Are you interested in finding the balance between a full-time internal workforce and external project outsourcing services to make the most of your SAP projects? Do you need expert SAP consulting to move data from your outdated SAP HCM system to a new SuccessFactors solution?

Wherever your project needs lie, Surety Systems is guaranteed to have the right people for the job!

Read on to learn how our SAP staff augmentation services can help improve productivity across your SAP landscape, enhance user engagement, and deliver better SAP project results.

Why Surety Systems?

Finding the“best-fit” SAP consulting team for any project, building stronger customer relationships, and helping you make the most of your SAP investment… It’s just what we do.

Our SAP consultants doesn’t operate like other SAP service partners or managed service forms that use traditional SAP staffing solutions to meet their bottom line…

Instead of just finding the most convenient option to meet your project needs, Surety Systems is committed to finding a consultant whose skills and experience align with your SAP consulting needs, no matter what.

Here are a few key advantages of working with our expert SAP consultants:

Your System, Your Needs, Our Expertise

For any successful SAP implementation, integration, or upgrade project, it’s essential that your team’s needs and requirements remain at the top of the priority list from Day One to the end of the project lifecycle.

Whether you need a consultant to temporarily backfill a position while a full-time employee is on medical leave, a project manager who specializes in all things SAP implementation to guide you through a complex deployment, or someone who can act as your team’s backbone when migrating data from SAP ECC to S/4HANA, we’ve got the right person for the job.

Faster Turnaround Times

You need consultants, and you need them fast…

Our team understands that you don’t always have the time, money, or resources to hire a full-time employee or wait for a more permanent consulting option. We offer SAP staff aug services to meet your consulting needs and waste no time in the process.

With our SAP staff augmentation services, you can find the perfect fit for the project at hand and gain a competitive edge by deploying solutions that solve your complex business challenges and do so with much quicker turnaround times.

Time-and-Materials Services

Our SAP consultants operate on a time-and-materials basis to ensure that you only pay for what you need — no added costs, no additional overhead, no project management fees.

Whether you need an SAP consultant with 40 hours of bandwidth to lead your team through a successful SAP implementation project or someone who can contribute 10 hours weekly to SAP technical development work, our team of experienced consultants has what it takes to handle it all without missing a beat.

When Should You Use SAP Staff Augmentation Services?

When it comes to choosing the right SAP consulting services for your project needs, your internal teams must consider the current state of your system, the internal resources available for the project, and the bandwidth of your internal employees to handle extra tasks. This is where staff augmentation can help.

Let’s take a look at a few main reasons to consider staff augmentation services:

1) Issues with Recruitment

Finding the right permanent employee for a vacant position can get complicated sometimes, especially when typical recruiting and hiring channels are not working in your favor.

But, with our staff aug SAP consulting, your company can not only find a temporary fill for an urgent position, but you can also get them acclimated to the organization, SAP solutions, and internal teams with shorter ramp-up times.

2) Complex System Needs

Sometimes, teams think they have the right resources and personnel to conquer complexities within their SAP system, but most of the time, these teams waste valuable time and money trying to handle it on their own instead of bringing in an SAP consulting team to do the job.

And, for positions that require additional knowledge or skill sets that are beyond the bandwidth of internal team members, our SAP consulting not only fill the position need but also free up your internal staff to handle other tasks and priorities.

3) Temporary Backfill Support

When a crucial member of your team goes on medical leave for an extended period of time or internal team members get pulled to a project that needs additional support, companies often need someone who can come in on a moment’s notice rather than following a longer hiring process for a new full-time employee.

SAP consulting can help bridge the gap and backfill necessary positions to keep your systems operating properly and maximize productivity across individual project teams and business units without ever missing a beat.

Getting Started with Us

Our team of senior-level SAP consultants has the skills, experience, and knowledge of core SAP resources needed to help your team successfully complete an SAP implementation and deploy solutions across business units, navigate complex business challenges, and find the most efficient ways to complete successful SAP projects.

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