Oracle Fusion Analytics Warehouse, or Oracle FAW, represents a transformative milestone in enterprise software development. Built upon the robust foundations of Oracle’s extensive suite of business solutions, Oracle FAW offers a comprehensive and integrated approach to modern enterprise management across industry sectors.

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What is Oracle FAW?

Oracle Fusion Analytics Warehouse is a group of packaged, cloud-native solutions for Oracle HCM, ERP, SCM, and CX SaaS applications. These applications provide line-of-business users with readily available insights to improve overall decision-making. 

Oracle FAW  was created with the Oracle Analytics Cloud (OAC) and is driven by Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse, enabling users to reduce data silos and maintain a consistent view of business performance.

Data analysts and individuals in related professions can gain insights into enterprise performance to improve decision-making and drive more profitable outcomes in the future. For example, organizations can analyze data from both Finance and HR departments to assess the impact of employee performance and productivity on overall profitability.

Fusion Analytics Apps deliver role-based dashboards to view and analyze core business operations. Oracle Fusion Analytics Warehouse also minimizes cross-team analysis complexity by maintaining a standard data model and various subject areas that cover critical business processes.

Availability for Oracle Fusion Analytics Warehouse is based on Oracle services like:

  • Oracle Analytics Cloud
  • Oracle Identity Cloud Service
  • Oracle Cloud IaaS services like computing and storage
  • Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse

Oracle Fusion Analytics Warehouse empowers clients with industry-leading, AI-powered self-service analytics capabilities for data preparation, visualization, enterprise reporting, natural language processing, augmented analysis, and more.

The Oracle Fusion Analytics Warehouse utilizes an effective cache management strategy to enhance performance. It’s crucial to set up the semantic model only using the built-in tools provided by Oracle Fusion Analytics Warehouse and deploy it solely on the service instance of Oracle Fusion Analytics Warehouse. Users should avoid configuring the semantic model using external tools such as Oracle Analytics Client Tools, Oracle Analytics Administration Tool, or APIs.

Top Features of Oracle FAW

Let’s take a look at some of the key features of the Oracle FAW solution:

Cross-teams analytics

Oracle Fusion Analytics Warehouse consolidates more than 70 departmental areas in a single platform, facilitating cross-departmental analysis and delivering one shared data model by removing data silos and repetitiveness.

Quick deployment

With its no-code functionality and user-friendly configuration tools, Oracle Fusion Analytics guarantees quick implementation and reduces the need for complex ETL features or custom schema.

Embedded KPI library

Oracle Fusion Analytics has more than 2,300 ready-made KPIs, metrics, reports, and dashboards, empowering users to improve overall data management without creating or defining new metrics for each dataset.


Oracle FAW delivers various extensible elements to reduce the prolonged process of duplicating data and integrate data from external sources, such as Salesforce and SAP.

Connected and continuous

This cloud-native data platform is linked to other Oracle Cloud solutions, eliminating disruption in analysis and facilitating automatic updates when schemas are modified or new data is added.


Oracle Cloud Applications synchronize with role-based security to protect sensitive data and eliminate tedious maintenance tasks for various security profiles.

Oracle Fusion Analytics Products

Here’s a closer look at a few key products included in the  Fusion Analytics suite:

Oracle Fusion HCM Analytics

Oracle Fusion for HCM Analytics offers functionality designed specifically for managing diversity indicators, comparing compensation proposals, and analyzing team success. Human resources experts use this tool to enhance talent acquisition and retention, improve workforce and performance management, manage payroll processes, and facilitate data-driven decisions.

Oracle Fusion ERP Analytics

With Fusion Analytics ERP, procurement, project, and finance experts can gain intelligent insights from spend, general ledger, asset, and expense data. This enables users to recognize critical profitability drivers, track costs, improve payment effectiveness, and manage supply risk.

Oracle Fusion CX Analytics

Oracle Fusion for CX Analytics allows users to evaluate profitability and margin metrics, campaign effectiveness, and churn rate by consolidating marketing, service, and sales data into one comprehensive view.

Oracle Fusion SCM Analytics

Supply chain experts can retrieve insights and obtain data from Oracle Cloud SCM to boost order management, logistics, and inventory effectiveness. This includes analyzing order fulfillment, recognizing OTC bottlenecks, and identifying changes in demand trends.

Components of Oracle Fusion Analytics Warehouse

Oracle Fusion Analytics Warehouse houses the following products:

  • Oracle Fusion Analytics Warehouse Console
  • Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Identity and Access Management
  • Data Pipeline Infrastructure
  • Oracle Analytics Cloud
  • Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse

Oracle FAW contains accessible elements and extensive components that users can utilize to manage enterprise activities and performance. Although these elements are managed directly in Oracle, users can extend and modify them with the following tools…

  • Data model
  • Semantic model
  • Data Pipeline for Oracle Fusion Cloud Applications
  • Best practice materials (i.e., workbooks, reports, and key metrics)

Users can:

  • Extend the semantic model
  • Combine external data sources and information from Oracle Fusion Cloud Applications into the same Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse.
  • Import Microsoft Excel files and spreadsheets.
  • Align data sources through30+ self-service connectors instead of loading data directly in Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse.
  • Generate reports, key metrics, and dashboards for critical data sources.
  • Utilize any ETL resource or the robust Oracle Data Integrator to put data into personalized tables and schemas within Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse records.

