Why Hire a Kronos Consultant?

First things first—what’s the benefit of hiring a Kronos consultant in the first place? Whether you’re dealing with an implementation or an upgrade, your employees are smart people. Surely they’re up to the challenge of getting your Kronos system on the right track, right? As it turns out, there are a few good reasons to bring on a 3rd-party Kronos consultant to help out with your implementation/upgrade.

An experienced Kronos consultant will have first-hand knowledge of how other companies have managed this sort of project, which means they’ll not only know best practices to help you succeed, they’ll know common mistakes to avoid as well. Bringing on a skilled consultant also gives you a person whose sole responsibility is the project—your current employees will need to be involved, of course, but a project like this one is a full-time job. (There’s no sense in setting up a new system to improve efficiency if it means other things fall by the wayside as a result.) 

So if we agree that hiring a Kronos consultant makes sense if you’re planning to implement or upgrade Kronos, the question now is how to find the right one. To help you separate the proverbial wheat from the chaff, here are six things to consider before hiring a Kronos consultant.

What to Consider Before Hiring a Kronos Consultant

There are many things to consider when it comes to hiring anyone, but when it comes to bringing on a Kronos consultant, there are six things in particular that you should keep in mind during the selection process: 

  1. Is this an implementation or an upgrade?
  2. What is your corporate culture like?
  3. What are your training/change management needs? 
  4. What are your company’s goals?
  5. What is the scope of the project?
  6. What does your budget look like?

1) Implementation or Upgrade?

When it comes to implementing or upgrading Kronos, the question is simple: do you already have Kronos? If not, then an implementation is for you—you might be replacing a legacy system that’s no longer serving your company, or perhaps you’ve been relying on manual processes and are ready to see what Kronos can do for you. If you already have Kronos, then you’re ready to upgrade. It’s that simple.

The reason why this question matters when it comes to choosing a Kronos consultant is that it will inform the skillset of the consultant you’re looking for. While there’s definitely going to be overlap between someone who primarily does implementations versus someone who focuses on upgrades, you’ll want to find someone who’s the best fit for your specific Kronos needs.

2) Compatibility with Corporate Culture

In the same way that you need to find a Kronos consultant who can solve your organization’s specific challenges, you also need to keep in mind your unique company culture as well. Think of a few words that describe the “vibe” of your company. A workplace culture that’s more reserved or formal may clash with a consultant that doesn’t match that same energy. 

Remember—what makes a Kronos consultant the “right” one for your project is more than merely their software experience.

3) Training/Change Management 

When it comes to implementing or upgrading Kronos, far too many companies can’t see the forest for the trees. They’re so focused on the end goal of the project—a system that finally solves all the problems they’ve been having—that they forget about how they’re gonna get everyone from where they are today to that promised land. A “perfect” system that employees don’t know how to use, or only use begrudgingly, is almost worse than an inefficient system whose eccentricities are understood. 

That’s why change management and training are a vital part of any Kronos implementation or upgrade. Change management involves plotting out the best way to ease the transition into using the new system, a system that employees will need to be trained on how to use. All of this matters when searching for the right Kronos consultant, because you’ll need to ensure you find someone who not only understands the software-related part of the job, but also the people-related part as well. It’s one thing to find a technically-minded person who understands the software—it’s another thing entirely to find someone who can do that and train other people on how to make it work for them.

4) Your Company’s Goals

You need to have a clear vision of what “success” looks like in order for someone to help you reach it. A quality Kronos consultant can also work with you on this point to make sure everyone’s on the same page. What are the problems you’re hoping the implementation or upgrade will help to solve? When you envision the solution working, what are you seeing? Having a firm understanding of what you’re hoping to achieve will make it much easier to find someone who can help you make that idea a reality.

5) Project Scope

Similar to consideration number 3, knowing the scope of your project and its complexity is vitally important when it comes to finding a Kronos consultant. As a system, Kronos touches practically every part of your organization, so you’ll need to find someone with the skillset (and personality) capable of tackling any challenges that may arise. A mismatch at this stage will practically guarantee a project that’s under-delivers and goes over budget.

6) Budget

Speaking of budget, a Kronos implementation or upgrade is a significant investment for a company to make. One that can pay dividends, of course, but a tough row to hoe all the same. Companies may be tempted to try to save some money by hiring a quick-fix consultant who promises that they can come in, work some magic, and then leave your project team to handle the rest. These sorts of quick fixes, while they might save you money upfront, cost you plenty down the road.

Needing to fix part of a project, or worse, completely starting it over, will cost you far more than investing in a knowledgeable, experienced Kronos consultant who knows their stuff and can help you get your project done correctly (the first time). So when you’re budgeting for your Kronos implementation or upgrade, ensure you leave some room for a quality consultant.

Get Started Choosing a Kronos Consultant

From company culture to budgeting, change management, and project scope, there are a number of things to consider when choosing a Kronos consultant for your implementation or upgrade. Honestly, it can be a bit intimidating, especially since bringing the wrong person on board can result in delays, derailments, and other disasters. If you want to find the right person for the job, turn to Surety Systems.

Our senior-level Kronos consulting team has the know-how and expertise needed for your project to succeed. Working on implementations and upgrades just like yours means you get to take advantage of their insights into the mistakes other companies make and nip those problems in the bud. If you’re ready to get started, or you’d just like to know more, get in touch with us today.