Effective management of community development and regulatory processes is essential for public sector organizations to ensure streamlined operations and compliance.

Infor Community Development and Regulation (CDR) is a powerful solution designed to automate and optimize these processes, providing a comprehensive platform for managing permits, inspections, code enforcement, and more. By integrating advanced features for workflow automation, data management, and citizen engagement, Infor CDR empowers municipalities to enhance service delivery, improve transparency, and support sustainable community growth.

This article explores the key functionalities and benefits of Infor CDR, highlighting how it helps public sector organizations efficiently manage development activities and regulatory requirements.

Key Takeaways

  • Infor CDR is a comprehensive solution for public-sector agencies. It facilitates land management, licensing, compliance, and inter-departmental communication to enhance transparency and citizen engagement.
  • The software includes key features such as land use planning, permitting and licensing, and code enforcement, which are essential for effectively managing public sector operations and ensuring regulatory compliance.
  • Infor CDR’s cloud-based platform offers significant benefits, including scalability, mobility, and easy access. This makes it a versatile and long-term solution for public sector management while providing extensive customization options to meet specific organizational needs.

Essential Guide to Infor CDR for Public Sector Users

Illustration of public sector management

Infor CDR is a comprehensive solution for public sector agencies, offering insight into all active services and processes within a communal zone. This includes land management, issuing licenses and permits, enforcing compliance with federal regulations, and facilitating communication between various government departments. Infor CDR facilitates efficient management of economic development and regulatory requirements by providing a unified platform that handles all aspects of regulatory processes, including applications, reviews, hearings, inspections, and fees.

The integrated set of tools Infor CDR provides is designed explicitly for government operations, aiming to improve service delivery and citizen engagement. With support for document sharing across different government agencies, Infor CDR ensures transparency in government planning, making information accessible to all citizens and businesses within the community.

Understanding Infor Public Sector CDR

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Infor Public Sector CDR is designed to streamline government processes by providing a suite of tools for:

  • Land management
  • Permits
  • Licenses
  • Code enforcement

It offers complete visibility over all active services and industry-specific processes within a communal zone, ensuring that all regulatory requirements are met while facilitating better communication between government departments. This level of integration supports the sharing of important documents and information, thereby enhancing transparency and collaboration.

Through efficient economic development and management of regulatory requirements, Infor Public Sector CDR enhances service delivery and citizen engagement. It handles every aspect of regulatory processes, including:

  • Applications
  • Reviews
  • Hearings
  • Inspections
  • Fees

Infor Public Sector CDR offers integrated tools designed for government operations. This comprehensive approach ensures that public sector agencies can operate more effectively and responsively, ultimately benefiting the communities they serve.

Key Features of Infor Public Sector CDR

Land use planning in community development illustration

Infor Public Sector CDR is equipped with a wide range of features to meet the diverse needs of government operations. The software includes functionalities for Land Use Planning, Permitting & Licensing, and Code Enforcement, each designed to manage specific aspects of public sector management effectively. Additionally, the suite offers tools for project management, regulatory enforcement, and mobile field automation, ensuring that all tasks can be handled seamlessly.

The software’s robust citizen self-service features and GIS enablement enhance accessibility and efficiency in community services. Digital plan review tools streamline processes such as inspections and fee management, while customizable reporting and analysis tools allow municipalities to adapt the system to their unique needs. These features collectively make Infor Public Sector CDR an indispensable tool for any public sector entity looking to modernize and improve its operations.

Land Use Planning

Infor Public Sector CDR stands out in land use planning, offering a comprehensive suite of tools for tracking and managing land use policies and activities. The software facilitates land management activities, including mapping and project management, ensuring that all aspects of land use are handled efficiently. By supporting various data structures like properties, assets, and parcels, Infor CDR can be tailored to meet specific requirements, making it a versatile tool for any public sector entity.

