Organizations that strive to maximize employee experiences, improve security, and expedite procedures must integrate their Human Capital Management (HCM) and Identity Management (IDM) systems. 

One such integration that has surfaced and proven effective is the connection between UKG (Ultimate Kronos Group) and Okta, two prominent workforce management solutions that enable organizations to control their own experiences and improve productivity across teams.

Read on to learn more about UKG Okta integration and how our expert UKG consultants can help your organization maximize success.

Integration Between Okta and UKG Pro Solutions

Okta provides pre-built integrations with UKG to deliver easy-to-use identity management tools and connect employees across business units and locations. With the Okta integration, UKG Pro is the “director” for user records, and Okta automatically imports information from UKG Pro to Active Directory (AD) and other downstream applications.

UKG Data Import Use Cases

  • Import user groups and relevant data to target system
  • Chart and track attributes to downstream applications
  • Design and update user profiles with current information
  • Designate imports between Okta and UKG Pro
  • Define advanced profile attributes with flexibility

The Challenge?

An organization’s core system of record is often its internal Human Resources Information System (HRIS), like UltiPro, now more commonly known as UKG Pro. HR teams must share employee information with IT teams to create new user accounts, set access permissions, apply applications for provision, and deactivate users who have left the company.

The transfer of this data is usually completed through email or other manual communication processes, but both are inefficient and leave sensitive data at risk for unauthorized access or use. As more apps and directories move to the cloud, internal IT and HR teams need an efficient and low-risk system for processing employee data and communicating.

  • High-risk employee departures: It takes multiple days for organizations to completely revoke access from a departing employee, leaving sensitive data at risk for exposure.
  • Unproductive users: Employees waste time by waiting for permissions and access to apps, limiting productivity and reducing overall engagement.
  • Inefficient communication: Transferring data via phone, file extracts, or email attachments wastes time and adds team friction if technical difficulties arise.

The Solution:

The integration between UltiPro and Okta automates and simplifies communication across internal HR and IT teams, streamlining standard lifecycle management procedures and reducing conflict. 

Automatic updates to employee profile information in UltiPro enable users to access critical data and complete tasks across their existing  IT systems, such as SaaS, Active Directory, and on-premise solutions,  and inform the user lifecycle from onboarding to offboarding.

Benefits of UKG Okta Integration

Let’s take a look at some of the critical benefits of the UKG Okta integration:

Safely Offboard Employees

Close security gaps during offboarding with automated deprovisioning practices based on predefined HR triggers.

Improve Employee Productivity

Give new hires instant access to apps, update permissions according to current employee roles, and leverage self-service tools to keep employee profiles up-to-date.

Streamline Provisioning and Deprovisioning

Automatically assign IT-managed apps through HR triggers, such as user attributes like Department and Title or New Hires.

Maintain Data Updates Correctly

Ensure employee attributes, such as attribute write-back to the HRIS platform, are updated across apps and platforms using bi-directional sync functionality.

Features of the UKG Okta Integration

Here’s a look at some of the main features of the UKG Okta Integration:

Custom User Experience

Users have a single, user-friendly way to access all critical applications and services and can customize functionality for each device and organizational level.

Single Sign-On Tools

Users are set free from password chains, enabling access to enterprise apps on mobile devices, on-premise solutions, or in the cloud anytime, anywhere, and with just a single set of credentials.

Consistent Data

In addition to reducing IT risks and issues associated with data consistency, Okta’s UKG Pro-driven IT provisioning capabilities are intended to improve organizational productivity and ensure uniform employee data across teams.

Security Reporting

To help users find and fix security issues and visualize irregularities, Okta provides a real-time system log that includes geolocation monitoring and pre-built access reports.

On and Offboarding

Okta automatically connects user data from UKG Pro to track employee accounts, grant access to applications, and guide onboarding and offboarding activities from an existing UKG Pro system.

Authentication Barriers

Require users to submit a one-time passcode (OTP) via the user-friendly Okta Verify app to create an extra layer of security and ensure effective data protection, no matter what.

How We Can Help

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