If you’re looking to enhance your talent management system, Cornerstone Workday Integration could be the key. With direct benefits like streamlined HR operations and aligned employee learning and development, this integration brings your human capital management objectives to the next level.

This article guides you through mastering the Workday Integration process and how the connection between Workday and Cornerstone can help organizations revolutionize employee development and drive strategic advantages.

Key Takeaways

  • Integrating the Cornerstone platform with Workday HCM enhances employee management by providing a seamless learning experience, accurate data synchronization, and better engagement strategies.
  • The integration supports efficient business processes, reduces administrative work, improves onboarding/offboarding processes, enhances reporting and analytics, and facilitates succession planning.
  • Organizations can extend their capabilities and maintain high security and compliance standards by leveraging third-party integrations, custom solutions, and Workday’s Integration Cloud.

Understanding Cornerstone and Workday HCM Synergy

Illustration of integrated Cornerstone and Workday HCM systems

The integration of Cornerstone and Workday HCM offers several benefits:

  • Provides a unified employee learning experience closely tied to core worker history and talent profile data
  • Helps maintain consistent employee records across the enterprise
  • Ensures data accuracy and coherence

By integrating Cornerstone Learning Cloud with Workday HCM, organizations can create an unbeatable force and improve their overall employee management system. The integration also enables organizations to synchronize learning and development with HR data, helping align employee growth initiatives with business goals and performance metrics.

So, whether you are a small startup or a multinational corporation, integrating Cornerstone with Workday HCM can help you streamline your talent management and employee engagement strategies, improving organizational efficiency and productivity.

The Power of Combined Talent Management

The integration of Cornerstone’s learning systems with Workday Human Capital Management (Workday HCM) offers a powerhouse for talent management. It enables organizations to:

  • Manage and develop their workforce more effectively
  • Provide managers and executives with a comprehensive view of employees, including job profiles, organizational structures, learning transcripts, competencies, and completed training
  • Access all this information in a centralized location.

With such a unified system, leaders can make data-driven decisions that enhance workforce management and employee development. Imagine having real-time access to a complete view, which provides a comprehensive view of:

  • Employee profiles
  • Organizational structures
  • Learning transcripts
  • Competencies
  • Completed training

It’s like having a magic wand that provides a 360-degree view of your workforce, enhancing your decision-making capabilities and making your job as a leader much easier.

Learning Management Meets HR Data

Illustration of synchronized learning experiences with HR data

The main advantage of the Cornerstone and Workday HCM integration lies in its ability to synchronize learning experiences with core worker history and talent profiles. This function allows organizational units and user records from Workday, including contingent workers, to be synchronized with Cornerstone on a scheduled or on-demand basis.

Moreover, users’ termination dates from Workday are populated in Cornerstone, providing critical data for managing the workforce, especially compliance training oversight. With the Cornerstone Learning Cloud integrating with Workday HCM, organizations can ensure learning experiences align with core worker history and talent profiles, fostering effective management of employee skills and compliance training.

Streamlined Employee Engagement

Illustration of personalized employee engagement strategies

In the world of HR, employee engagement is no longer a luxury but a necessity. With the Cornerstone and Workday HCM integration, organizations can personalize their employee engagement strategies with tailored experiences. For instance, employees can select their name preference within Cornerstone, informed by data from Workday.

The integration also enhances the learning experience by:

  • Aggregating content from LinkedIn Learning directly into the Workday Learning environment
  • Allowing managers to offer real-time, relevant training suggestions through Microsoft Viva
  • Allowing employees to access learning content within Microsoft Teams to improve on-the-job performance and skill application

Enabling Seamless Business Process Frameworks

Illustration of seamless business process frameworks

Business process integration is like the glue that holds various systems, applications, and processes together in an organization. It enables the efficient flow of information and supports achieving organizational goals. By integrating Cornerstone with Workday HCM, organizations can manage consistent employee data and efficiently align learning and development initiatives.

The integration allows for seamless and near-real-time data flow between HRIS and learning platforms. This integration offers several benefits, including:

  • Reducing administrative work
  • Improving onboarding, updating, and offboarding processes
  • Automatically updating changes made in Workday for organizational units and users in Cornerstone, enhancing the overall business process framework.

