This article will discuss the key roles and responsibilities of a good SAP consultant and where our expert SAP consulting team can help you manage projects and make the most of your SAP software investment.

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Understanding SAP Consultant Support at Surety Systems

Whether you need expert guidance building a well-defined plan for your SAP implementation project, consulting expertise in a specific technical or functional area of your software, or a well-rounded SAP consultant who can act as a project lead for any digital transformation initiatives, Surety Systems has you covered.

Our team of senior-level, US-based SAP consultants has the knowledge, skills, and experience needed to help you handle any kind of project, from software selection to solution design, implementation planning, deployment, post-implementation support, training, system enhancements, and more.

Here are the main advantages of working with our SAP expert consulting team:

Time-and-Materials Based Consultants

Our SAP experts operate on a time-and-materials basis, meaning that you only pay for what you need — no added fees, no overhead, no unnecessary project management costs.

Unlike other consulting firms that dictate which team members participate in the project, we introduce our customers to multiple SAP expert consultant options for each required role and let them choose their own all-star team for their project. 

This way, our clients can ensure the chosen consultants are the best fit for the project and the quality of the consultant or their work isn’t traded in for timeliness or convenience.

Your Projects, Your Way

Our team of SAP expert consultants keeps your needs at the top of the priority list, no matter what.

This means that whether you need someone to provide backfill support for a temporarily vacant role, an implementation expert to deploy your proposed solution, or a team of technical SAP experts to handle complex development issues, we’ll provide expert consultants whose skills and experience are aligned with your unique needs.

Accelerated Time-to-Value

Surety Systems understands that when urgent project needs arise, you might not always have the internal bandwidth, knowledge, or skill sets to handle the project on your own. That’s where we come in!

From finding an SAP expert consultant who can handle 40 hours of complex Fiori development work per week to pairing you up with a functional supply chain consultant who can help you ensure a successful implementation from the start, we’ve got the right people for your needs.

Even better, we’ll help you gain a competitive edge by deploying solutions, solving challenges, and facilitating more efficient business processes with quicker turnaround times and improved consultant accuracy.

Functional Areas of SAP Expertise


By partnering with an SAP expert consultant who specializes in SAP Human Capital Management (HCM), companies can customize their SAP HCM operations to align with existing HR processes, enabling the seamless management of payroll, benefits, and other important employee data.

Our SAP HCM consultants can also provide valuable insights and best practices for optimizing workforce management, talent development, and employee engagement initiatives for improved employee productivity and satisfaction over time.


An expert SAP FICO consultant can help companies configure their core Financial Accounting and Controlling processes to meet their unique financial needs, ensure accurate financial management, and maintain compliance with industry standards and regulations.

Our SAP financial experts can also offer valuable guidance on the integration of core financial management and controlling operations for more accurate financial analysis, better cost control, and more informed decisions across teams, departments, and company locations.

3) SAP Supply Chain Modules

When it comes to accurately and efficiently managing supply chain operations, you need an expert SAP consulting team that can handle tasks across your Materials Management (MM), Warehouse Management (WM), and Sales and Distribution (SD) modules and operations.


And, an SAP MM consultant can provide expert guidance to optimize procurement, manage inventory, improve procure-to-pay and order-to-cash efficiency, and enhance cost controls across the board.


An expert consultant whose expertise lies in SAP SD processes can help configure the SD module to manage orders more efficiently, speed up sales processes, and drive better customer service and satisfaction.


Our expert SAP WM consultants configure the Warehouse Management (WM) and Extended Warehouse Management (EWM) modules to improve and optimize warehouse operations, including inbound and outbound processes like picking, packing, and shipping.

They can also facilitate integrations between EWM and other SAP modules and external systems to create a more efficient end-to-end supply chain management solution, improve inventory accuracy, and reduce costs.

4) SAP Manufacturing

An expert SAP PP consultant can help companies streamline their production and resource planning and scheduling processes to increase efficiency and reduce total production costs over time.

And, with an expert consultant who specializes in all things SAP Manufacturing, customers can configure and customize their manufacturing modules to align with production processes and manufacturing requirements to streamline production planning, execution, and quality control tasks across the entire supply chain.

Our SAP Manufacturing experts can also offer valuable insight and guidance to help facilitate seamless and efficient integrations with other SAP modules, like Supply Chain Management or Sales and Distribution. This provides better visibility across the entire production lifecycle and creates a more engaging end-to-end manufacturing process for employees and customers.

5) SAP SuccessFactors

Our SAP SuccessFactors experts can help customers configure the platform to align with the client’s HR processes and ensure efficient talent management, performance tracking, and development for users.

And, with expert guidance, users can also know they’re leveraging their SuccessFactors solution properly, facilitating better employee productivity, engagement, and retention in the long run.

Technical Areas of SAP Expertise


Our technical experts can help with SAP Advanced Business Application Programming (ABAP) by designing, configuring, and customizing ABAP programs and integrations to meet the client’s needs and enhance the core functionality of their SAP system.

They also offer expertise in system performance and optimization, bug management, and integration with other systems to ensure ABAP apps operate as expected and technical issues are addressed and resolved efficiently and effectively.

2) SAP Fiori

Our expert SAP Fiori consultants can help customers simplify their SAP Fiori environment by designing, configuring, and implementing user-friendly interfaces and intuitive Fiori applications, tailoring solutions to meet business requirements, and improving system and employee productivity.

And, with extensive knowledge in Fiori app integration, expert consultants can build and manage stronger, more efficient integrations to ensure seamless data transfer, access, and management across devices, platforms, systems, and organizations. 

Our SAP Fiori experts can also help users build and leverage mobile applications to access important data and complete tasks, whenever and wherever they need them.

3) SAP BW and BW/4HANA

On one hand, an experienced SAP BW expert can facilitate the creation and implementation of efficient data models, extract-transfer-load (ETL) processes, and data transformations, and ensure data is managed, transferred, and stored in a way that meets the analytical and reporting needs of each organization.

On the other, our BW/HANA experts can help users make the move from SAP BW to BW/4HANA and leverage in-memory computing, data modeling, and data processing functions to analyze data more efficiently, optimize data flows for SAP HANA, and improve the accuracy of business analytics and reports over time.

4) SAP Security/GRC

With the help of an expert SAP Security consultant, businesses are enabled to plan and conduct security assessments, identify areas of improvement, and implement well-defined security measures to keep data safe and secure, no matter what.

And, when it comes to managing Governance, Risk, and Compliance (GRC) initiatives and requirements, our expert SAP consultants can help streamline user access controls, manage risks, and ensure adherence to internal policies and industry regulations over time.

5) SAP Basis

An expert SAP Basis consultant can provide expertise in system monitoring, troubleshooting, and performance tuning to ensure technical issues are resolved efficiently and effectively and system downtime is minimized for more consistent business processes.

With our team of SAP Basis consultants, companies can facilitate better system implementation, configuration, and maintenance processes, including the use of databases and application servers, to ensure top-notch system stability and performance in the long run.

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