Surety Systems is built on a “no bull, no bias, no breadcrumbs” foundation, to help your team find the “best fit” consultants for any project, regardless of the complexity of your organizational structure or the scale of your projects across multiple healthcare organizations.

Read on to learn more about our Healthcare IT consulting services, as well as where our team of senior-level consultants can fit to help healthcare institutions find project success and make the most of your UKG, Lawson, Epic, HL7, Workday, and Salesforce solutions no matter what.

The Surety Systems Advantage

We don’t just work to meet our bottom line and leave the rest of your project needs to fall by the wayside…

Our team is committed to finding consultants whose skills and expertise are aligned with your project needs, and our consultants work day in and day out to optimize the functionality of your Healthcare IT solutions and improve health outcomes across the board.

Here are a few of the main reasons clients keep coming back to work with us…

1) Time-and-Materials Services

Our Healthcare IT consultants at Surety Systems operate on a time-and-materials basis, meaning that instead of paying additional overhead costs or having unnecessary project management fees tacked onto your bill, you will only pay for the actual hours worked.

From a Workday HCM implementation project that requires 40 hours of work per week to a 20 hour project to backfill Lawson operations while transitioning to a new Workday system, or a UKG Timekeeping integration whose hours are dependent on the amount of work needed every week, our team of experienced Healthcare IT consultants has you covered.

No matter where your project needs lie, Surety has the right consultant for the job! And, even better, our team allows you to build relationships with healthcare technology experts and leverage high-quality resources to efficiently manage projects without breaking the bank.

2) Wide Range of Expertise

Filling Healthcare IT project needs with the right consultants can be a little tricky sometimes, especially if you don’t know where to look…

With the help of Surety Systems, your organization can not only find consultants with experience in your healthcare technology solution, but we also have the connections and resources needed to pair you up with consultants that focus on a specific area of expertise or operate in niche areas of the technology.

Whether you need a consultant who specializes in UKG time clock integrations, a Workday Financial Management consultant to help connect and streamline payment processes, or a consultant with experience in multiple different ERPs to navigate digital transformation processes across technological boarders, we have the right consultant for the job.

Your technology. Your priorities. Our expertise.That’s just the way we roll.

3) Quicker Turnaround Times

There’s no time to waste in the healthcare industry. Let’s think about that a little more…

Imagine a situation where a hospital system currently uses outdated Lawson software to collect, manage, and store all of their data, including valuable patient data like current medications, allergies, or previous surgical procedures. Now, let’s say this hospital is making the transition from Lawson to Workday, but doesn’t have the right personnel or resources to complete integration tasks and implementation activities in a timely manner.

Without the right team in place to handle health data efficiently as it moves from one system to the next, lives could be on the line. Proper and timely data integration between the old system and the new one could be the difference between life and death if a patient’s record hasn’t been properly updated or important data (i.e., medication dosages) is missing.

But, with the help of our Healthcare IT consulting services, your team can fill project needs whenever you need it and keep your systems up-and-running with optimal efficiency, no matter what.

Finding Success with Healthcare IT Solutions

When it comes to managing the people, products, and processes in your healthcare organization, ensuring your health information technology is operating in tip-top shape is crucial to your success (and the health of your patients.)

Let’s take a look at a few of the main ways our consultants have helped navigate issues, optimized operational efficiency, and improved the quality of patient care across client ERPs…

Clinical Care Solutions


One of our healthcare clients has been live on Workday for quite some time, but they have recently begun a phased approach project to clean up their clinical data and business processes throughout different groups in their organization to deliver better patient outcomes.

The client struggled with inboxes crowded with pending items, pending transactions on terminated employees, unassigned tasks for healthcare providers, and they were in need of someone who could help remove default notifications in their Workday system and change custom business processes to meet employee needs and facilitate better care management for patients.

Our team of experienced Workday consultants was brought in to assist with data clean up, navigate complex documentation requirements, implement custom configurations across the organization, and organize a test strategy with well-defined test scripts to optimize business processes across departments and maximize the quality of care provided.

Healthcare Interoperability

One of our Epic clients was struggling to navigate the complexities of a Cloverleaf upgrade throughout their organization, and they needed help optimizing their Epic and HL7 solutions to handle their 89+ active connections across the organization.