Enhanced Reporting and Analytics

Reporting and analytics are like the compass that guides organizational decision-making. By integrating Cornerstone with Workday, organizations can harmonize learning outcomes and HR metrics into unified reporting for strategic decision-making. Organizational units and user data are updated automatically from Workday into Cornerstone, ensuring accurate and up-to-date information for reporting purposes.

Leaders can leverage the integrated reports to make well-informed decisions regarding workforce management and employee development. Moreover, business process monitoring tools within the integration allow for the analysis of internal processes, aiding in creating comprehensive reports that bolster decision-making.

Dynamic Groups and Succession Planning

One key benefit of the Cornerstone and Workday HCM integration is the enhancement of dynamic succession plans. This makes it easier to manage and adapt to future workforce needs. Regularly updating organizational charts is crucial in succession planning, as it aids in recognizing critical roles and visualizing potential career advancement paths for employees.

Moreover, the capability to distinguish between contingent workers and full-time employees within an integrated system is essential for targeted succession planning. Employees and supervisors are held accountable for individual and organizational growth by integrating performance expectations into succession planning processes.

User Interface Consistency

A user-friendly interface is like a smooth highway that ensures users’ comfortable and efficient journey. Some Cornerstone users have reported difficulties with the user interface, signaling inconsistencies that could lead to confusion. Inefficiencies and user frustration can arise from a non-intuitive UI with multiple navigation paths to the same feature.

However, a unified interface between Cornerstone and Workday enhances user acceptance and simplifies navigation. Implementing uniform design principles across the integrated system can mitigate confusion and improve user experience. In short, a consistent user interface contributes to a smoother and more efficient navigation experience.

Third-Party Integrations and Extensibility

In an era of complex business operations, the ability to integrate with third-party systems is like a superpower that allows organizations to extend their capabilities. Workday Integration Cloud allows secure and efficient connections to third-party systems without additional costs or middleware, and its security model is configurable to fit into direct business processes within Workday.

Moreover, Cornerstone and Workday can significantly extend their functional capabilities by utilizing APIs and connectors and integrating with various third-party applications and services. Examples of third-party integrations include pulling learning tasks from Cornerstone into ServiceNow and using Workato to connect learning platforms with HRIS and Workday, showcasing these integrations’ practical impact and extensibility.

LinkedIn Learning and Beyond

Imagine having the wealth of knowledge from LinkedIn Learning integrated into your Workday Learning environment. Sounds exciting, right? Workday’s integration capabilities include integrating with external services like LinkedIn Learning, providing an opportunity to enhance the learning ecosystem within the platform.

By integrating LinkedIn Learning and similar services, Workday allows organizations to enrich their learning management offerings, fostering a more comprehensive and dynamic educational environment for users. It’s like having a library of learning resources at your fingertips.

Custom Integration Solutions

One of the biggest strengths of Cornerstone and Workday is the flexibility to tailor custom integration solutions to meet unique organizational needs. For instance, organizations can configure the integration to:

  • Sync organizational units from Workday to Cornerstone
  • Sync users from Workday to Cornerstone
  • Sync organizational units and users from Workday to Cornerstone, depending on their requirements.

Additionally, clients can customize the Cornerstone OnDemand experience by:

  • Adding custom pages
  • Integrating additional tools, such as Google Analytics, to enhance the system’s utility
  • Utilizing APIs to streamline data collection from multiple resources and enable real-time data updates
  • Improving report accuracy and facilitating enhanced insights for decision-making.

Security and Compliance Considerations

In the digital age, security and compliance are like the shields that protect organizations from potential threats and legal issues. Workday’s compliance program ensures strong data security and privacy during integrations through third-party audits and international certifications. To demonstrate GDPR compliance, Workday participates in the EU Cloud Code of Conduct and holds TRUSTe certification, reflecting robust data governance practices.

Moreover, Workday’s alignment with the NIST Cybersecurity Framework and NIST 800-171 standard indicates the stringent measures taken to protect Controlled Unclassified Information (CUI). Workday Integration Cloud processes over 69 million integrations monthly while maintaining a 99.7% service level agreement availability guarantee, signaling high reliability.

Implementation Strategies for Cornerstone Workday Integration

Implementing the Cornerstone Workday integration is like embarking on a journey to a more efficient and productive work environment. Creating a project plan is crucial as it outlines the scope, timelines, resources, and roles required for the implementation. Stakeholders, including HR, IT, and department leads, must be identified and engaged early in the project to align on goals and responsibilities.

