused by catheters or central lines (CAUTI, CLABSI, etc.)

4) Streamlined Case Creation

Epic Bugsy provides case creation features that allow users to create and abstract infection cases in Epic MyChart. These cases can then be easily and efficiently uploaded to the Center for Disease Control’s reporting database to ensure test results, patient counts, and other important infection control information is managed, stored, and exchanged properly.

Bugsy and Beaker Integrations

As is the case with most of Epic’s functional modules and applications, Bugsy comes with pre-built integrations that seamlessly connect it with other Epic applications.

And, while the Bugsy application does provide seamless integrations with a wide range of functional Epic applications, one of the most important integrations between the Epic Bugsy application and other applications is with Epic Beaker.

What is Beaker?

The Beaker module is designed to simplify and streamline laboratory workflows to make it easier for lab technicians and pathologists to access and analyze lab results, track specimens across sites, and improve data transfer between your laboratory information system (LIS) and internal electronic medical records (EMRs).

Beaker provides comprehensive laboratory management functions to not only improve the efficiency of testing and analysis within your lab, but also improve communication, collaboration, and engagement between individuals and departments across your organization.

From an easy-to-use, intuitive user interface to batch-reporting functionality, pre-populated data fields and templates, discrete data fields, and functional integrations, the Beaker module makes it easier than ever to manage core laboratory data.

How Does it Work with the Bugsy Application?

Infection control solutions, like the Epic Bugsy application, work to empower pathogologists, clinicians, and other healthcare providers to effectively manage and control infections. With solutions like Bugsy, clinicians can leverage reporting and surveillance functions to identify “at-risk” patients and enhance health-level outcomes across the board.

And, by integrating with core lab management capabilities found in the Beaker module, Bugsy users can not only efficiently manage IPC practices, but they can also use improved LIS functionality to improve the accuracy and timeliness of testing procedures.

More efficient lab management capabilities paired with comprehensive infection control and prevention capabilities make preventing the spread of disease and controlling infected patients seem like a piece of cake.

How Can We Help?

Whether you need help implementing new Epic software applications across your organization, additional support integrating your Bugsy module with other Epic modules (i.e., EpicCare Inpatient or Beaker), or anything in between, Surety Systems is here to help.

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