If you find yourself needing a more up-to-date, intelligent software to optimize your data management and analytics efforts…

Workday Discovery Boards is your solution!

Read on to learn more about Workday’s Discovery Boards, key capabilities and advantages of the tool, as well as where our team of Workday consultants can come in to help.

What Are Workday Discovery Boards?

Workday Discovery Boards is an intuitive, analytics reporting software tool that features drag and drop tools, and can be used for data reports such as ad hoc analysis or data recovery functions.

Discovery boards enable users to make informed decisions about which analytics are right for them, quickly gather key insights, combine Workday and non-Workday data, manipulate indexed data sources, create visualizations, and encourage their entire organization to become more data driven.

Discovery boards are most likely to be built by data analysts, HR business partners, managers, team leaders, or users that are highly involved in the data analysis and reporting process.

Common Uses of Discovery Boards Are:

  • Cost of work analysis
  • Data metrics
  • Expense analysis
  • Job requisition analysis
  • And more!

Core Concepts of Workday Discovery Boards:

Intelligent Data Core:

Workforce transaction, legacy application, budget, third-party, and benchmark data have never been so easy to access with seamless integrations into a single system.

Consistent Security Model:

With this self-service model, sensitive data is always secure, and your team can obtain filtered views of reports with the Discovery Boards ad hoc analysis feature.

Augmented Analytics:

Pattern detection, graph processing, machine learning, and natural language generation are all combined to efficiently search across multiple data sources. Users can also leverage intelligent insights to gain a better understanding of their most important information.


When you opt-in for Benchmarks, you can compare your performance with other customers similar to you.

What Workday Discovery Boards Have to Offer

Intuitive Interface:

Discovery Boards were built with Workday customers in mind, and they make it easier to share and alter Workday data sources. Instead of tedious, manual work associated with traditional analytics, Workday Discovery Boards implement an intuitive drag and drop feature to simplify data source management and improve user experiences.


Creating a collection of data and stumped on a place to start? No need to worry! Workday provides users with templates to help start your Discovery Board process.

Here are some examples:

Pay Equity:

This template comes with two sheets to get you started  – one that analyzes current employee data and one that focuses on historical data.

Buyer Manager Insights:

The Buyer Manager Insights template enables users to customize visualizations, allowing for more filtered views into organizational spending and better financial decisions in the future


Integrated with Workday Learning, this template provides insights on the quality and content housed in Workday Learning.

None of these templates up your alley? Not only are there even more, but new templates are always being introduced with new releases of Workday.

2 New Report Types:

There are 2 reporting types exclusive to the Workday Discovery Board tool that will help you visualize your data points in a more effective manner.


  • Uses different colors to identify and visualize differences in data


  • Shows the progression of data over time

Collaboration Ability:

Workday Discovery Board functions make it easy for groups to share insights across teams, systems, and even organizations. You can choose from a  “View Only” mode or an “Editing” mode to allow collaboration from others. Owners of a Discovery Board in Workday can choose individuals or security groups when they’re deciding who to share data or reports with.

How We Can Help

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