Workday OfficeConnect from Workday Adaptive Planning provides a powerful solution for integrating Workday data with Microsoft Office and Adaptive Insights, empowering users to leverage the strengths of both platforms and enhancing productivity, reporting, and decision-making capabilities.

This article will explore the key components and capabilities of the Office Connect solution, as well as provide better insight into where our team of Workday consultants can come in to help optimize your reporting functions and maximize your overall investment.

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What is Workday OfficeConnect?

Workday OfficeConnect is a solution designed to help Workday Adaptive Planning and Financial Management users create key financial reports, improve data analysis and management, and integrate important financial data from Workday into core Excel functionality.

With the OfficeConnect tool, organizations in any industry can leverage preconfigured data analytics and reporting models in Workday to improve data consolidation and generate more accurate financial reports to meet their financial data management needs.

Key OfficeConnect Functions in Workday

Here are a few of the main capabilities of Workday’s OfficeConnect solution…

1) Data Analysis and Reporting

OfficeConnect offers intuitive self-service reports and drag-and-drop features, making it easier for employees to run reports, analyze report results, and gain better insight into overall organizational performance. Workday Adaptive Planning simplifies creating, maintaining, and sharing operational and financial KPIs and insights.

This way, users can create, manage, leverage, and share key financial and operational metrics to enhance business performance performance and productivity over time.

2) Integration with Microsoft Office

Workday’s OfficeConnect tool provides the functionality needed to integrate core Workday Adaptive Planning and Financial Management functions with the Microsoft Office suite, including Word, PowerPoint, and Excel functions.

This connectivity simplifies data management and offers comprehensive reports across systems, leading to more informed business decisions and better business outcomes over time.

3) Report Migration

Workday OfficeConnect makes it easier than ever to make your existing financial reports live and migrate existing reports to new spaces without the need to rebuild each report every time.

With this tool, data is automatically refreshed, and previously created complex calculations, charts, and formatting options are carried over more easily and efficiently.

4) One-Click Refresh

Workday Adaptive Planning features a one-click refresh function in OfficeConnect that allows users to complete tasks and update data groups with just one click, including changing periods in a report, updating page headers, and watching other fields and metrics automatically update across every selected document.

5) History of Metrics

With the cell explorer feature in Workday OfficeConnect, users can analyze source data and preconfigured formulas to calculate required metrics and view notes, sources, accounts, and formulas associated with each report.

This tool also provides a comprehensive audit trail, making it easier for users to view the full history of the data and review changes made to reports for better visibility across the board.

6) Repeating Reports

Workday OfficeConnect helps companies ensure any report date is accurate and up-to-date by offering advanced features to automate report generation functions, reduce the risk of human error, and save time previously spent on completing manual tasks.

And, pre-built connection with Workday Adaptive Planning and Financial Management makes it easier for users to access and view valuable data, create robust, repeating reports to facilitate more efficient worksheet duplication, and improve overall data accuracy.

7) Advanced Filters

Workbook filters can be accessed through the Filters tab, and worksheet filters are available as a separate icon in the ribbon or in the Reporting Task tab. These filters can be applied to each worksheet as needed or the entire workbook.

Workbook properties filters make it easier for users to find the data they need and access specific reports more efficiently and effectively, allowing them to spend time on more important tasks.

Main Advantages of the OfficeConnect Solution

Let’s take a closer look at a few of the key benefits of Workday OfficeConnect for users…

Real-time data connectivity

With OfficeConnect, users can access real-time data from Workday directly within their Microsoft Word documents and Excel.

This connectivity ensures that the information displayed in spreadsheets, presentations, and reports is always up to date, eliminates the need for manual data updates, and reduces the risk of human errors in the data.

Enhanced reporting and analytics

OfficeConnect provides robust reporting and analytics capabilities, allowing users to leverage Excel functionality to create dynamic and interactive reports, perform data analysis, gain adaptive insights, and visualize Workday data in intelligent charts and graphs.

With better data accessibility and visibility, organizations can drive better decision-making and extract actionable insights from Workday.

Streamlined workflows

The OfficeConnect solution simplifies, streamlines, and automates various business processes, including data management, report generation, and more.

With this tool, users can easily import and export data between Workday and Office applications, eliminating the need for manual data entry or copy-pasting and saving valuable time and money in the long run.

Customization and flexibility

Workday OfficeConnect allows users to customize reports, templates, and data layouts to meet their specific needs and create reports and documents that align with unique organizational and branding requirements.

User-friendly interface

OfficeConnect offers an intuitive, user-friendly interface that makes it easy for technical and non-technical users to work with Workday data within Microsoft Office applications, minimizing the learning curve and driving more widespread user adoption across teams.

How Can We Help?

Whether you need help integrating the OfficeConnect application into your Workday ecosystem, an extra hand defining a Workbook properties filter related to a custom dimension, adaptive insights, or additional support using OfficeConnect, Workday Adaptive Planning, and Workbook properties to enhance business performance across teams, Surety Systems is here to help.

Our team of senior-level Workday consultants has the skills and experience needed to help leverage your Workday Adaptive Planning and Financial Management solutions more efficiently and drive better business outcomes in the long run.

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