In the ever-changing technology and financial management landscape, accurate, timely, and customizable financial reporting tools are becoming increasingly crucial.

Enter the Oracle Financial Statements Generator, a robust tool designed to streamline the creation and analysis of financial statements for businesses of all sizes and industry sectors. With key features to streamline critical financial statement processes, users can streamline the processing and management of core financial statements and ensure their investments are maximized, no matter what.

Read on to learn more about Oracle Financial Statements and how our senior-level Oracle consultants can benefit your organization.

What are Oracle Financial Statements?

Oracle Financial Statement Generator (FSG) is a report-building tool for creating, modifying, and managing financial reports like trial balances, income statements, cash flow statements, and balance sheets. FSG reports can be challenging to develop and maintain, especially if your organization doesn’t leverage contemporary analytical functionality in the Oracle Business Intelligence platform or lacks the right resources to optimize its capabilities.

With Oracle Financial Statements Generator, users can also:

  • Print multiple reports at the same time from any device
  • Create customized financial reports to meet evolving business requirements
  • Automatically schedule and run reports for improved efficiency
  • Leverage low-code or no-code tools in order to build custom reports aligned with business needs
  • Add security rules to manage which financial data can be printed by users with specific roles, responsibilities, or access permissions
  • Utilize tab-delimited files for printing or seamless importing into client-based spreadsheets
  • Recognize reports with reusable report objects, simplifying the creation of new reports from predefined components
  • Leverage a single report request to print identical reports for multiple businesses, departments, or cost centers within your account structure

Key Features of Oracle Financial Statements Generator

Here’s a look at some of the most important features of Oracle FSG for enterprise users:

  1. Data Integration: Seamlessly integrated with Oracle’s comprehensive ERP system, the Financial Statements Generator collects, manages, and stores real-time data from different modules, ensuring consistency, accuracy, and reliability in financial reporting.
  2. Customization: Oracle’s Generator tool offers various customization options, enabling users to customize financial statements to align with specific regulatory standards, reporting requirements, and stakeholder preferences.
  3. Multi-Currency Support: The Generator is tailored to meet the specific requirements of global corporations, allowing them to effortlessly combine financial data across diverse geographical regions and support various currencies.
  4. Governance and Compliance: Embedded compliance management features ensure compliance with regulatory frameworks, such as International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) and Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP), enhancing transparency and governance.
  5. Audit Trail: A dynamic audit trail functionality tracks changes made to financial statements, providing transparency, traceability, and accountability for critical regulatory compliance requirements and internal audits.
  6. Efficiency and Automation: By automating repetitive tasks and manual calculations, Oracle’s Financial Statements Generator reduces manual errors and enhances efficiency across the financial reporting process, freeing up valuable time for finance professionals to focus on strategic analysis and decision-making.

Top 4 Benefits of Oracle Financial Statements Generator

  1. Better Accuracy: The Oracle Financial Statements Generator utilizes current data and automated form calculations to reduce the risk of errors and ensure the accuracy and integrity of critical financial reports.
  2. Improved Decision-Making: Access to punctual, accurate, and customizable financial statements encourages stakeholders to make informed decisions, drive performance, and seize growth opportunities with confidence.
  3. Cost and Time Savings: By streamlining the financial reporting process and limiting manual intervention, organizations save valuable time and resources and empower finance teams to allocate efforts towards value-added activities.
  4. Flexibility and Scalability: The Generator scales seamlessly with organizational growth and adapts to evolving business needs, offering the flexibility to align with changes in reporting requirements and business model frameworks.

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