Dynamics 365 Guides is a part of the Dynamics 365 Suite and is driven by Microsoft Dataverse to improve accessibility and enhance integration opportunities. Users can assign work orders to technicians, launch guides, or assign guides to work orders within Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management using the Dynamics 365 Field Service tab in the HoloLens app.

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What Are Microsoft Dynamics 365 Guides?

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Guides is a mixed-reality application for Microsoft HoloLens designed to help operators learn workflows and manage critical business data. By displaying step-by-step holographic instructions in the physical world, users can access information whenever and wherever they need it.

These holographic step-by-step instructions, which can also include photographs, movies, and 3D holographic models, are visually connected to the location of each task.

With improved visibility into each task and its location, operators can complete tasks quickly, accurately, and with improved skill retention over time. Operators can use Microsoft Teams to call a remote assist expert as needed, and the remote expert can see exactly what the operator sees.

Features of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Guides

Here are some of the main features of D365 Mixed Reality Guides:

Work Collaboratively

Users of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Guides for HoloLens can communicate live on Microsoft Teams (desktop or mobile) with a remote expert. An operator can share their HoloLens video feed and holographic guide content with the remote expert by establishing a call from a guide. 

By sharing first-person perspectives, drawing directly into the HoloLens user’s field of view, and bringing crucial information into the flow of work, call participants may communicate seamlessly and share expert knowledge.

For instance, a first-line worker can call an expert and receive prompt, on-the-job guidance on how to proceed rather than waiting hours or days for assistance. Or, to save time and guarantee service quality, a director might prompt a first-line worker to call a remote expert for help in a specific phase of the guide or ask a first-line worker to conduct a remote product inspection.

No Coding Skills Required

Users don’t require specialized 3D knowledge or programming skills to use Dynamics 365 Guides. First, use the PC authoring software to produce a manual with step-by-step holographic instructions, pictures, videos, and 3D holograms. 

After creating the manual on a PC, pick up the instruction cards and holograms with the HoloLens app and place them in the actual workspace. Then, use the default library of 3D holograms to access the predefined guides or import 3D models you’ve created yourself.

Improve Productivity

Whether employees are completing complex tasks on the job or receiving training beyond the production line, Dynamics 365 Guides offers heads-up, hands-free, step-by-step instructions within the flow of work.

As the operator moves around the apparatus, instruction cards follow them, allowing them to complete tasks and control their interfaces more easily. Holograms direct users to the resources and tools they require while demonstrating their placement and use across the entire workforce. 

Analyze and Improve Ongoing Processes

Managers can access detailed information about employee performance with intelligent, user-friendly Power BI dashboards. Without conducting costly research, they can continuously assess and optimize business procedures and improve data management across systems.

As a component of the Dynamics 365 Suite, Dynamics 365 Guides also offers access and integration opportunities for clients and partners and improves connections to the Microsoft Dataverse.

Main Advantages of the Dynamics 365 Guides Solution

Here are some of the key benefits of Dynamics 365 Guides for business users:

Interactive Training

Maintaining thorough and consistent training for staff members across teams and departments is key to effective onboarding. And, although comprehensive training can be costly, Dynamics 365 Guides makes it easier to access business documentation and improve knowledge transfer.

Dynamics 365 Guides delivers a new and efficient way to train, allowing companies to make their entire investment during the production process. After that, trainees can complete training sessions without trainers being present – no complex schedules and no travel costs required.

Since documentation and critical training information sources are accessible through external links in the training guide, holographic instructions can be customized to meet the needs of a trainee.

Virtual Instruction Manuals

Wouldn’t employee training be a lot easier if they could receive virtual instruction manuals? The HoloLens provides access to all the materials required to complete the task at hand, eliminating the need for printed instructions and enabling mobile access through mobile phones or tablets.

Manuals are visible in a wide range of views and can be seen alongside the object being worked on. The holographic instructions follow the technician’s vision, ensuring personalized content and ads are constantly visible, and users can access the data they need – when they need it.

No Coding Required

Expert programming knowledge isn’t required to create Guides, making it easier for users to leverage their existing skills to design Guides and complete tasks. 

Hands-Free Operations

With hands-free capabilities, Dynamics 365 Guides allows users to navigate steps or checklists while working with equipment at the same time.

Completing tasks with hands-free functionality allows users to remain focused on the task at hand and leverage a glance as needed.

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