Salesforce, the customer company, takes a digital transformation approach to Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), expanding into new markets and providing built-in integrations with Workday solutions for efficient connectivity across the entire technical landscape.

Salesforce combines its data with pre-built Workday Integration functionality to:

  • Accelerate the time to set up a new legal entity structure, typically taking multiple months and thousands of dollars to complete.
  • Enable quicker closing processes, automate data integrations, and empower tax teams to complete closing activities more accurately and effectively.
  • Free up time for analysis and improve decision-making by leveraging machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities.

Read on to learn more about the benefits of integrating Workday and Salesforce and where our senior-level Workday consultants can fit in your organization.

Features of the Salesforce Workday Integration

Here are some of the main features of the Salesforce Workday integration:

Business Triggers and Rules

Leverage automated business triggers and rules to determine when events occur in the system, like only creating an order or even if it’s already been approved.

Bi-Directional Process Flows

Create bi-directional process flows between Salesforce and Workday to ensure tasks are completed, core processes run as expected across teams and business units, and customer details are returned to the right customer ID.

Reporting in Workday and Salesforce

Keep reporting aligned with cross-system metrics, such as utilization, close rates, and custom KPIs.

No Code Configuration

A no-code environment allows users to scale their configuration techniques to meet current business needs and work efficiently, even as business trends and requirements change over time.

Certified Connectors

Accelerate integrations between any Workday instance and Salesforce activities by leveraging fully supported, industry-leading core connectors.

In-Flight Governance

Manage exceptions, check data fields, monitor error and maintenance repairs, or answer audit calls whenever and wherever needed.

Process Mining

Mine historical process data to locate hidden bottlenecks, discover additional business value, and optimize operational execution, spending, and partnerships.

Simple Data Transformations

Use expressions and custom fields to modify any data source and improve compatibility between the two systems exchanging data.

Top 3 Benefits of Integrating Salesforce and Workday

Here are a few main advantages of using the Workday and Salesforce integration:

1. Enhance the client experience

Align accounting, human resources, and sales data to streamline the quote-to-cash process and reduce operational resistance. Leave payment and invoice data in the hands of sales teams and front-office employees to boost revenue operations and improve client experiences.

2. Connect data in the employee directory

Use contact information, skills, office location, and other critical employee information to sync your employee directory with Salesforce. Automatically provision and de-provision Salesforce users with compliant profile roles and permissions to ensure users only have access to the data they are authorized for.

3. Grow and drive better analytics

By combining financial, staffing, and HR data in your Salesforce apps, internal teams can access real-time analytics about client performance. Users can also leverage portfolio revenues, line of business performance metrics, profitability indicators, and upcoming workflows to drive business growth and improve outcomes in the long run.

How to Integrate Salesforce with Workday?

The Salesforce Workday integration enables users to load and sync data across systems, add data quality checks, export data, or govern data – all from the same platform. 

There are three main steps involved in beginning the integration process:

  1. Point pre-built connectors from Put-it-Forward or use customized connectors to integrate source data with the destination system automatically.
  2. Select required data services and include any transformations or business rules in the integration plan.
  3. Choose and activate the integration interval to initiate data transfer between the source and the destination.

Why Use Workday Salesforce Integration?

Organizations can integrate Workday and Salesforce across various business areas, minimizing the need for manual data entry and streamlining core business procedures. This integration also offers real-time analytics on account profitability, revenues, staffing, and other vital objectives to improve functionality across teams and drive sustainable growth in the future.

Here are a few scenarios in which users could leverage Workday Salesforce Integration:

  1. Create reports for performance and activity data.
  2. Manage bi-directional, HR-specific process flows, like commissions, PTO tracking, onboarding, and more.
  3. Automate processes, like the ability to cash workflows and manage employee data.
  4. Improve workflow and process efficiency to reduce duplicates and eliminate manual activities in each system.
  5. Reduce time, effort, and funds needed to implement a personalized integration solution without complex coding requirements.
  6. Leverage integrated reporting and centralized analytics to enable users to track time, costs, and revenues associated with specific sales opportunities.
  7. Improve total maintenance costs by using up-to-date connectors and self-documented process flows to connect systems.

What’s the Business Value of the Salesforce Workday Connector?

The Salesforce Workday integration helps you save time on manual data upload, reduce license expense duplication for each system, increase data quality, and eliminate the time and money needed to rely on specialized IT resources.

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