Managing warehouse operations can get a little complicated without the right resources…

But, luckily for you, this is where the Infor Warehouse Management System (Infor WMS) comes in to help. With its enhanced inventory visibility, embedded labor management tools, and improved supply chain management capabilities, Infor WMS is sure to keep your warehouse operating like a well-oiled machine no matter what.

Read on to learn more about the solution and how our senior-level Infor consultants can help your organization succeed.

Improved Warehouse Operations

Infor’s Cloud Warehouse Management system is an advanced warehouse operations management system designed to help businesses improve warehouse operations and supply chain management operations in a single solution.

The Infor Warehouse Management System solution provides advanced features, including inventory optimization and control, order fulfillment, shipping, receiving, and more, to streamline warehouse operations for improved efficiency and enhanced customer service.

Enhanced Inventory Tracking

Infor WMS enables users to track inventory levels in real-time across multiple locations and optimize stock levels based on demand forecasting. The solution also provides powerful analytics that gives insight into key performance metrics, including productivity, cost savings, and customer satisfaction.

By leveraging the Infor CloudSuite WMS system, companies can not only gain better insight into their supply chain operations, but also improve supply chain speed, maintain accurate records of all transactions, improve core warehouse functionality, and enhance inbound and outbound optimization strategies.

Infor WMS Features to Optimize Supply Chains

  • Configurable solutions for enhanced usability and multi-site visibility
  • On-premise or cloud-based deployment options
  • Improved support for industry and business-specific processes
  • Accommodations for custom service requirements (i.e., product bundling, compliance labeling, customer-specific integrations, etc.)
  • Customized functions to manage all levels of warehouse complexity
  • Tailored user experience for improved customer productivity

Comprehensive Tools for Warehouse Management

Infor offers a comprehensive suite of tools to enable customers to optimize inventory tracking and control, manage labor more efficiently, reduce operating costs, maintain accurate transaction records, improve decision-making, and more.

Here are a few of the main tools included in the Infor WMS suite…

Labor Management

With Infor cloud WMS software, users can access and measure the efficiency of core distribution center processes through real-time metrics and labor standards in a single solution.

This, in turn, makes it easier to keep track of inventory, manage workflows, monitor equipment usage, and identify any current or potential bottlenecks.

Product Receiving and Put-Away

Infor WMS software not only supports voice and radio frequency-enabled activities, but it also offers tools to streamline mixed and multi-pallet operations throughout the warehouse.

Infor’s built-in tools allow users to maximize the speed and efficiency of their day-to-day scheduling, quality control, cross-docking, put-away, and return operations.

3D Visual Warehouse

With Infor’s 3D intuitive visual warehouse, warehouse managers and employees have the tools needed to visualize core distribution control activities, including viewing key workflows and at-risk areas, and automatically initiate corrective action to reduce delays within the system and improve operational efficiency.

Inventory Management

The Infor WMS system offers advanced inventory management with configurable shift rotation rules and license plate (LPN) controlled tracking functionality to help users optimize inventory management operations.

Infor WMS allows users to leverage real-time inventory insights to improve visibility throughout the warehouse and measure inventory cycles more efficiently.

Product Picking and Replenishment

With Infor Warehouse Management functionality, companies can leverage automated triggers and dynamic picking and replenishment capabilities to improve the rotation of stock and space utilization within your warehouse.

Infor’s WMS software also considers requirements for voice and radio-frequency, E-commerce, and allocation software to provide all the up-to-date functionality needed to efficiently pick products and manage replenishment.

3PL Billing Functions

Infor’s WMS software comes with an embedded activity-based solution that helps users not only create strategies associated with customer billing, invoicing, and costing but also enables advanced features to help multi-warehouse and multi-owner facilities keep better track of billing operations.

With embedded software, account-specific workflows, and improved traceability functions, customers can combine warehouse fulfillment and labor management features to get the most out of their technology.

Wave and Task Management

Infor WMS provides innovative graphic queries and intuitive configuration technology to help companies control and prioritize important tasks and balance workloads among employees.

With Infor’s Warehouse Management functionality, users can leverage release and escalation rules to optimize time to value, minimize cycle times, build and control shipments, and view outstanding work…all in a single solution.

How Can We Help?

Whether you need help leveraging the contemporary user interface to combine supply chain, labor, and wave management functions in one scalable database, outlining a plan for more efficient labor utilization throughout your company, or anything in between, Surety Systems is here to help.

Our team of senior-level Infor consultants has the technical knowledge and functional expertise needed to help improve the efficiency of your warehouse management systems and maximize your technological investment.

Your company. Your priorities. Our expertise. That’s the name of the game with our Infor consulting services.

Getting Started with Us

Interested in learning how Infor WMS can enhance functionality within your production, retail and food warehouses? We can help with that. Know you need a solution that will help manage multiple channels in one place, but don’t know where to begin? Our consultants have you covered there too.

And, to give you a better idea of what to expect when partnering with us, we’ve included a sample profile of one of our top-notch Infor consultants:

Surety Senior Infor WMS Consultant

  • 7 years of Supply Chain consulting experience
  • WMS, OMS, and ERP expertise
  • WMS consultant lead on a technical implementation
  • System Integration, Functional, Volume Performance, and User Acceptance Testing experience
  • Experienced in SWL, JavaScript, XML, Python, and VBA

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