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Configuring Global HR for Great Human Resources

Configuring Global HR for Great Human Resources

Infor Lawson Global HR serves as a company’s core HR system of record. It houses data for each employee and automates tedious and time-consuming tasks. This frees up time to focus on organizational strategy and making sure talent aligns with goals. When paired with Infor Lawson Talent Management (LTM), optimizing your workforce gets even easier.

Of course, “HR transformation” through Infor Lawson Global HR is far easier said than done. Implementation is not plug-and-play. It requires time, a high level of technical knowledge, and a thorough understanding of business process optimization. GHR is the hub of Lawson, so its proper configuration not only impacts use of the tool itself but of every single integration downstream.

That’s where we come in. Surety Systems—an Infor Delivery Partner—has senior-level Infor Lawson Global HR consultants ready to help. Whether you are transitioning from S3, implementing Global HR for the first time, or need help customizing the employee/manager space, we will ensure you’re configured for success. After all, HR is about far more than hiring, retiring, and firing. Count on Surety to help your team become more productive, connected, and effective.

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