Surety Systems takes a “no bull, no bias, no breadcrumbs” approach to Epic IT consulting, meaning that we’re not here to try to sell you any additional licenses or complete projects just to meet our bottom line and then leave your team hanging out to dry.

Read on to learn where our Epic consulting services can have a place in your organization.

The Surety Systems Advantage

The Surety team is committed to finding the “best fit” consultant for your project needs, NOT working just to fill a position or get the most convenient option on board. Our internal employees and our Epic IT consulting services produce the technical skills and functional expertise needed to help you manage your Epic landscape in a way that enhances engagement, improves productivity, and makes the most of your IT investment over time.

Here are a few key advantages of choosing our team at Surety Systems over other, traditionally managed services firms…

Time-and-Materials Services

Our Epic IT consulting teammates operate on a time-and-materials basis, meaning that instead of having extra project management fees tacked on at the end of a project or paying for unnecessary overhead costs, your team only pays for the actual hours worked.

From needing a technical developer to work 40+ hours every week to configure your Epic solution to meet specific requirements in each department, an Epic expert handle 20 hours of data management and report writing work per month, or a team of Epic professionals to handle multiple projects with different durations over time, we’ve got the right fit for you.

Your Project, Your Way

Your technology. Your priorities. Our expertise. That’s the name of the game with us.

Our Epic IT consulting team at Surety Systems believes that the only way to complete projects on time, maintain project budgets over time, and optimize the functionality of your Epic solutions is by using the best people, tools, and resources for the job.

We keep your project management needs at the top of our priority list to ensure that our Epic consultants have the bandwidth to handle even your most complex implementation, integration, or upgrade needs and see each project through to the finish line.

Better Turnaround Times

Our team understands that when an urgent project need arises, you don’t always have all the time in the world to find a full-time employee for the job or the strength to handle project management tasks with internal resources.

We guarantee faster turnaround times to ensure project needs are met quickly and efficiently without having to trade in quality of work for timeliness in the process. This way, your organization can maximize value within your Epic solution and never miss a beat!

Specialized Consulting Services

Do you need a consultant that specializes in integrations between Epic Hyperspace and Hyperdrive? Or maybe you need support in specific areas of the product, like the Epic Beaker, Epic Willow, or Epic Ambulatory applications?

Wherever your Epic project needs lie, our team of consultants has the right skills and experience to do the job and lead you to project success with flying colors.

How Can Our Epic Consultants Help?

1) Implementation Help

Managing an Epic implementation project can seem daunting for healthcare organizations who lack the right resources and personnel for the job…

But, with the help of our team of Epic implementation consultants, your organization can not only leverage an informal discovery session to determine the right Epic modules and applications for your needs, but also properly plan steps for a successful implementation, build functional project teams, and optimize implementation processes from start to finish.

Outlining well-defined implementation objectives and creating well-structured project plans to lead internal teams through an entire Epic implementation project can make or break your success from Day One. So, ensuring your project team (complete with our top-notch Epic IT consultants) is prepared for implementation and project objectives are properly outlined is an essential step in the process.

2) Post Go-Live Support

The work doesn’t stop as soon as your Epic implementation reaches its Go-Live date…

Our team of Epic consultants understands that support for Epic modules, applications, and integrations with other tools continues long after the initial Go-Live date. We offer specialized Epic consulting services that provide the tools and resources to complete tasks and enhance the functionality of your Epic solutions whenever and wherever they’re needed.

And, by working closely with your project team throughout your full implementation timeline and providing continued post Go-Live support, we can help healthcare clients like you make the most of your Epic IT investment in the long run.

3) EHR Transformation

When it comes to making the most of your IT investment, staying up-to-date with the latest and greatest features in the Epic environment is something that should not be overlooked.

Epic Systems releases quarterly software updates designed to offer advanced functionality, system enhancements, or new capabilities that simplify data management within Epic and help customers maximize the value of their Epic applications in the long run.

Our Epic IT consultants has the technical and functional skills needed to not only help your team understand the guidelines and requirements for an Epic upgrade, but they can also draw upon industry best practices to help you manage changes to your Epic infrastructure, save valuable time and money, and ensure resources are allocated properly across teams, departments, and locations.

4) Integration Support

Connecting your Epic applications to other external systems or business applications through tools like FHIR Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) or HL7 Interfaces can improve functionality across the board for your organization.

But, too often, internal teams don’t fully understand the steps needed to properly integrate systems or lack the right resources to take on a complex integration project on their own.

Surety’s Epic IT consultants are here to help your team understand how to optimize EHR capabilities through seamless integrations between technologies, outline specific data exchange methods to meet your Epic needs, and provide additional support to expand functionality and improve outcomes across the board.

5) Employee Training

Whether you’re implementing Epic systems for the first time, adding new solutions to your existing Epic environment, or upgrading your applications to the latest version of Epic, ensuring your internal employees understand their roles and responsibilities within each area of the solution is critical to your success.

And, that’s exactly where our team of Epic consultants comes in to help.

Your employees are the ones who will be using the Epic solutions day in and day out, so efficiently conducting training sessions for employees, scheduling periodic check-in, and continually ensuring employees across teams and departments are on the same page is a make or break factor for your organization.

We’re here to help you find the most efficient way to train employees and ensure your organization (and each employee) gets the greatest value-add possible from Epic training.

6) Mergers and Acquisitions

Let’s say, for example, ABC Health System recently acquired a cluster of smaller healthcare organizations that will now be a part of the larger group of healthcare systems.

Prior to the acquisition, ABC Health System underwent a massive Epic implementation project for a full suite of Epic modules and applications that involved all teams, areas of the organization, and facility locations. The smaller healthcare providers acquired by ABC Health System previously ran other systems to manage their patient data, but once the acquisition process began, it was apparent they needed an EHR transformation…

In a situation like this, having someone on your team who understands all the ins and outs of Epic systems to help navigate challenges when bringing old and new systems together, monitor data migration from one organization to the other, and train your internal employees is critical to your success.

Our team of Epic consultants understands how important it is to ensure everyone is on the same page when it comes to operating their (old or new) Epic applications properly and efficiently, which is why we offer specialized support to handle even your most complex M&A project needs.

7) Day-to-Day Support

Once your Go-Live date passes and your teams are all set up with their new Epic modules and applications, there is still more “in-the-weeds” work to be done to keep the system operating in tip-top shape.

From managing Epic optimization efforts across your organization to adding new users to your internal Epic system, finding the best ways to leverage new features and capabilities within your Epic system, or completing baseline maintenance checks to ensure your Epic applications are operating properly and efficiently, our team of Epic consultants is here to help.

By placing a greater focus on day-to-day operations and optimization tasks, your organization can not only ensure that your most valuable patient data is managed, stored, and exchanged properly, but you can also continue to find new ways to improve process and workflow efficiency to keep your Epic applications operating at peak performance.

Getting Started with Us

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