The deployment phase involves setting up the integration framework, configuring data exchange, and conducting end-to-end testing. Post-implementation activities should include reviewing the integration’s impact on business processes and user adoption to ensure continuous improvement.

Preparing Your Organization for Change

Change is like a wind that can take you to new heights or blow you off course, depending on how well you prepare. Preparing your organization for change is crucial when implementing the Cornerstone Workday integration. This involves communicating the reasons for change to employees to foster understanding and buy-in.

Moreover, before implementing the integration in a production environment, it is recommended to:

  1. Install and test it in a separate test environment.
  2. Identify and address potential issues before the full-scale implementation, considering other aspects that might affect the process.
  3. Ensure a smoother transition.

Managing Data Sync and Transition

Managing data synchronization and transition during the Cornerstone Workday integration is like steering a ship through a storm. It requires careful navigation to ensure smooth sailing. The integration offers on-demand triggering and runs nightly to ensure data remains synchronized between Workday and Cornerstone.

Moreover, organizations can configure the integration to sync organizational units, users, or both from Workday to Cornerstone, depending on their requirements. Validations within the integration ensure that failed user syncs are automatically reattempted in the next run, while invalid data or configurations can trigger system notifications.

Training and Support Post-Integration

Post-integration, training, and support are like the lifelines that ensure the successful adoption of the new system. Incorporating brief, practical training sessions into daily workflows promotes a culture of continuous learning post-implementation of Cornerstone Workday integration.

Furthermore, maintaining a consistent user interface across various roles within healthcare systems is vital for effective user training post-integration. This ensures that all users can effectively navigate and utilize the integrated system regardless of their role, leading to higher user adoption and satisfaction.

Real-World Benefits: Case Studies and Client Feedback

The proof of the pudding is in the eating, and the effectiveness of the Cornerstone Workday integration is evident in its real-world benefits. Companies report that this integration has streamlined their HR and learning processes, significantly reducing administrative work.

Moreover, feedback from HR managers indicates high satisfaction, particularly regarding the ease of tracking learning outcomes and managing compliance across different global offices, thanks to the LMS capabilities. Employees have also responded positively to the more engaging and relevant training content delivered through the integrated system.

Improvements in Training and Development Processes

The Cornerstone Workday integration has significantly improved training and development processes in various organizations. Businesses leveraging this integration have enhanced their training procedures, allowing for targeted development and consistent compliance with regulatory requirements. This not only enhances the skill sets of their workforce but also ensures that they remain compliant with industry regulations.

Impact on Employee Performance and Progress Tracking

The Cornerstone Workday integration has not only streamlined processes but also positively impacted employee performance and progress tracking, including keeping track of each employee’s hire date.

Implementing a strong succession planning culture has long-term benefits, such as creating a broader pool of internal candidates prepared for leadership roles and attracting high-quality external candidates interested in career growth opportunities. This not only benefits the organization but also positively impacts the career growth of the employees.


Cornerstone and Workday HCM integration is a powerful synergy revolutionizing talent management, employee engagement, and overall business process frameworks. The integration brings various benefits, from providing comprehensive views of employee data and enhancing decision-making to streamlining employee engagement.

However, without the right team and resources to accurately and efficiently manage critical Workday Integration objectives, your investment could be wasted. This is where Surety Systems comes in to help, offering personalized support for even your most complex implementation and integration needs.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Cornerstone and Workday HCM integration?

The Cornerstone and Workday HCM integration aligns employee learning with core worker data, ensuring consistent records and aligning growth with business goals.

How does the integration enhance talent management?

Integrating talent management provides an overview of employees, including job profiles, organizational structures, learning transcripts, competencies, and completed training, improving decision-making and workforce management.

How does the integration improve employee engagement?

Integrating systems can improve employee engagement by personalizing strategies, tailoring experiences, and aggregating learning content for a more effective approach. This creates a more engaging and relevant experience for employees, ultimately improving their engagement.

Can the integration be customized to meet unique organizational needs?

Absolutely! Organizations can customize integration to meet their unique needs, such as syncing organizational units and users from Workday to Cornerstone.

What are some of the real-world benefits of the Cornerstone Workday integration?

The Cornerstone Workday integration has been reported to streamline HR and learning processes, reduce administrative work, and allow for easier tracking of learning outcomes and compliance management.