UKG (also known as Ultimate Kronos Group) offers an all-in-one human resource information system (HRIS) that helps employees control all aspects of the employee experience. From optimizing applicant tracking throughout the hiring process to scaling your human resources functionality to meet the needs of your growing business, and everything in between, UKG’s HRIS platform covers it all.

Read on to learn more about the solution, its key capabilities, and how Surety Systems can help maximize your investment.

What is an HRIS System?

A Human Resource Information System (HRIS) is a type of software that is used to collect and manage employee data. This data includes basic information such as name, address and contact information, along with more detailed information such as job title, salary, benefits, and other records relating to their employment. HRIS systems also allows employers to track employee performance, attendance records and leave entitlements.

Using an HRIS System can help companies…

  • Streamline recruitment processes and simplify the search for potential candidates
  • Gain immediate access to real-time employee information whenever and wherever it’s needed
  • Save valuable time and money by automating time-consuming manual tasks and improving the efficiency of their day-to-day operations
  • Maintain compliance by automatically creating reports to manage and track stored data, key metrics, and trends throughout the industry
  • Improve employee engagement through advanced feedback loops and surveys pre-built into the system’s user interface
  • Enhance communication between employees and their support team to improve the overall employee experience

What is UKG HRIS?

UKG HRIS is a comprehensive HRIS system that gives organizations the ability to manage all aspects of their human resources operations in a single solution. It provides an integrated platform for managing employee data, tracking workforce performance, automating payroll processing, handling benefits administration, optimizing talent management processes, and more.

With UKG HRIS, businesses are empowered to make more informed decisions about their management activities to maximize efficiency and productivity and keep their most important asset, their people, at the top of the priority list. The system also helps streamline processes such as recruitment, onboarding, training and development, employee engagement surveys, and workforce planning.

UKG’s HRIS solution is designed to empower organizations with intuitive, yet comprehensive tools that enable them to manage their human resource operations efficiently while unlocking the potential of their employees at the same time. By leveraging this innovative software platform, businesses can maximize efficiency and productivity while staying compliant with labor laws and regulations.

Streamlined Workforce Management Solutions

UKG HRIS allows for the efficient management of employee data, tracking of workforce performance, and automation of payroll processing in one unified platform. With this system, businesses can gain access to real-time information on employees’ attendance records and working hours which helps simplify complex processes like recruitment, onboarding, training, development and performance management.

Improved Visibility

It also helps streamline workforce planning activities by providing analytics that measure organizational effectiveness – allowing businesses to identify areas in need of improvement or develop strategies accordingly. This system further helps improve team collaboration tools such as chat rooms between remote teams so they can more easily communicate without needing separate tools for each task.

Customized HR Solutions

UKG HRIS also provides specialized features such as employee engagement surveys which help organizations understand the motivations and feelings of their employees better. Additionally, it offers compliance assurance across all areas including hiring practices, onboarding documentation, employee records retention schedules etc – ensuring businesses stay compliant with labor laws regulations while still making informed decisions about their people management activities.

Key Capabilities of the Solution

  • Manages employee data and facilitates workforce planning
  • Provides analytics to track workforce performance and measure organizational effectiveness
  • Automates recruitment, onboarding, training, payroll, and other HR processes
  • Creates employee engagement surveys to improve the employee experience
  • Enhances compliance with labor laws and regulations
  • Offers advanced tools to improve collaboration between teams
  • Offers real-time access to important information

Main Advantages for Your Company

UKG HRIS offers a powerful suite of features that not only enables businesses to effectively manage their human resources operations but also provides employees with the tools they need to achieve their potential in the most effective way.

Here are a few of the main benefits of UKG HRIS capabilities for your company:

Improved Data Management

UKG HRIS enables organizations to efficiently manage employee data, track workforce performance, and automate payroll processing in one platform. This allows for greater accuracy, faster processing time, and improved visibility into important information such as employee attendance records and working hours.

Additionally, UKG HRIS streamlines processes like recruitment, onboarding, training and development, employee engagement surveys and performance management so businesses can get their employees up to speed quickly.

Enhanced Planning Capabilities

Another advantage of UKG HRIS is its ability to facilitate workforce planning. By providing real-time access to important information on employee performance and other metrics such as number of hires or terminations, the system allows organizations to better plan their staffing needs. It also delivers analytics that help measure organizational effectiveness so companies can identify areas in need of improvement and develop strategies accordingly.

Increased System Flexibility

And, because UKG HRIS is cloud based, businesses have the flexibility to access the system from any device at any time, including your mobile device. This way, even teams that operate in a completely remote capacity still have an easy way to collaborate across departments or functions without needing separate tools for each task.

This platform also includes team collaboration tools such as chat rooms which allow for quick communications between employees or colleagues located in different parts of the world. Chat rooms not only help employees stay up-to-date with important information throughout the organization, but it also promotes collaboration between departments, different areas of the organization, and even separate locations.

Things to Consider When Choosing an HRIS Platform

Before making the switch from an outdated legacy platform or choosing a new HRIS system that can keep up with your organizational needs, there are a few things to consider…

  • Accurate and efficient payroll services: Maintaining accurate payroll processes and generating pay stubs and compensation documentation are some of the most important functions of an HRIS system, so ensuring you choose a solution that has the functionality needed to keep up with your payroll needs is crucial.
  • Core human resource management capabilities: Your people are your most important asset, so having an HRIS system that offers advanced capabilities to help recruit, onboard, train, and satisfy employees throughout their full employee lifecycle is important is critical to your success.
  • HR service delivery: When choosing the right HRIS platform, it’s important to think about the level of customer service delivery and support your team requires. From mobile access capabilities to chat support, response speed, and more, finding the solution that fits your service needs is a necessary step in the process.
  • Employee self-service options: Self-service options give both employees and their managers the ability to update personal information, check their schedules, request time off, and more whenever and wherever they need. Finding an innovative solution that offers self-service functionality can not only improve employee engagement and productivity, but it can also enhance satisfaction in the long run.

How Can We Help?

Whether you need help implementing UKG HRIS for the first time, managing complex integrations with external systems, or anything in between, Surety Systems is here to help.

Our team of senior-level UKG consultants has the skills and experience needed to lead you to implementation or integration success and maximize your life work technology investment for years to come.

And, to give you a better idea of what to expect when partnering with us, we’ve included a sample profile of one of our top-notch UKG consultants:

Surety Senior UKG HRIS Consultant

  • 10+ Years of Kronos experience
  • Heavy Kronos functional support
  • Heavy Payroll experience and knowledge
  • Experience working as a HR generalist and assisting with customer service, payroll, auditing, corrections and HR
  • Prior hands-on training and testing support
  • Experience designing, mapping, and supporting WIM interfaces

Contact us to learn more about UKG’s workforce management technology or get started with one of our expert consultants today.