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JD Edwards Supply Chain Optimization

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Promising and Delivering

In the manufacturing world, “under” and “over” are bad words. Overproduce and you’re stuck with inventory you can’t sell or store in your warehouse. Underproduce and you can’t deliver what was promised. That’s why you turned to JD Edwards Supply Chain Management. But what happens when the numbers still don’t match up?

Finding a way to align sales with production can help prevent both problems. However, honing in on your planning and forecasting equations often requires skilled specialists that that know manufacturing inside and out.

Surety Systems has worked in countless discrete, repetitive, and process manufacturing environments. Our clients’ supply chains run like well-oiled machines, reducing costs and growing revenue. From managing your pick, pack, and ship process to keeping track of inventory, our JD Edwards Supply Chain consultants have you covered.


We don’t overpromise; we deliver flawless supply chains. Let’s get started.

JD Edwards Supply Chain Management—Engineer to Order or Configurator?

There are many different modules in the JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Supply Chain Management suite to choose from, and our clients often have a tough time choosing between two of the modules: Engineer to Order and Configurator. Read on to learn which one is right for you.

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Material Requirements Planning (MRP) 101

No matter what you’re manufacturing, every business in the manufacturing industry can benefit from a production planning, scheduling, and inventory control system, which is where Material Requirements Planning (MRP) comes in. As Joseph Orlicky, the IBM engineer who developed MRP, once said, "Never forecast what you can calculate."

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