In today’s increasingly connected technical landscape, where the volume and velocity of data continue to surge, businesses seek innovative approaches to manage and derive insights from this data efficiently and effectively.

Oracle Roving Edge empowers organizations to seamlessly extend their cloud capabilities to the edge, enabling real-time data processing, analysis, and decision-making at the source of data generation.

In this article, we explore the transformative potential of Oracle Roving Edge, discussing its key features, use cases, and its significant impact on driving efficiency, agility, and innovation in edge computing environments. We’ll also chat about our Oracle consulting services, providing a better understanding of where our consultants can fit in your organization.

What is Oracle Roving Edge?

Oracle Roving Edge is a key component of Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI), offering ruggedized devices and intelligent cloud computing and storage services that enable faster processing across disconnected locations and accelerated cloud deployments.

By leveraging the same portal and tenancy tools as existing public regions, Oracle allows organizations to synchronize existing OCI compute images and object storage to the Roving Edge device.

Oracle Roving Edge also enables stronger edge computing by processing information closer to the data source rather than relying on centralized data centers, further improving efficiency and reducing latency.

Key Features of Oracle Roving Edge Infrastructure

Unified user experience


The Roving Edge device is directly associated with the existing tenancy in any Oracle Cloud region, enabling users to manage, analyze, and control critical business data across regions.


Users can leverage Oracle Roving Edge Infrastructure devices to synchronize data with OCI Object Storage automatically whenever network connectivity is accessible.


With design features and fundamental services similar to the Oracle Cloud console, users can simplify the deployment and adoption of a new Roving Edge device and deliver a consistent user experience.

Cloud capabilities and extensions


By utilizing built-in Roving Edge capabilities, organizations within private and public sectors can deploy OCI services in environments beyond Oracle Cloud Regions and Dedicated Region Cloud@Customer.


Oracle Roving Edge enables field operations teams to achieve lower latency for cloud applications locally rather than relying on remote services across multiple disparate networks.


Portable server nodes enable users to connect Oracle Cloud Infrastructure capabilities to remote (and even completely disconnected) enterprise locations.

Ruggedized devices

Ruggedized Enclosures

Users can access 3U military-grade ruggedized shock mount cases for Roving Edge devices, including advanced protection, electromagnetic shielding, and shock-absorbing capabilities.

Oracle Roving Edge Device (RED)

With an embedded GPU, high-speed networking functionality, 80 virtual CPUs, 512GB of RAM, and 61TB of storage, Oracle Roving Edge enables advanced processing, faster insights, and better performance.

Oracle Roving Edge Ultra

The Ultra Roving Edge device offers a lightweight, portable device that can be deployed as a single device with fewer storage and computing capabilities than a RED.

Economical edge functionality


By leveraging a pay-per-use model, Oracle Roving Edge Infrastructure devices are billed per day of resource possession.


Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Roving Edge devices have pre-provisioned nodes and customer-selected compute images to simplify complete procurement cloud workloads.


With connections to the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure console, core nodes associated with Roving Edge devices can be easily procured and configured to meet specific organizational requirements.

Real-World Use Cases for Oracle Roving Edge

Efficient data collection

Leverage robust compute capabilities within Oracle Roving Edge Infrastructure devices to collect, process, and manage large amounts of sensor data in remote and/or disconnected locations.

AI and ML functionality

Access built-in VPU/TPU accelerators or GPUs to manage multiple workloads without requiring network connectivity or relying on integrations with Oracle Cloud Infrastructure or a specific data center.

Remote application deployment

Facilitate seamless application deployment across remote facilities, like consulates, government offices, remote campuses, and military bases, enabling faster insights and allowing faster processing close timelines.

Proactive cloud testing

Develop, test, deploy, and maintain all critical business data and applications in a single operating system and deploy them to the edge as needed over time.

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