It’s no secret that people are the heartbeat of any successful organization. Your employees work to drive business growth and revenue every day, and the better you know them, the better you can keep them happy, motivated, and working at their fullest potential. This is where talent management can come into play.

Workday Talent and Performance helps companies manage their most important asset—their employees. From hiring the right people to ensuring they’re performing at their best, Workday Talent and Performance can do it all.

In this article, we’ll cover the features and functionality of WD Talent and Performance that make it such a useful solution and how it can benefit any organization. Let’s get started.

Overview of Workday Talent and Performance

Workday Talent and Performance is a talent acquisition and performance management solution created for human resource (HR) teams. It helps align your workforce with the company’s goals, gives you insights into your worker’s key talent information, and manages key talent transactions to grow the business and help you make better decisions.

Key product areas include:

  • Career Planning and Development
  • Embedded Analytics
  • Performance Management
  • Survey Campaigns
  • Talent Marketplace
  • Talent Profile Management
  • Talent Review Documentation & Talent Cards

Not only does WD Talent and Performance provide important performance management employee insights to help maintain productivity and engagement, but it also has the ability to integrate with your other workforce management systems, like accounting and finance, to ensure your organization is operating as effectively as possible. With Workday’s all-encompassing talent management system, your employees will be able to better manage their data, assess their core skills, complete a talent review, check in with their goals, and so much more.

WD Talent and Performance keeps the focus where it should be – your employees.

Understanding the Need for Workday Talent and Performance

Workday Talent and Performance offers intelligent capabilities to improve employee performance, facilitate better succession planning, and enhance skill development across teams.

Here are a few examples:

  1. Goal Management: Workday allows organizations to set and track individual and team goals, aligning them with overall company objectives.
  2. Performance and Talent Review: The system supports ongoing performance feedback and formal performance review processes. It provides tools for managers and employees to collaborate on evaluations.
  3. 360-Degree Feedback: Workday often includes features for collecting feedback from multiple sources, such as peers, subordinates, and managers, providing a more comprehensive view of an employee’s performance.
  4. Learning and Development: Workday can be integrated with learning management systems to manage employee training and development programs.
  5. Succession Planning: Workday often provides tools for organizations to identify and nurture talent within the company, helping with succession planning and ensuring a pipeline of qualified individuals for key roles.

Why is Workday Talent and Performance Important?

Here are a few critical reasons to consider implementing Workday Talent and Performance into your existing technical landscape:

Change Management

Workday’s reporting capabilities and easy-to-navigate dashboard make assessing employee productivity, worker skills and capabilities, and areas for improvement easier, helping you make better decisions when it comes to change in the workplace. Increased insights are possible with the Workday talent management solution. More data leads to a more informed business process that’s focused on achieving organizational goals and strategic objectives. And, who doesn’t want that, right?

Increased Engagement

If you want your organization to be as successful as possible, everyone needs to be on the same page. Most employees and managers would say this is true, but too often, workforces are scattered, and individual goals, objectives, and initiatives do not align with those of the company as a whole. Workday changes this. With easy-to-understand feedback and continually updated performance ratings, employees are able to engage more with their own data, leading to a more cohesive, engaged team, regardless of individual titles, responsibilities, or tenure.

Workforce Development

Employee turnover is inevitable, but there are two main things your organization can do to stay afloat when employees shift roles or leave the company.

  • Consult internal candidate pools to fill the gap
  • Focus on employee development and competency

Periodic assessments of your employees’ skills, productivity, mindset, and future goals will help them understand the extent of their potential and will help you realize the value of a strong, cohesive workforce.

Of course, if workers still decide to change jobs or leave your organization for whatever reason, you’ll still have to find new ways to maintain a well-developed workforce. This is where internal candidate pools come into play. With WD Talent insights, these candidate groups are automatically updated in the system and are based on individual interests and preferences and feedback, helping hiring managers make a quick decision on the best fit for the organization and its needs.

Features of Workday Talent and Performance

Now, let’s dive deeper into some of the features of WD Talent and Performance. 

Talent Profile Management 

One of the best places to look for new talent is within your organization. Workday’s talent management capabilities use your core HR data on employee skills and experience to help you tap into your existing talent pools. Employees can improve their data (and their chance at a new career opportunity) by updating their skills and career interests at any time. This information helps you search talent pools and secure internal employees for new positions or projects that might be a good fit.

Survey Campaigns 

Workday surveys are a great tool to help with productivity and decision-making. Create and distribute surveys to your workforce to help them understand their views and experiences on topics that matter to the company. Employees can complete the forms from any device, helping with completion. And once you’ve captured the information, the survey dashboard allows administrators to monitor the campaign and data from one location. 

Career and Development Planning

Finding the right employees is only the start of the HR journey—retaining them is even more important. Luckily, there are several features of WD Talent and Performance Management that allow you to engage employees with career and development planning. The tool can help employees learn from each other through mentors and connections, allowing employees to develop relationships with their colleagues, share knowledge, and feel more connected. 

You can also give employees a way to see their next internal career move with opportunity graphs. These illustrate transitions from a specific job profile to help employees envision the opportunities and develop skills to make the leap forward. Workday also allows employees to give feedback, named or anonymous, at any time.

Workday Talent Marketplace

To take career and development planning to the next level, Workday offers a Talent Marketplace. This helps connect employees to opportunities based on their skills, empowering them to grow. The tool uses machine learning technology to assess their fitness for a role, creating a direct line to that opportunity.

Benefits of Workday Talent and Performance

WD Talent and Performance allows organizations to make meaningful changes and continuously develop their workforce. Here are just a few of the key benefits of the solution:  

  • A single solution for your human capital management (HCM), compensation, recruiting, learning, workforce planning, and talent system means you can say goodbye to expensive and clunky integrations.
  • Reporting and analytics functionality on employee strengths and interests, skill gaps, and retention risks gives you better information, allowing you to make smarter business decisions and simplify your succession planning responsibilities for the future.
  • Regular check-ins and feedback from employees and managers ensure the lines of communication and collaboration are kept open. 

Getting Started with Workday 

Employees are the most valuable assets an organization has, and their knowledge and experience can’t be replaced easily. If you’re ready to invest in your people, WD Talent and Performance is the solution for you. 

Surety Systems has a senior-level Workday consulting team ready to provide you with everything from full-service implementations to integration services to simply general Workday support. We’ve included a sample profile of one of our top Talent and Performance consultants to give you an idea of what to expect when partnering with us.

Surety Senior Talent and Performance Consultant

  • 7+ years of Workday experience
  • Workday certified in HCM, Talent & Performance Management and Core Compensation
  • Acted as a Lead in multiple global deployments for Talent & Performance management 
  • Experienced with custom reporting, integration support, and testing 
  • Well-versed in data loading via iLoads and EIBs

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Whether you have specific WD Talent and Performance Management needs or just need an extra hand to help you navigate through your Workday system, we have the experts to help you get it done successfully.

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