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Kronos Attestation: A Second Line of Defense

Labor laws can be complex and, if not followed, have significant financial impacts. Nowhere is this as evident than by the more than $270 million in back wages collected for more than 240,000 workers in 2017. Even if wages were missed or misallocated by error, actions speak louder than words. While Kronos Pay Rules and Work Rules sets criteria for compliance, attestation helps puts it into action.

The Kronos Attestation tool allows employees to authenticate time worked and breaks taken. They also have the freedom to enter missed punches and review, approve, or reject timecards. All from any compatible device, without the need for help from a manager or HR. You can also set up the tool to prompt employees with action-based questions and record responses for analysis. Combined, these capabilities form a powerful force against compliance violations. To be effective, however, everything comes down to the configuration.

When you need a qualified Kronos expert to make yours work, look no further than Surety Systems. Need help with Kronos Attestation configuration? Want to modify your existing setup to reflect new policies? Time to upgrade your Kronos 4500 terminals? No matter your struggle, our senior-level consultants can put you on the fast track to compliance.

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