In today’s business world, one of the critical elements of creating and maintaining a fulfilled and rich workforce is employee engagement.

Workday Journeys is a concept included in the Workday Human Capital Management suite that encompasses the path employees navigate as they shape their daily work experiences and the strategies that help professionals thrive in a modern global workforce.

Read on to learn more about Workday Journeys and how our senior-level Workday consultants can help your organization succeed.

What is Workday People Experience (PEX)?

Workday People Experience (PEX) is an add-on to drive better engagement and enhance the employee experience. Workday PEX offers personalized in-app dashboards, user-friendly user interfaces (UI), guided user assistance, and other self-service tools to improve collaboration, streamline HR processes, and empower employees to perform better.

Workday uses machine learning (ML) functionality to provide a tailored experience for every user, covering everything from career development advice to personalized content and on-demand responses to HR and payroll questions. With Workday PEX, users have access to tools that predict their needs and ensure they’re met, saving valuable time and reducing administrative burdens in the process.

Workday PEX has four major elements:

  • Workday Today
  • Workday Journeys
  • Workday Assist
  • Workday Help

What is Workday Journeys?

Workday Journeys supports staff members by streamlining HR case management and critical moments and transitions in the employee lifecycle, such as job changes, onboarding, performance management, maternity leave, and promotions. HR teams can target employees based on their job, management level, or location and leverage that information and other relevant insights from Workday to improve decision-making.

Capabilities of Workday Journeys

Here are the four main capabilities of Workday Journeys for business users:

1. Meaningful Employee Engagement

Going above and beyond to personalize user experiences can go a long way. The most trusted and liked applications are the ones that go the extra mile to provide a personal and meaningful experience for users, regardless of what role they’re in or which tasks they’re assigned to. Workday Journeys is an intelligent application that does just that. 

To ensure employees feel supported, core engagement activities must be intuitive, personalized, suggestion-driven, and accurate—whether someone is asking for time off or getting ready for a significant career shift.

2. Exceptional Productivity and Engagement Experiences

Despite the abundance of information and productivity tools available, consistent productivity can be difficult for many employees. 

While they have quite a few productivity tools at their disposal, it can sometimes be tricky to find the right tools to use for each task, making it harder for employees to navigate the tools and potentially leading to more frustration down the line. With a pre-built, user-friendly interface in Workday Journeys, organizations can design outstanding employee experiences tailored to the needs of each employee or team. 

Employees can access a single tailored experience for increased productivity and engagement, from a concierge-style journey with suggestions and steps to succeed in their work, instant access to payslips or rewards outside of Workday, or anything in between.

3. No-Code Design

Workday Journeys simplifies the experience design process, making it easier for organizations to provide user experiences that are easy to navigate and require no code to create. Journeys and cards can be copied, configured, and launched with simple clicks rather than complex coding requirements. 

The Journeys platform is designed to be user-friendly and adaptable, allowing users to construct cards and journeys that cater to individual employee needs, regardless of their location, management status, or any other employee parameter within Workday. 

As this intelligent tooling retrieves data from Workday in real-time, the steps for each employee’s travel path are precise and relevant to whatever experience they’re attempting to create.

4. Experience Extends Beyond the Application

A combination of tools and platforms, each with unique interfaces, security features, and functionalities that can overwhelm employees in their quest for direction, make up the digital employee experience. 

By using Workday Journeys, employees benefit from a single workspace that can provide relevant insights and consolidate information and actions from several platforms in one location. 

Using REST API data and the user-friendly Workday interface, users can integrate external tasks and information into Workday, providing employees a mobile and collaborative experience accessible in one place.

Top 3 Benefits of Workday Journeys

Here are a few of the main benefits Workday Journey offers for users:

  • Create personalized cards that allow users to access tasks and data from all workplace apps in one unified platform.
  • Build personalized user experiences, similar to a concierge service that highlights actions at critical points, to improve employee engagement and performance.
  • Utilize critical HCM data to effectively generate tailored experiences (cards and journey routes) for employees.

Guided Journeys

Guided Journeys encompass numerous updates made to the Journey’s UI from the perspective of an end user. These updates consist of:

  • A new page layout design makes each step more accessible, allowing the employee to concentrate on one step at a time without feeling overwhelmed.
  • A new welcome page was created to enable organizations to express the goal(s) of each journey clearly.
  • Workday tasks now appear as pop-ups on the Journeys page, allowing users to click on each task without navigating to a different site area.
  • A comprehensive step completion view that sends notifications when users complete tasks and outlines the next steps.
  • Similar to step completion, the journey completion display also gathered feedback indicating that certain users were unsure of the completion date of a journey. On the new completion page, users can show their journey is complete and there is nothing more to accomplish for any given task.

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