Oracle FAW Capabilities

Data Modeling

Oracle Fusion Analytics Warehouse provides robust data modeling features, allowing users to build connections, hierarchies, and configurations that accurately depict the organization’s data environment. 

Through user-friendly tools and approaches, users can create logical and physical data models that capture the complexities of essential data elements and their role in facilitating more efficient business operations. These models are the foundation for data processing, analysis, and reporting, guaranteeing that data is arranged, formatted, and streamlined for effective handling and retrieval from any source.

Data Integration

The Oracle Fusion Analytics Warehouse solution improves overall data integration by effortlessly gathering data from various sources, thereby bridging the gap between transactional systems,  data repositories, and other external systems. 

This integration guarantees the central aggregation of relevant data, eliminates data isolation, and offers a comprehensive view of the organization’s data landscape. By providing intelligent connectors, APIs, and ETL procedures, FAW ensures the continuous ingestion, refreshment, and harmonization of data, establishing a robust groundwork for advanced analytics and actionable intelligence.

Reporting and Analytics

Oracle FAW provides users with advanced reporting and analytics features, encouraging them to extract practical insights from their data. By utilizing user-friendly interfaces and visualization tools, users can drill down into data, identify patterns, and create engaging reports and dashboards that convey key discoveries. 

FAW accommodates a range of analytical methods, including descriptive, diagnostic, predictive, and prescriptive analytics, enabling users to assess multiple business inquiries and situations in the same platform. With FAW, organizations can monitor key performance indicators (KPIs), observe business metrics in real time, and drive data-informed decisions that enhance operational effectiveness and strategic expansion.

Data Transformation

FAW simplifies data modification by providing features and tools for refining, enriching, and standardizing data. These processes refine and standardize raw data to guarantee accuracy, uniformity, and dependability. 

FAW empowers users to pinpoint and resolve data quality challenges, like absent values, duplicates, and inconsistencies, thereby boosting the integrity and credibility of the data. The FAW solution also supports data enhancement by integrating external data origins, allowing users to supplement their datasets with extra context and details for better analysis and comprehension.

Performance and Scalability

Oracle FAW is engineered to scale seamlessly, generate high-performance analytics, manage extensive datasets, and accommodate intricate analytical tasks. Built on a contemporary, cloud-native framework, FAW uses distributed computing and parallel processing methodologies to facilitate rapid query execution and streamlined data handling on a larger scale. 

Equipped with flexible scaling functionalities, FAW can dynamically assign the resources required for workload requirements, guaranteeing optimal performance and cost efficiency. Whether handling large data volumes or processing real-time data streams, FAW equips organizations with the scalability and performance essential for deriving actionable insights and fostering business growth in a modern, data-centric environment.

Predictive Analytics

Oracle FAW incorporates advanced predictive analytics features into its foundation, allowing businesses to forecast future trends and behaviors by analyzing historical data and patterns over time. Utilizing intelligent statistical algorithms and machine learning tools, FAW assists users in constructing predictive models capable of anticipating outcomes, recognizing potential risks, and revealing avenues for business expansion. 

By examining past data and identifying key variables, FAW empowers organizations to create informed forecasts regarding customer behavior, market shifts, and other pivotal factors influencing their activities. These predictive insights enable proactive responses to evolving market dynamics, resource distribution enhancement, and strategic decision-making requirements to maintain a competitive edge.

Integrated Oracle Ecosystem

Oracle Fusion Analytics Warehouse seamlessly merges with other areas of the Oracle landscape, encompassing Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI), Oracle Autonomous Database, and Oracle Analytics Cloud (OAC). This close integration ensures smooth data exchange and compatibility among various Oracle applications and services, promoting data governance, security, and adherence to regulations across the organization. 

By leveraging the complete potential of the Oracle ecosystem, businesses can streamline core analytics processes, foster innovation, and expedite the time-to-value, further optimizing their return on investment.

Machine Learning

The Oracle FAW solution utilizes machine learning algorithms to automate and improve the analysis of vast datasets, gathering valuable insights and patterns that may not be recognized at first glance. 

Through activities like clustering, classification, regression, and anomaly detection, FAW can reveal hidden patterns, identify anomalies, and unveil correlations within each dataset. The FAW application updates and enhances existing models and algorithms through continuous learning processes, enabling organizations to adjust to evolving data trends and business needs. 

This empowers organizations to dive deeper into their existing business processes and foster innovation by combining the power of artificial intelligence, machine learning, and analytics in a single platform.

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