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Kronos Work and Pay Rules: The Secret to Happiness?

It’s no secret that most employees work to earn a living. So while benefits like engagement and culture are important, a large part of keeping employees happy is getting paid. (On time and what they’re owed helps, too.) On the flip side, you, as a business, want to keep labor costs at bay and stay compliant with laws and policies. While that may seem like an easy feat from the outside, payroll managers know it’s anything but. That’s where Kronos Work Rules and Kronos Pay Rules come into play.

In a nutshell, Kronos Pay Rules are broad criteria determining how to pay employees: hourly or salary, hours worked, pay period length, etc. Drilling deeper, Kronos Work Rules are more specific and apply pay rules when certain shift conditions are met. Think about it like If This Then That (IFTTT). If an employee works at least 6 hours [this], then they must take a 30-minute meal break [that].

Kronos Pay Rules and Work Rules are essential for payroll accuracy, compliance, and preventing burnout. But their effectiveness is wholly dependent on their configurations. This can be especially difficult for organizations with shift work or who operate in multiple locations. Besides keeping up with federal regulations, state and local policies must also be followed. What was that about “easy,” again?

That’s where Surety Systems comes in. From setting up Kronos Work Rules or Pay Rules for the first time, to compliance audits, to restructuring payroll after an acquisition or merger. Not only will our senior-level Kronos consultants help you take a proactive approach to payroll, but they’ll also equip you with the knowledge to do it on your own.

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