Consumer applications have transformed the way we live. From ordering dinner online to banking on the go, if there’s a process you’d like to be smoother, there’s probably an app for that, and employees have that same expectation when it comes to their business applications. Luckily for companies that use SAP Fiori, meeting those expectations is a snap thanks to a myriad of apps in the SAP Fiori apps reference library.

Implementing SAP Fiori apps helps deliver intuitive, personalized experiences that make their users happier, help them become more efficient, and boost their productivity. Read on to learn more about what SAP Fiori apps are, the ways they can benefit your business, and 10 apps we think could make your workday just a bit easier.

Let’s dive in. 

What Are SAP Fiori Apps?

If you’re not already familiar with SAP Fiori, the new user experience (UX) for SAP software and applications, check out our article, What is SAP Fiori? Introduction to a New UX for SAP Software and get yourself up to speed.

SAP Fiori provides a library of more than 800 apps designed to address everyday business tasks like workflow approvals, self-service tasks, financial calculations, and more. These role-based applications—including finance, human resources (HR), logistics, procurement, manufacturing, and sales—are broken down into three types: transactional, analytical, and factsheets. 

SAP Fiori Transactional apps can carry out transactional tasks, such as creating or managing approvals and rejecting employee requests.

SAP Fiori Analytical apps provide a role-based perception into business operations. They allow end-users to closely monitor live KPIs (key performance indicators). 

Factsheet apps display central objects of business processes with key information, so users can drill down to a more detailed level of data simply by clicking the tile. These apps also allow you to generate and download reports or download documents on any device.

Benefits of SAP Fiori Apps

One of the most significant benefits of SAP Fiori apps is convenience—they can be accessed from a desktop, laptop, tablet, or mobile device, giving employees access to business insights no matter where they roam. But convenience isn’t the only benefit to using SAP Fiori apps. They also offer: 

  • Instant access to data 
  • Reduced training costs for new users
  • Reduced time to develop mobile applications
  • Increased productivity through automation
  • Equal user experience across all SAP products and a single interface to all enterprise apps

10 SAP Fiori Apps to Explore

While every business is unique, we’re confident that these 10 SAP Fiori apps should add tremendous value to practically every organization. 

1) My Timesheet [App ID – F0397]

The My Timesheet app is perfect for any employee. It allows them to manage their work time quickly and easily from any device. One feature we like is that it allows you to create timesheet entries for a single day or multiple days in a single step. 

2) Monitor Project Progress [App ID – F2031]

With this app, project managers can track the schedule and progress of a project, either regularly or in response to specific events. We especially like that you can check project issues grouped into different severity categories and display them in red, yellow, or green according to their criticality. 

3) Procurement Overview Page [App ID – F1990]

We consider this app a must-have in every business process. The Procurement Overview Page allows you to view all urgent contracts, purchase requisitions, or spend information according to specified filter criteria. At a glance, the app shows you the most important information and tasks relevant to your business. 

4) Invoice Processing Analysis [App ID – F1745]

With this app, you can view the total amount of posted invoices and the total number of posted line items. They can be viewed in a particular month, for a certain supplier, by a certain user, or posted in each processing status. 

5) My Accounts [App ID – F0002]

This app helps sales reps search the backend system and display general sales data of their own account or a selected account. They can also access related data such as contacts, leads, and opportunities, and the information can be shared or discussed in SAP Jam. Any sales rep prepping for an account meeting is going to love this app. 

6) My Contacts (CRM) [App ID – F0004]

This is another vital app for the sales team. With My Contacts, you can search for contacts stored in the back end, either for your own contacts or all contacts. You can display contact details, start follow-up activities, and edit contact information. So if a user just met someone new while they were out and about, getting their contact information into the system is as simple as adding a new contact to one’s mobile device. 

7) Sales Management Overview [App ID – F2601]

This app gives sales managers a graphical overview of their sales data on cards. A key feature is the ability to view relevant sales KPIs on each of the cards. 

8) Sales Performance – Plan/Actual [App ID – F2941]

With this app, sales managers can compare planned and actual sales data on different dimensions, such as sales organization, customer, and product, helping them better evaluate whether they’re hitting their sales targets. 

9) My Tasks (CRM) [App ID – F0003]

The My Tasks app uses information from the CRM to give you an overview of what you need to take care of by a specific date. Our favorite feature is the “Due Today” and “Due This Week” views. 

10) My Tasks (PPM) [App ID – F2150]

In addition to #9 on our list, there’s also a My Tasks app for project team members. This version has many useful features that allow you to view the status, severity, and priority of a task at a glance. 

Getting the Most Out of Your SAP Fiori Apps

This list merely scratches the surface of what’s available in the Fiori apps reference library. If you’re looking for an app that best fits your needs, check out the SAP Fiori App Recommendations Analysis in the SAP Fiori apps reference library. This tool bases app recommendations on the business processes you use, as well as your readiness. 

Of course, even with the tool, getting started with SAP Fiori and its extensive library of apps can be overwhelming. That’s where Surety Systems comes in. Our expert US-based SAP consulting team can help you configure your apps to make sure you’re making the most of the enhanced UX that SAP Fiori has to offer. Contact us today to get started.