These land use planning tools are crucial for community development, allowing agencies to comprehensively manage and monitor land-related activities. Whether tracking zoning changes, managing development projects, or maintaining up-to-date maps, Infor CDR provides the tools to ensure that land use policies are implemented effectively and transparently.

Permitting & Licensing

Efficient regulatory compliance is fundamental in public sector management, and Infor CDR’s permitting and license features cater to this requirement. The software includes functionalities for:

  • Issuing and managing permits and licenses
  • Enabling agencies to handle regulatory tasks with ease
  • Creating permits against various entities like addresses, parcels, assets, and properties
  • Defining the scope of each permit

Infor CDR supports customizable review processes, allowing agencies to tailor review types and assign permissions as needed. Inspection types can be defined and conditionally added throughout the workflow, ensuring thorough evaluations at every project stage. With digital plan checks, electronic plan reviews, and flexible fee calculations, Infor CDR streamlines the entire permitting and licensing process, making it more efficient and user-friendly.

Code Enforcement

Any public sector agency must maintain community standards, and Infor CDR’s code enforcement tools support this objective. The software offers features that help enforce and maintain community codes and regulations effectively. With tools designed to meet everyday code enforcement needs, agencies can ensure that community standards are consistently upheld.

Infor CDR enhances regulation enforcement with mobile field automation, streamlining operations for on-site tasks. This mobile capability allows enforcement officers to access and update information in real time, improving the efficiency and accuracy of their work.

Benefits of Using Infor Public Sector CDR

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Infor Public Sector CDR offers numerous benefits, making it an invaluable tool for local governments. One of the primary advantages is increased efficiency, as the software streamlines processes and makes it easier to manage community development and regulatory tasks. Additionally, Infor CDR improves cost recovery and increases revenue from permits, helping local governments better meet their financial targets.

Infor CDR offers the following benefits for local governments:

  • Enhances collaboration and maximizes fee collection
  • Improves overall financial performance
  • Provides a comprehensive solution that addresses various aspects of public sector management
  • Helps local governments operate more effectively and responsively

Improved Efficiency

Automating routine tasks and reducing manual data entry is critical to efficiency in public sector management, areas in which Infor CDR excels. This automation minimizes errors and saves time, allowing staff to focus on higher-value activities. Infor CDR significantly enhances overall efficiency by transforming community development and regulatory processes to meet current and future needs.

The software also helps local governments meet financial targets by increasing revenue from permits and improving cost recovery during fluctuating development activity. This increased efficiency boosts productivity and ensures that public sector entities can manage their resources more effectively.

Enhanced Communication

Infor CDR fosters enhanced communication within public sector entities by:

  • Unifying different government departments into a single system
  • Facilitating better data sharing and collaboration across teams and departments
  • Ensuring that all departments have access to the information they need
  • Providing a centralized platform to enable better inter-departmental communication

Additionally, the software provides regulatory and code enforcement tools, improving government transparency and citizen engagement. This enhanced communication ensures that all stakeholders, including citizens, are well-informed and can participate actively in community development processes.

Customization Options

The extensive customization options of Infor CDR enable public sector agencies to adapt the software to their specific needs and processes. With customizable workflows, the system can handle various application processes within an organization. Custom Workflow Logic in IPS can manage form validations, automated data population, and event-triggered actions, ensuring that the software meets specific needs.

Users can also add custom forms, such as Detail Pages and Grids, for additional data collection, enhancing the user interface and functionality. Infor CDR includes built-in questions that can be customized or added to ensure all necessary information is collected during the application process. These customization options make the software a versatile tool that can adapt to the unique needs of any public sector entity.

Cloud-Based Solutions

The cloud-based platform of Infor CDR brings several benefits, such as easy access, mobile capabilities, and scalability. By deploying the software as a SaaS solution, agencies can avoid the need for additional hardware, making it easier to access and use the software from anywhere. This mobility ensures that staff can perform their tasks efficiently, regardless of location.

