When it comes to making the most of your Workday investment, companies need the resources and internal know-how to manage data, run reports, and ensure data accuracy and consistency across the entire organization…

That’s where our team of expert Workday Reporting consultants comes in to help!

Read on to learn how our team of Workday reporting consultants helped an industrial chemical company improve the functionality of their existing Workday platform, create new Workday reports to enhance operational efficiency, and streamline data security initiatives across teams.

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Providing Additional Workday System Support

“It was kind of like everything was on fire, but no one knew where it was coming from or how to stop it.”

When our team of Workday consultants was first brought on, the client desperately needed additional support for their existing Workday platform. Their Workday landscape was functioning with less-than-optimal efficiency and their internal team lacked the internal bandwidth and Workday expertise to handle all the tasks at hand.

From outlining business requirements for the internal Workday landscape to running quick reports to determine the severity of Workday issues, helping HRIS teams prioritize work, assigning the right employees to the right tasks, and more, our team acted as the primary point-of-contact and a trustworthy liaison for the internal team.

In addition to offering additional technical and reporting support for the internal team, our consultants were also tasked with improving employee buy-in across the organization. This involved outlining the specific changes that needed to be made to their Workday landscape, providing additional details for the implementation of new features and capabilities, and guiding employees through each step of the implementation process.

Improving the Quality of Existing Data

“Poor data quality became the scapegoat for other issues across their Workday system.”

One of the biggest initial challenges involved poor data quality and a lack of trust in the existing Workday system. And, when it came to identifying the underlying cause of inefficiencies or issues within their Workday landscape, internal employees used bad data as their excuse, rather than checking existing reports or creating custom reports for better visibility.

Bad data eroded confidence across the company, making it more difficult to keep employees on the same page and committed to core business processes within their Workday system.

And, because our Workday consultants understand the ins and outs of Workday and have experience with all kinds of Workday issues, they were able to help cleanse existing data sources, leverage basic and matrix reporting tools to organize the data, and improve employee confidence and trust in the system.

Prioritizing Workday Reporting Needs

“The client was pretty good at understanding the issues at hand, but they lacked the internal knowledge and support to handle reporting tasks on their own.”

From building new payroll and benefits-related reports to running audit reports to help employees understand the scope of the data issues, helping users leverage Workday Report Writer to run and check their own reports, and more, our Workday Reporting consultant team handled it all. This helped members of the internal team feel more comfortable with completing Workday reporting tasks on their own and made it easier to maintain data accuracy and consistency across the board.

And, by leveraging the core capabilities of Workday Reporting and other analytics platforms, our consultants were able to facilitate and maintain communication between teams, keep reporting needs at the top of the priority list, and ensure data and reports were used correctly.

Your technology. Your priorities. Our expertise. That’s just the way our Workday consulting team rolls.

Navigating Multiple HRIS Teams

“Continuous head-butting between the US team and global teams made it hard to get approvals, make quick decisions, and keep everyone on the same page.”

With multiple HRIS teams operating in different countries with different initiatives, our client lacked connected and collaborative solutions and suffered from complicated organizational roadblocks. This not only made it difficult to get approval for new solutions or changes, but also affected data security across the entire Workday landscape.

Our team of consultants was brought in to help improve communication between locations, mitigate implementation issues, and navigate inbound and outbound integrations between systems. And, with complex issues that placed a unique strain on additional consulting resources, this client needed a team of consultants who could stay focused, inform key stakeholders, and work diligently, no matter what.

Luckily for them, our Workday team was able to do just that!

By leveraging extensive knowledge and experience in a variety of different Workday landscapes, our reporting consultants helped the client proactively identify issues within the system, improve the speed of approvals for urgent security needs, and facilitate more efficient communication between each area of the organization.

Outlining Best Practices for Workday Implementation

“The most important tip for any Workday implementation is ensuring end-users are comfortable with the system before leaving them to do everything on their own.”

By getting end-users involved and up-to-speed early in the implementation process, they were more prepared for the changes made to their system and better able to handle reporting tasks, like navigating calculated fields or leveraging BIRT reporting tools to create new reports.

Initiating and maintaining strong communication with internal employees also made it easier for our consultants to drive better knowledge transfer across teams and ensure data management and reporting functions are used correctly and efficiently.

Where Does Surety Systems Fit in the Picture?

From helping you navigate pre and post-implementation challenges to leveraging the power of your existing Workday solutions, generating reports to improve visibility and consistency across company locations, and prioritizing tasks to keep everyone on the same page, Surety Systems is here to help.

Our team of senior-level Workday consultants has what it takes to handle all your most important Workday project needs. Even better, we keep your needs at the top of the priority list, so you don’t have to worry about completing complex implementation tasks on top of your day-to-day tasks.

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