When it comes to their sales orders, today’s customers require fast, personalized service. Not only do customers want things promptly, they also want everyone in your organization to know their preferences and delivery schedules whether they placed an order via your website, phone, fax, or store. 

Managing this complex order environment while simultaneously meeting customer expectations and keeping costs down can feel a bit like spinning plates. Luckily, JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Sales Order Management is here to lend you a hand. Let’s take a closer look at what JDE Sales Order Management is and how it can help you improve your business processes and improve customer service alike.

What is JD Edwards Sales Order Management? 

JD Edwards Sales Order Management is a module within JD Edwards EnterpriseOne 9.2 that gives organizations the ability to process both simple and complex orders, set up and use promotional pricing, and create sales orders for kits and configured items. Making it even more efficient, the module also integrates tightly with other inventory systems. 

A few of its many benefits include personalized customer order fulfillment, improved order entry and processing, as well as opportunities for up-sell and cross-sell, all of which will help your business to succeed. 

JD Edwards Sales Order Management and Business Processes

Of course, the application does more than simply take and ship orders. It handles your entire sales order management business process, making workflows easier to manage while collecting vital business data for your analysis. 

The key features of the sales order management process flow include: 

Entering a Sales Order

Once you enter an order, the system automatically adds pertinent information that’s stored for the customer, item, preference, and pricing records. 

Print Pick Slips

Once an order has been placed, you can print pick slips to alert the employees in the warehouse to pull the merchandise from inventory to fill the quantities and ship. (Note—this step is optional.

Confirm Shipment

Shipment confirmations help you ensure that all of the merchandise from the sales order has been correctly picked and packaged from the warehouse for shipping, (and that nothing has been left behind). 

Print Invoice

After the order has been processed and shipped, JD Edwards makes it easy to print and send an invoice to the customer. 

Update Post Sales

Finally, the system updates your sales information to keep your records accurate across accounts receivable, inventory balances, sales and commission information, and pricing.  

Enhancing Customer Service with JD Edwards Sales Order Management 

Now that you’ve seen how JD Edwards Sales Order Management can tackle the order process, it’s time to see how it helps you meet (and exceed) customer expectations with enhanced customer service. The module comes with several features that assist you in doing just that, including:

Order Templates

If you have a few popular sellers among your inventory, there’s no reason you should have to create an order from scratch each time you sell one. Creating order templates for frequently sold items helps reduce data entry time, (not to mention the possibility of manual errors). 

Quote Orders

Creating quote orders allows you to give a customer or potential customer a quote for the items they want to order. And if the customer decides to purchase after all, JD Edwards makes it easy to convert the quote to a sales order. 

Country-specific Compliance 

Certain countries have specific pieces of legislation that regulate how you process and tax sales orders, and not following the rules can cost you a pretty penny, in addition to a considerable amount of time and effort needed to straighten things out afterward. There’s no need to worry with Sales Order Management, however, as the module makes it much easier to process the necessary information to comply with your customer’s local requirements. 

Pricing Structures

Managing pricing efficiently with market-specific contracts, special promotions, and allowances is seamless when you set up flexible base pricing structures in Sales Order Management. Once you’ve adjusted things to your satisfaction, you can then define price adjustments to revise and update prices when necessary.

Standing and Blanket Orders

Do you have customers that regularly order the same thing? Entering the same thing into the system month after month is a waste of time and serves as a potential source of manual errors. With the Sales Order Management module, however, you can create recurring orders that handle that task for you. Or let’s say you have a customer who receives pricing discounts for large orders but only wants a portion of the merchandise delivered intermittently. That’s not a problem with Sales Order Management, which allows you to create blanket orders when necessary.

Getting Started with JD Edwards Sales Order Management 

JD Edwards Sales Order Management allows you to expedite order processing, increase efficiency, and minimize errors, all while delivering delightful customer experiences. The application also integrates with other financial, distribution, logistics, and manufacturing systems to help you streamline your business. Who doesn’t love a single module that can boost business processes and improves customer service? 

If you’re ready to upgrade to Sales Order Management, our senior-level JD Edwards consultants can help. Whether you need help with implementation, or you’d just like someone to help you make sure you’re taking advantage of all the cool features your JD Edwards setup has to offer, our consultants can put you on the path to success. 

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