Our team of Healthcare Interoperability consultants came in and not only helped the client plan, deliver, and maintain an optimized IT landscape through the Cloverleaf upgrade, but also navigated more than 20 speciality systems, including ADT, Results, and Orders, to help extend the value of their technology across the board.

Financial Management

One of our Lawson clients in the healthcare sector needed additional support to navigate the final stages of their migration from Lawson S3 to Infor CloudSuite, and they were looking for someone with extensive experience in CloudSuite Financials.

With their CloudSuite go-live date approaching quickly, they needed a consultant to handle last-minute configuration, testing, and issue correction related to testing, and they needed them FAST.

Our consultant, with experience in Cash Management, Cash Ledger, and Chart of Accounts, was brought on to help ensure pre-implementation steps were completed properly, provide go-live support, and offer guidance through post go-live clean up processes.

Supply Chain Optimization

One of our larger healthcare organization clients has been running Lawson V11 SCM, but they are now looking to build out their Mobile SCM (mSCM) technology functionality across the organization to improve the efficiency of their supply chain operations across the board.

Their internal team had the bandwidth to handle the process of requirements gathering, but they needed someone to guide them through necessary process changes, offer recommendations for how their team could implement mSCM in the most efficient way possible, and help them execute their implementation project to optimize their supply chain.

Our consultant has extensive hands-on experience with mSCM and a broad knowledge of supply chain processes, and they were brought on to navigate change management processes, improve knowledge transfer between business units, and ensure the movement from V11 SCM to mSCM went according to plan.

Time, Attendance, & Scheduling

One of our UKG healthcare clients was in need of post go-live support to navigate data cleanup related to their Workforce Dimensions Time and Scheduling implementation project.

They needed someone with experience in configuration changes, system troubleshooting, and Advanced Scheduler setup steps. Our expert UKG consultant came in and immediately made a difference…

From outlining data transfer rules to navigating shift swaps, managing shift sets and other requests, and ensuring all medical data was cleaned, managed, stored, and utilized correctly, our consultant handled it all (and led the client to success with flying colors.)

Human Resource Management


One of our larger healthcare clients is currently moving from Lawson to Workday and needed additional data extraction support on the Lawson side of the integration.

Surety Systems was brought on to navigate complex data migration, offer an extra hand in keeping the Lawson lights on throughout the integration process, and ensuring the old data was properly cleaned and prepared for the transition to a new Workday system.


One of our healthcare clients is currently implementing UKG Pro Payroll, but they are using Workday for HRIS management and UKG Dimensions for the timekeeping and scheduling functions.

With a variety of different ERPs, the client needed a UKG Pro consultant with strong technical skills and functional expertise to not only assist with the UKG Pro implementation project, but also provide support for integrations between UKG Pro, Workday, and UKG Dimensions to optimize business process management in each solution.

Infor Lawson

One of our healthcare clients was looking for someone with strong experience in Lawson GHR implementation who was willing to work alongside an internal SME and pre-built implementation team to help implement the Global HR solution more efficiently across the organization.

Surety’s senior-level Lawson consultant provided support for the organizational and supervisor structure on GHR (i.e., one-to-many to one-to-one position control), offered additional support around Benefits and Absence Management, and improved the use of industry best practices to make the most of their GHR investment.

Data Optimization

A Lawson client in the healthcare industry is in the process of migrating off of the full suite of Lawson S3 applications, including HR/PR, SCM, and Finance, to a new ERP system with added tools and functionality to meet their needs.

They needed an additional support system with prior experience of Lawson data conversion to help manage the movement to a new solution, handle all the smaller details with precision, track changes to either system, collaborate with other resources to resolve issues, and keep the project on time and within budget to get the most bang for their buck.

Marketing Services

One of our largest healthcare clients was in need of a Salesforce expert to help support and optimize their Health Cloud functionality across teams, departments, and other areas of the organization.

Our Salesforce consultant was brought on to do just that. They were tasked with configuring the Salesforce solutions to meet the needs of each department, outlining necessary steps to develop core components of the Lightning Web application, and drive API development and deployment within the Salesforce Marketing Cloud. 

Getting Started with Us

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