Are you in need of a robust enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution that leverages intelligent technologies to improve the efficiency of your core workflows and optimize business performance across your entire organization?

If so, Microsoft Dynamics Great Plains (GP) is just for you!

Dynamics GP is a business management solution offering automation and streamlining capabilities to help companies manage their core business operations and enhance productivity.

Read on to learn more about Microsoft Dynamics GP and how our senior-level Microsoft Dynamics consultants can help your organization optimize its business processes.

What is Microsoft Dynamics GP?

Microsoft Dynamics Great Plains is a business software supported by Microsoft Windows and designed to tackle the back-end operations that are critical in supporting business efficiency and performance. Companies depend on Dynamics GP as an ERP solution, an accounting solution, and a supply chain management solution – all in one

Microsoft Dynamics GP supports companies of all sizes in the following industries:

  • Education
  • Financial Services
  • Insurance
  • Healthcare
  • Professional Services
  • E-commerce and Retail
  • Government
  • Manufacturing and Distribution

Businesses can leverage automated workflows and artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities to deal with financial processes in a centralized location and create optimized solutions to manage standard business procedures. Microsoft Dynamics GP is also designed to work on-premise instead of Microsoft Dynamics 365, which is designed to work in the cloud.

Microsoft Dynamics GP vs. Dynamics 365

Here are a few key differences between Microsoft Dynamics GP and Dynamics 365:

Microsoft 365 is a cloud-based software that delivers enterprise resource planning and customer relationship management (CRM) capabilities in a single solution. Like Microsoft Dynamics GP, Dynamics 365 offers integrated reporting functions and access to AI capabilities for more enhanced workflow management across teams.

Dynamics 365 also provides a unified database that analysts can use to evaluate key performance metrics (KPIs) for different business areas. By leveraging key metrics, data analytics, and real-time insights, companies can gain better visibility into core business processes to generate more revenue and optimize workflows.

What is Microsoft GP Used For?

Dynamics GP lets businesses run business-critical processes, such as:

  • Business intelligence and reporting
  • Financial management
  • Procurement
  • Inventory
  • Supply chain management
  • Field service management
  • Project and job accounting

Dynamics GP offers more functionality than most entry-level accounting systems, allowing users to support long-term growth and monitor multiple companies simultaneously. It also supports simple manufacturing processes, like kitting, assembling, and shipping, and offers integrated payroll features to facilitate better connections between business teams and different areas of the organization.

Features of Microsoft Dynamics GP

Here are some of the key features Dynamics GP provides:

Project Management

The Project Management module in Dynamics GP allows users to build web-accessible reports for tracking the time and money spent on projects and accurately capturing project management costs. Project managers can also leverage GP features to set up quick customer invoicing and efficiently reimburse employee expenses across the enterprise.

Microsoft Dynamics GP allows users to shorten cash collection cycles by listing project expenses earlier in the billing cycle and improving cash flows across teams. Employees can also enter their project time from anywhere, whether working from the office, home, or in the field.

Human Resources

Dynamics GP lets you easily track your company’s most valuable assets by optimizing how you provide and manage employee services. With intelligent human resource management capabilities, users can leverage business intelligence features to set up precise reporting and query tools that divide worker data into different categories.

You can also leverage Dynamics Great Plains to:

  • Track employee time cards
  • Manage employee payroll records
  • View pay activity from previous and current pay periods
  • Create payroll reports and W-2 statements

Account Management

With Dynamics GP, users can curate custom views of financial data flowing through their organization and use those insights to make better-informed business decisions. Microsoft Great Plains secures important business data while still making it accessible to those who need it. 

Users can also leverage Dynamic GP’s automated workflows to tackle bank reconciliation and manage core electronic banking solutions, eliminating the need for manual data entry and reducing the risk of human error.

Here are a few business areas supported by the Account Management module:

  • General ledger: The general ledger supports up to 999 periods and leverages integrated automation tools to help users save time when making entries and managing critical pay information.
  • Payables management: Use historical data and statistics to automate accounts payable tasks and set up functions for tracking payment scheduling, vendor information, and check printing.
  • Receivables management: Utilize automation tools to set up workflow processes, streamline accounts receivable tasks around financial charges, invoices, and receipts, stay up-to-date with customer activity, and maintain customer records.

Benefits of the Microsoft Great Plains Module

Here are some of the main benefits of Microsoft GP:

  • Seamless integrations with CRM software
  • Connected solutions governed by Microsoft Modern Lifecycle policy
  • Multi-currency management for global businesses
  • Advanced tools for reporting and data management
  • Comprehensive project accounting and billing features
  • Manufacturing, distribution, supply chain, and inventory management
  • Automatic security updates and bug fixes, as needed

What Types of Businesses Can Use Microsoft Dynamics GP?

Microsoft Dynamics GP provides core functionality that covers the following business areas:

  • Supply chain management
  • Advanced manufacturing
  • Inventory management
  • Project accounting
  • Field service operations
  • Human resources
  • Sales and commerce

Smaller companies can utilize Dynamics GP with a starter pack that’s more affordable than the entire ERP system. The starter pack comes with Core Financials and Distribution for up to three users. Microsoft also provides an extended pack to improve inventory tracking, professional services, and workflow management for larger and medium-sized businesses.

How Much Does Microsoft Dynamics GP Cost?

Dynamics GP pricing depends on which modules are purchased, and the number of users allowed to access it. The Dynamics GP starter pack is less expensive and provides functionality for up to three users. In contrast, the extended pack ERP system has middle-range pricing and offers greater functionality for more users.

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