The cloud-based nature of Infor CDR offers the following benefits:

  • Intuitive user interface
  • Streamlined workflows
  • Highly scalable system that can grow with the needs of the agency
  • Long-term solution for effective public sector management
  • Integration of web-based services for streamlined communication, collaboration, and efficiency

Getting Started with Infor Public Sector CDR

To start with Infor CDR, organizations must meet system requirements, follow the installation procedure, and configure the software to align with their public sector entity’s specific needs. The implementation process includes customizing workflows, milestones, and logs to optimize performance and reduce maintenance costs. Infor provides extensive training resources and support services to assist new users in learning how to use the software effectively.

Integrating Infor CDR with existing systems ensures a seamless operation and consolidated data management across different functions and departments. This integration is crucial for leveraging existing data and processes, allowing for a more streamlined and efficient operation across various public sector departments. Following these steps will enable agencies to quickly and effectively implement Infor CDR to enhance their operations.

Implementation Process

Implementing Infor CDR requires setting up individual workflows for each application process, a step that curtails maintenance costs and elevates user experience. Milestones in IPS represent stages in the workflow, such as:

  • Intake
  • Reviews
  • Payment
  • Inspections
  • Issuance
  • Closed

These milestones are customized per application type. IPS logs are used to record notes, trigger events, and track application progress through milestones, ensuring a smooth and efficient implementation process.

By configuring workflows and milestones to suit specific organizational needs, agencies can ensure that the software operates optimally and meets their unique requirements. This tailored implementation process is crucial for maximizing the benefits of Infor CDR and ensuring that it effectively supports the agency’s goals.

Training and Support

Infor provides a broad range of training resources and support services, assisting new users in effectively utilizing the software. New users have access to online tutorials and a comprehensive user manual, which provide detailed instructions on using the software. Additionally, Infor offers a series of introductory webinars to help new users get acquainted with the software.

Infor also hosts regular training workshops and webinars to keep users updated on new features and best practices. Users have access to a knowledge base that includes FAQs, articles, and troubleshooting guides, ensuring they have all the information they need to use the software effectively. Infor provides 24/7 technical support through multiple channels, including live chat, email, and phone assistance.

Integration with Existing Systems

Integrating Infor CDR with existing systems is vital to utilize current data and processes, facilitating a more streamlined and efficient operation across different public sector departments. Infor CDR is designed to be compatible with a wide range of existing systems, ensuring that public sector entities can continue to use their current tools while benefiting from the additional features of CDR.

The software supports integration with traditional databases and other legacy systems, facilitating a smoother transition and ensuring no critical data is lost. Infor CDR offers a comprehensive suite of APIs, allowing seamless integration with other systems and making it easier for developers to connect various applications. Integration tools Infor provides can help customize connections to specialized software or databases that may be unique to certain public sector entities.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Infor Public Sector CDR?

Infor Public Sector CDR is a comprehensive software solution that helps public sector agencies manage land use, permits, licenses, and regulatory compliance while also facilitating economic development and regulatory enforcement.

How does Infor Public Sector CDR improve efficiency?

Infor Public Sector CDR improves efficiency by automating routine tasks, reducing manual data entry, and transforming community development and regulatory processes to meet current and future needs. This allows staff to focus on higher-value activities and better manage resources.

Can Infor Public Sector CDR be customized to meet specific needs?

Yes, Infor Public Sector CDR can be customized extensively to tailor the software to public sector agencies’ unique requirements and processes.

What are the benefits of Infor CDR's cloud-based platform?

The benefits of Infor CDR’s cloud-based platform include easy access, mobile capabilities, scalability, and an intuitive user interface. These features lead to improved collaboration and streamlined communication, making it an ideal solution for public sector management.

How can I get started with Infor Public Sector CDR?

To get started with Infor Public Sector CDR, you must meet system requirements, follow the installation procedure, configure the software based on your needs, and integrate it with existing systems. Infor offers training resources and support services to help new users.