Artificial intelligence has quickly become an essential part of many organizations and the lives of critical business leaders. As organizations look to enhance productivity, streamline operations, and empower their workforce, Workday AI is becoming a transformative force.

This innovative technology is reshaping how employees approach tasks, leverage data to make decisions and collaborate with colleagues to promote a new era of efficiency and effectiveness in the workplace.

Read on to learn more about the WD AI platform and where our senior-level Workday consultants can fit in your organization.

What is Workday AI?

Workday’s generative artificial intelligence (AI) approach stands out from its comprehensive platform strategy, unparalleled dataset, and dedication to providing reliable solutions that facilitate better collaboration between humans and machines.

The very core of Workday incorporates AI and machine learning (ML) functionality, allowing customers to access quality solutions for all applications across their Workday landscape. 

WD AI solutions are powered by billions of transactions completed annually, making it easier for companies to maintain a clean and comprehensive collection of financial and HR data across a global business landscape. This dataset enables AI models to produce precise, significant, and reliable business outcomes.

Key Capabilities of Workday AI

Here are a few main capabilities of AI in Workday:

Efficiently Generating Job Descriptions

An average Workday user spends a few hours creating new job descriptions as needed for new positions. With WD AI solutions, hiring managers and recruiters can create descriptions in minutes instead of hours, allowing more time to find qualified individuals rather than spend it on administrative duties.

By utilizing data already in their Workday system, like skills required for the role and the company location, users can build tailored descriptions and select the best-fit candidates for each position.

Creating Personalized Knowledge Management Articles

Trying to create content that not only engages staff members but also teaches them about corporate policies and procedures can be time-consuming and frustrating.

To write an article that is easy for staff members to understand, the author must search, read, and combine information from various sources. But, with pre-built Workday Help tools, it takes just minutes to complete what used to take hours. Generative AI capabilities and intelligent tools allow content producers to create highly customized and audience-specific pieces with the help of generative AI capabilities.

With the help of new features in WD AI, authors can enhance the article’s length or tone, work on specific sections, or even translate it to other languages to cater to a worldwide workforce.

Streamlining Collections to Quickly Recover Missing Funds

With Workday’s generative AI capabilities, finance teams can automate the creation of past-due notices with suggestions on the tone of voice and typical customer behavior

Finance teams can also use WD AI to generate letters in bulk, including past bills, depending on pre-configured rules. Core automation features allow collections agents to boost their throughput and recover unpaid accounts sooner.

Quickly Analyzing Contracts for Accurate Revenue Recognition

After sales teams successfully negotiate and win contracts, finance teams must ensure the company is billed correctly, and income is adequately recognized. And, contracts can be long and easily overlooked. Thanks to Workday’s generative AI capacity for contract analysis, customers can easily compare signed contracts to contracts in Workday Financial Management and consolidate related CRM data in one location.

Leverage Text-to-Code for Quicker Workday Extend App Development

With Workday Extend, users can create custom apps directly in Workday and operate them using the same technology, security, logic, and application components that power all other Workday applications. 

The Workday ExtendDeveloper Copilot, a human-machine teaming tool, uses generative AI to assist the development lifecycle and enable the quick development of finance and people management apps.

Developer Copilot, integrated into Workday’s App Builder, enables text-to-code creation, converting natural language into app code and significantly increasing developer productivity and customer time-to-value. 

Contextual awareness enables Developer Copilot to deliver tailored material and search results that meet developers where they are, enhancing the development process and making it easier for users to advance their skills.

Build Employee Growth Plans to Retain and Foster Talent

It’s no secret that most companies prioritize talent retention, and managers are typically in charge of professional development tasks and the creation of direct reports. With the help of this feature, managers can rapidly compile a summary of the strengths and areas of improvement across their entire workforce.

Workday offers a wealth of intelligence, including performance reviews, employee feedback, contribution objectives, skills, and more, to consolidate data in a single source of truth and streamline core business processes. 

Managers can also create and leverage transparent AI models to empower managers and other staff members and personalize the career check-in process.

Enhance the Workday User Experience With Conversational AI

To improve users’ ability to engage with tasks and information naturally, Workday also showcases some core capabilities at the intersection of conversational user interface (UI) and generative AI. This way,  Workday users can leverage generative AI functionality, like summarization, search, context maintenance, and more, to enhance productivity and improve user experiences across the organization.

Creating Statements of Work for Quicker Service Procurement

For many businesses, procurement can be a time-consuming process that involves various departments, including legal, procurement, and business teams.

To enable companies to operate more efficiently and execute business plans and priorities, companies can increase production productivity and improve the accuracy of the statement of work (SOW) clauses across teams.

Workday’s generative AI tools assist businesses in automating this process, cutting down on the time and effort needed and recommending project goals based on the nature of the project, its location, associated deliverables, and various other factors.

Top 8 Benefits of Workday AI

Here are the main benefits WD AI offers users:

Integrated AI

WD AI lies at the core of the Workday platform, enabling more robust workflows and better user experiences.

Skills Foundation

Workday encourages organizations to utilize a skills-based approach at each step of the talent lifecycle.

Considerate Approach

Workday uses generative AI and machine learning capabilities to provide accelerated business value and drive better outcomes.

High-Quality Data

Workday’s AI models draw from the largest set of human resources and financial data to improve data quality, consistency, and integrity.

Large Language Models (LLMs)

Workday blends data with trustworthy third-party LLMs to curate dynamic, dependable workforce management solutions.

Responsible AI

With Workday’s ML and AI capabilities, companies can align their processes with business ethics, improve customer trust, and maintain compliance with emerging global regulations.

People-Centric Approach

Workday’s AI model helps teams improve productivity while controlling critical business decisions.

Explainable AI

Workday is open and intentional about its AI design, enabling Workday customers to control their data and train their Workday models to meet business requirements.

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