When it comes to balancing financial and supply management processes, finding the right solution can seem complicated, especially if you don’t have the right resources or team in place to support you. This is where the Infor Financials & Supply Management solution (and our team of consultants) comes in to help.

Read on to learn about Infor FSM, its key capabilities, and how our consultants can lead you to success.

The Financial & Supply Management Solution You Need

Infor Financials and Supply Management (FSM) is a multi-tenant software suite that delivers advanced enterprise resource planning (ERP), financial management, and accounting solutions to improve your enterprise systems’ productivity and effectiveness without complex integrations or customized features.

Infor FSM is designed to provide innovative supply management capabilities and financial accounting and reporting functions to simplify the management of your enterprise data and help stakeholders make more strategic business decisions.

Key Benefits of Infor FSM For Your Organization

Infor’s deep industry-specific functionality and key financial and supply management capabilities enable your organization to:

  • Drive strategic business decisions and reduce total cost of ownership (TCO)
  • Use pre-built reporting capabilities, analytics, and dashboards to make better business decisions
  • Streamline procurement and sourcing functions to improve visibility and maintain compliance
  • Enhance the employee experience with centralized application access and streamlined communication channels
  • Use Platform as a Service (PaaS) capabilities and API gateways to seamlessly integrate Infor and other third-party applications and tools
  • Improve data usability, security, and governance through a unified enterprise data repository

Main Features of Infor FSM

With Infor’s FSM solution, companies can gain real-time visibility and perform intelligence-driven business processes to optimize productivity and maximize their technological investment.

Infor provides industry-specific solutions to provide an ERP solution that fits the needs of any organization, whether they’re in the healthcare industry, public sector, banking, manufacturing, or beyond.

Here are the main capabilities of both the Financials and Supply Management solutions provided by Infor:

Financial Management Software

Infor’s Financial Management software is important in helping companies improve the quality of their financial data, define unlimited attributes for key transactions, and leverage the solution’s core functionality to maximize their overall technological investment.

Here are a few of the main ways Infor FSM can help your organization:

Unlimited Attributes:

Unlimited ledgers, unlimited financial calendars, and unlimited dimension strings, what more could you want in a single solution? With this solution, your team can leverage Infor’s core functionality and flexibility to provide next-generation visibility and process management throughout your entire organization.

Billing and Receivables:

Infor Financials offers real-time visibility into customer payments to help users effectively track and manage billing disputes and improve the functionality of their cash application, credit management, and cash processing operations.

Matching and Payables:

The Infor CloudSuite Financials solution provides automated purchasing functionality for users to reduce total costs, eliminate time-consuming manual tasks, and streamline invoicing processes. This functionality helps improve vendor maintenance, reporting and compliance, and payment processing functions.

Process Management:

Whether your organization deals with close, asset, document, cash, or reconciliation management processes, Infor offers the right tools to get the job done. With this solution, your team can accurately and efficiently manage key financial processes and give you a more complete view of your business.

Supply Management Software

The Infor Supply Management software provides end-to-end functionality to help companies better manage and optimize their supply chain operations, including creating contracts, managing requisitions, streamlining RFP processes, and more.

Here are a few main capabilities of the solution:

Contract Management:

Infor’s Supply Management software allows companies to keep better track of their contracts with suppliers, reduce the amount of paperwork involved, create more efficient contract audit trails, and provide more in-depth analysis for cost modeling and spend performance.

Requisition Capabilities:

Infor FSM offers role-based functionality and mobile access to improve employee self-service options, reduce overall spend, increase the efficiency of key procurement operations, maintain compliance with procurement policies, and more.

Purchase Order Tracking:

Infor FSM’s built-in functionality allows users to easily create purchase orders (POs) from submitted and approved requisitions, efficiently track orders through the system, improve overall compliance, and effectively control indirect spend.

Inventory and Warehouse Management:

Infor offers a variety of product features that allow users to keep better track of inventoried and non-stock items, process key inventory transactions, improve the flow of goods throughout the system, and gain better visibility into order picking, tracking, and inquiry operations.

Optional SCM Add-Ons:

In addition to its core capabilities, Infor’s Supply Management solution also offers additional add-ons to further enhance the functionality of your entire Infor system. From strategic sourcing to item lifecycle management, mobile supply chain management, expense management, treasury management, and a supplier portal, Infor’s advanced add-ons have all your supply management needs covered.

How Can We Help?

Whether you need an extra hand getting rid of costly and limiting customizations within your ERP system, additional support navigating complex reporting requirements, help effectively managing your Infor FSM system, or anything in between, Surety Systems is here to help.

Our team of senior-level Infor consultants has been around the block a time or two and knows exactly what it takes to lead your team to success — the first time. Regardless of your company’s size, location, or industry, our consultants are sure to have the skills and experience needed to find a solution for your Infor Supply Management, Infor Financials, and any other Infor-related needs.

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From retailers incorporating big data into their day-to-day operations to healthcare providers pulling clinical data for full visibility throughout their organization, public sector organizations working to organize data and plan community services, or anything in between, our consultants have the right Infor knowledge and experience to help.

And, to give you a better idea of what to expect when partnering with us, we’ve included a sample profile of one of our Infor consultants:

Surety Senior Infor FSM Consultant

  • 15+ years of Lawson/Infor experience
  • Infor S3 and Cloudsuite expertise
  • Infor Testing experience for HR, PR, WFM, and Financial workstreams
  • IPA, Birst, GHR, Infor FSM & HCM, Landmark, and Configuration Console expertise
  • Security and Compliance unit testing experience
  • Healthcare, Public Sector, Manufacturing, and Banking industry experience

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