Think of that one grueling but critical process you’re responsible for at work. The one you’ve done so many times you could do it in your sleep. Infor Lawson IPA is a workflow engine that can help with that. It automates manual tasks and processes, saving time and increasing productivity.

If you can do it manually, chances are you can automate it with IPA. The possibilities are endless! Here are 5 ideas how to use Lawson IPA that will save you time, money, and some frustration, too.

1. Address Validation via Web Services

Relocations, mergers, and acquisitions are some reasons why validating addresses is so important. By checking mailing addresses against an authoritative database like the USPS, businesses can use Infor Lawson IPA to improve mailing processes and prevent delivery failures.

2. Multi-step Jobs

Multi-step jobs combine several batch programs under a single request. This saves time and effort for frequent tasks such as invoice routing/approval, pre-payroll processing, and ACH processing. Infor Lawson IPA (which replaces recdef in LID) allows you to extract, analyze, manipulate, and distribute data in a variety of systems and formats.

3. Real-time Supply Chain Integration

When it comes to supply chain management, time is of the essence. To respond to the market and stay competitive, access to real-time data is critical. Though Infor Lawson has supply chain solutions, using IPA to integrate Infor Lawson with IBM Maximo Asset Management will “maximize the useful life of your assets, minimize risk, and pave the way for predictive analytics,” according to IBM.

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4. Out-of-office Workflows

Work doesn’t stop when you leave the office. Using custom logic, IPA can help keep business moving when key personnel is out. Based on an employee’s availability status, events can trigger requests to be automatically escalated to the next level or delegated to someone else based on criteria such as approval limits or title.

5. Employee On-boarding

According to Infor, the typical onboarding process has 30 steps across 14 software systems, and takes more than 45 days to realize new hire productivity. Yikes! Used in tandem with LTM, IPA can streamline employee on-boarding by automating processes and integrating relevant data and systems. For example, forms can be pre-populated using data entered on the application. IPA, you’re hired!

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Infor Lawson IPA can have significant impacts on your day-to-day responsibilities—you just need to know how to best leverage its power! How are you using IPA at your workplace? Tweet at us and let us know.