A one-stop-shop solution that allows Epic users to view and share ideas across organizational borders to make the most of their technological investment… The solution? Epic UserWeb.

Read on to learn more about UserWeb, its core components, and how our consultants can help.

What is Epic UserWeb?

The UserWeb in Epic is an online data repository that helps organizations keep better track of information, content, discussion, or training materials and optimize data management processes for users throughout the Epic community.

Epic UserWeb improves user access for information like…

  • Training materials and other educational content
  • Discussion forums and groups to promote collaboration among users
  • Epic system guides, manuals, and procedures available for download
  • Support documentation for Epic implementation, integration, or upgrade projects
  • Flyers and information for upcoming webinars and events
  • Epic news and other key health informatics

Key Components of UserWeb

1) Documentation

Epic’s documentation module, Galaxy, offers documentation support tools for setup, installation, upgrade, and training processes to help you get the most our of your Epic investment.

The Galaxy Epic module also offers customizable filters, a list of advanced searching options, and a “favorite” button to help users keep track of their most valuable documents and optimize documentation processes across the board.

2) Discussion Forums

Building a strong network of connections across your medical center, health system, or the industry as a whole is critical to your success, which is why Epic’s UserWeb solution offers a user-friendly discussion space to promote collaboration and communication between users.

With the discussion forums, users can view announcements for upcoming webinars and training sessions, access schedules for webcasts covering a wide range of topics, share questions and ideas across the Epic community, and participate in meaningful conversations with other UserWeb Epic users by adding comments to posts.

3) Support

On one hand, Epic users have access to Sherlock, Epic’s customer support application, which serves as a centralized hub for teams to leverage internal support resources to track, document, and resolve issues quickly and keep their system running as efficiently as possible.

On the other, UserWeb also offers a built-in Support Navigator tool that connects users directly to support materials, including the Epic-Hosted Foundation System and System Pulse Analytics tools, and the “Contact Epic” form that connects users with support staff to answer questions or provide feedback.

4) Training

From information on upcoming courses, your individual training history, exam and certification requirements and guidelines, course catalogs, and more, UserWeb ensures trainers and trainees have all the resources they need no matter what.

The Training section of UserWeb also provides Sphinx, Training Wheels, and weLearning Epic tools to help users leverage assessment portals to hire and place employees in the correct training sessions, customize training materials to fit the needs of each person on your team, and access and share e-learning lessons.

5) Events

The Events section of your UserWeb account provides a number of available tools to simplify event registration and allow users to review session agendas and previous presentations to learn more about their Epic system and their UserWeb account.

How Can We Help?

Whether you need help navigating your UserWeb account for the first time, maximizing the functionality of each UserWeb component, or anything else Epic-related, Surety Systems is here to help.

Our team of senior-level Epic consultants has the technical skills, functional expertise, and real-world experience needed to lead you to success…the first time!

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