Communicating with other key stakeholders, asking for help from across company locations, or managing complex travel schedules and costs can take a toll on your company’s overall productivity, efficiency, and performance over time. And, when communication between different teams, departments, or locations isn’t executed correctly, your company can suffer from data errors and time lags.

Fortunately, companies can use Dynamics 365 Remote Assist on Microsoft HoloLens, HoloLens 2, iOS, or Android devices to encourage and empower technicians to collaborate more efficiently and work together from different locations.

Read on to learn more about Dynamics 365 Remote Assist and how our senior-level Microsoft Dynamics consultants can help your organization.

What is Dynamics 365 Remote Assist?

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Remote Assist allows technicians to connect with a remote collaborator via Microsoft Teams or Dynamics 365 Remote Assist on any mobile device.

They can share what they see in real-time to troubleshoot problems faster and use mixed reality annotations, video calling, and high-quality screenshots to improve issue resolution across teams.

Remote Assist users, like field workers, technicians, or frontline healthcare workers, don’t require a separate Microsoft Teams license, meaning they can easily receive and make calls using Remote Assist via HoloLens.

Key Capabilities

Take a look at some of the main features Dynamics 365 has to offer:

Solve Problems in Real Time

  • Collaborate with experts in real-time and from remote locations
    • Support technicians can collaborate with screenshots, videos, and mixed-reality annotations, no matter where they’re working.
  • Deploy the Dynamics 365 Remote Assist App across various devices
    • Share live video feeds and use 2D annotations to capture instructions and job requirements on existing iOS and Android devices.
  • Allow one-time calls from external parties
    • Invite external customers to join a mixed-reality call to solve issues and create plans of action in real-time.

Bring Key Information to the Forefront

  • Push virtual documents into the real word
    • Use Microsoft HoloLens to move PDF or JPG files into real-world scenarios and share them between mobile devices.
  • Access documents at any time
    • Get the correct information at the right time by browsing and viewing service-related documentation without requiring a video call.
  • Leverage embedded analytics to improve processes
    • Use Dynamics 365 Remote Assist call metrics to identify areas for improvement and gain clear visibility into operational efficiency.

Walk Sites Without Being on Location

  • Record calls and important information
    • Record calls for future reference and integrates with Dynamics 365 Field Service to connect the information to a booking or work order.
  • Reduce delays and avoid travel
    • Avoid travel and limit service delays by sharing a real-time view of your environment from anywhere on Microsoft HoloLens, iOS, or Android devices.
  • Streamline business processes
    • Simplify business processes by creating automated workflows based on existing asset data.
  • Track asset conditions
    • Track the condition of assets by taking photos and videos and view the captured data from Dynamics 365 Remote Assist for confirmation.

Benefits of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Remote Assist

Here are some of the main benefits of running Remote Assist:

  • Solve problems in real-time: Technicians can reduce travel time and overall costs by sharing real-time data views with experts in remote locations.
  • Scale knowledge: Allow experts to share their expertise from any location in the world.
  • Walk sites without physically being onsite: By using Remote Assist or Microsoft Teams, remote inspectors can evaluate the quality of a product without having to be onsite.
  • Bring key information into view: Technicians can take work order information from Dynamics 365 Field Service and contact the correct support resource. With Dynamics 365 Remote Assist on HoloLens, remote collaborators can insert critical information, like schematics, images, and more while working hands-free on HoloLens.
  • Combine screenshots, videos, and annotations for improved workflows on existing devices: Dynamics 365 Remote Assist mobile is available on a non-AR-capable mobile device to help users consolidate critical business information in a single location.
  • Provide top-tier services via a click-to-join Remote Assist call: Use a mixed reality video call functionality to help vendors and customers improve collaboration and enhance service efficiency.
  • Visually display complex and detailed instructions: Instead of communicating instructions via audio calls, remote collaborators and onsite employees can use symbols, like arrows and drawings, to point to specific parts of a machine or object.
  • Use voice to navigate Remote Assist: Remote Assist users can leverage a hands-free experience and voice commands for all features, allowing them to continue operating efficiently in loud environments.
  • Microsoft Power Platform Asset capture & process automation: Integrate critical data with core business processes and store mixed reality pictures and videos in CDs through the Power Automate tool.

Use Cases Examples

Take a look at some common use cases of Dynamics 365 Remote Assist:

Collaborative Maintenance and Repair:

Companies can leverage Microsoft Dynamics 365 Remote Assist to encourage service technicians to solve problems quickly and efficiently. Technicians can gain valuable guidance from remote collaborators by using hands-free video calling on the HoloLens platform.

Remote Inspections:

Encourage onsite inspectors to collaborate with remote inspectors to asses and record asset quality over time.

Knowledge Training and Sharing:

Use photos and videos to document maintenance repairs and share them with your organization.

Common Remote Assist Job Roles

Here are some job roles that are often related to Remote Assist functionality:


Technicians share what they see through their HoloLens or mobile devices and receive remote assistance whenever and wherever it’s needed.

Inspector or Auditor

With Dynamics 365 Remote Assist, inspectors and auditors can collaborate with remote workers on their HoloLens or mobile devices, allowing them to record and assess the quality of their critical assets together.

Remote Collaborator

Remote collaborators can use Microsoft Teams without a separate Microsoft Teams license on mobile devices or PCs to join a Dynamics 365 Remote Assist call, provide guidance in context, and view issues from a different perspective.

How We Can Help

Whether you need help implementing a new system like Dynamics 365 Remote Assist that exposes critical information and simplifies collaboration efforts with platforms like Microsoft Teams or just an extra hand troubleshooting your existing Dynamics solutions, Surety Systems can help.

Our senior-level Microsoft Dynamics consultants have the functional skills and experience needed to help you successfully implement a system like Dynamics 365 Remote Assist. Our help also lasts long after your initial Go-Live date to ensure you reach optimal functionality and maximize your technical investments.

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